Best basketball shoes

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

Basketball have been a very popular sport in America and other Western countries since the 90’s and is played in every school and colleges of America so to provide right guidance and facility to their children for the parents have been a great issue from a long time. This post best basketball shoes 2019 is for them who want to buy their child a great pair of extra ordinary and high quality shoes from a branded company so that their son or daughter can play peacefully and freely on any ground of basketball court or in any inter college basketball championship.


Feeling a bit comfortable is everything like feel good and play good


Shoes matter the most while playing rough basketball as they will help you stretch, jump, run without any issue of cracking or loosing stitches.

Here I am going to provide a detailed and comprehensive guide on the “Best Basketball Shoes 2019” so that the visitors do not face any problem on Buyer’s Guide while visiting and analyzing the shoes. I have ranked the shoes within 1 to 10 according to their durability, jumping,  comfort, flexibility, quality , price and reviews by the previous buyers so that the usability common problems can be explained off in the pros and cons section which I describe every time in my review articles.

Every of my reviewed shoe is connected with a link by which you can visit and check it’s price, specifications, and choose the appropriate size from child to younger college student from here and also between 20 different color styles for a particular shoe on my external links. All the shoes are from a branded company like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and more so that you can get 100% warranty and replacement within their given time which is different for different product.

This article is for all the passionate and dedicated players who want to take their sport basketball to a different level and rise up in the sphere of success by buying and following their personal brand which their idol sportsmen wear like Magic Johnson Jr. retired professional basketball player for Los Angeles Lakers and Lebron James a professional player of the Cleveland Cavaliers in National Basketball Association.

Basketball shoes
Basketball shoes


Top 10 List of Best Basketball Shoes 2019

Basketball Shoes NameColorsTypeWeight
Nike Mens Zoom KD 917 Diff. ColorsMesh3 lbs
Under Armour Men's Curry 3 54 Diff. ColorsMesh4 lbs
AND 1 Men's Tempest-M2 Diff. ColorsMesh/Synthetic14.1 ounces
Skechers Performance Men's Go Torch4 Diff. ColorsTextile3 lbs
Under Armour Men's Charged Controller4 Diff. ColorsTextile4 lbs
Adidas D Lillard 2 Men's3 Diff. ColorsFabric/Synthetic2.5 lbs
NIKE Men's Hyperdunk3 Diff. ColorsMesh2.5 lbs
NIKE Men's Kwazi7 Diff. ColorsSynthetic1.7 lbs
Adidas Men's D Rose 7 10 Diff. ColorsSynthetic1.1 lbs
Champion Men's Rematch3 Diff. ColorsSynthetic1.1 lbs

Shoes is main needed thing in basketball second to the world’s most popular sport football. If you are a professional player or plat it seriously then you should be aware of each and every special which the shoe provides so that you can get connected to your shoe or any other playing tools. Here I have listed the world’s best basketball shoes where many shoes may go out of your budget due to their brand and many are best sellers in America and E commerce sites. As to my thinking spending less than 100$ on a professional shoe may not be great deal for a parent to see their child competing the higher grade players and the shoes which may last more than a year with warranty.


1. Nike Men’s Basketball Shoe Zoom KD 9  – Best Costly Basketball Shoe 2019

Nike zoom kd 9 basketball shoe
view on amazon

Nike Incorporation founded in 1964, 54 years from today is the biggest and most valuable sports wear company in the world and it generated a revenue of$31 billion in the year 2016. Founded by Bill Bower man and Phil Knight it mainly focuses on the clothing and footwear accessories.


Features and performance

Ranked #17 in footwear and #13200 among the total clothing, shoes and jewelry in competition on the Amazon Best seller.

According to reviews by the users this pair of shoes have been the best and trust worthy while playing the game. The grooves along the corner of the shoes are made so flexible and durable which makes your feet feel comfort and move naturally like the flow of a wind.

Another most astonishing feature is that the rubber provided below comes with a cool multi directional traction pattern which helps in running fast and steady with utmost stability and durability by provided powerful stick grip on any type of surface whether it is slippery, rough and washed.

A Zoom Air Unit fully visible is also being provided to do effective use of the shoe and is mostly used for responsive cushion prevailing which can support you on any surface. This is a technology originally derived from the term “tensile air” which made it extensively applicable on all types of tracks like sand, dirt, roads, slippery surfaces and more. Also called as Zoom Lightweight Performance by which toe support and propulsion , textile loops and low design cushioning maintaining the shock balance the heels.  After some time Zoom Alpha technology came into action which converted the base of the shoe into four lightly labeled pods which were able to provide cushioning each and every part of the foot. This technology never stopped and made several changes to be effective to the athletes and sports person and at last comes the Zoom Air Talaria by which mid sole was combined into one upper made of synthetic suede and mesh.

Mid foot cage is provided over the front and back part to give good and comprehensive support to the athlete and which provides something feeling hard and reliable to put your feet on. Leaving the laces light and cage tight was the deal to make it working smoothly over any surface.

The latest Flyknit technology has many uses in many fields incorporated on 2012 in Nike it has become many popular and has used been used by many Olympic athletes till now. The Flyknit technology adds additional strength fibers and souls to support strong grip and quick runs for racers. They replace the glued panels with their light yarn reduce the weight and load. They are roughly designed with stitch to stitch technology for giving performance according to the temperature and weather and creating regions of stitch which can hold the ground over water. Their waste removing feature of Flyknit is awesome which prevents the dirt to fill the gaps and provides long lasting performance. They have also heat fused TPU yarns to add a water protecting shield to effect the shoe and provide incredible strong holding in terms of wet conditions.

Rubber sole provided in case of plastic soles proves magnificent use and work for the players. There are several benefits which you need to know in case of rubber soles like their water proof nature by which no water and mud and weather can effect it’s performance so it works perfect for the travelers. Other benefit is the flexible part which bends and turn the shoe accordingly to give 100% comfort and warm. Rubber soles are even light weight and easy which makes the user feel free to walk and adore. Long lasting and durability are other reasons which can make the shoe run for years without a single damage and effect.


  • Flexible and provide easy comfort while running, walking, playing
  • Made with special rubber to provide extra jump for basketball players
  • Totally adjustable with the feet and provide extreme grip for running
  • Long lasting and can even run for 5 years long without any maintenance but keeping it water free
  • Built with strong and costly leather which can sustain any temperature and weather conditions


  • Best for athletes who have narrow and small feet and can bring discomfort and feel tight for muscular and fat foots so one size greater is better
  • A little expensive than the rest
best price

2. Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoe Curry 3  – Third Edition Basketball Shoe 2019


Under Armour Curry 3 basketball shoe
View on Amazon

The Under Armour Incorporation started in 2006 from where it started distributing and selling high quality goods of footwear and sneakers.

The company was established in 1996 about 17 years ago from today by Kevin Plank. The net revenue they generated in the year 2016 was about more than $4 billion approx.


Features and Performance

Ranked #16 in the Footwear section and #12700 in the clothes, shoes and jewelry section on the Amazon Best Seller.

The features and specification of this shoe are totally different and unique which provide more reliability and durability in a extraordinary way.

The Die Cut provided makes the shoe smoothly adjust to the foot of the customer to provide 100% reliability. Other feature is the Anti Microbial Ortholite Sock liner which totally molds and catches hold of the foot so that the utmost grip can be provided to run fast and accurately for the athletes.

Shoes can get often heated up and burn the foot or give rashes on it in extreme weather conditions so for this solution it is provided with a ETC Anti Friction Clothed Top to always provide coolness and wetness inside instead of dryness and heat. The use of friction less cloth makes the sports person feel cooled and comfortable while running marathons or after fast races of 400 meters and 100 meters.

The best part is that the whole shoe design and technology have been made in the guidance of the most dedicated player Steph Curry so that the shoes does not cheat a customer expectations and a signature of curry have also been provided at the back beside the shoes.

The Upper portion of the product have been designed, molded and wrapped with the synthetic rubber so that it gets closely bounded and stuck with the foot and provide 100% support and grip while racing, cycling and other sports.

There are almost 18 different colors and styles available to choose from so that the customer gets his/her selected color while buying. The rubber sole instead of plastic sole which has been used has several advantages like water proof agent, light grip, and durability. Other than that textile facing have been used to make it strong and unique and attract the attention of the customers.


  • Ankle and toe support are awesome
  • Friction less technology makes the shoe last longer than 2 years
  • Look and design is cool to attract the attention of your friends
  • Made of high quality synthetic fibers to stay strong anytime
  • Reliability and durability is same as the first one Nike KD 9


  • Two positives are provided at the traction and step in
  • Laces should be tied harder otherwise it may get loosen due to slippery synthetic fiber used
  • Costly than the others but less than Nike KD 9
  • Often becomes narrow and tight so better to take one size greater than the actual size


best price

3. AND 1 Men’s Basketball Shoe Tempest-M – Well Designed Basketball shoe 2019


And 1 Tempest Basketball shoe
View on Amazon

AND 1 is a leading clothes and footwear company of America and was founded since 1993. Their logo is “All ball, nothing more” and their main motive is to provide high quality and within the budget productive shoes to their customers among which they make effective shoes for all the Olympic athletes and sportsman playing professional basketball at the court.

Their distributors are present throughout the world who make the product readily available all over the world. They have expanded their capital investors and advertisers to all the American schools and Inter basketball championships where they promote and sell their shoes so that it gets proper visibility.


Features and Performance

Ranked #52 in the Footwear section and #500027 in the clothes, shoes and jewelry section on the Amazon Best Seller.

The Footwear company And 1 have been working quite hard since 1993 to create a brand for themselves and they have succeeded too in doing so. And 1 is always disrespected in terms of Nike and Adidas but that have also provided a quite nice and high quality footwear among which the best one is the Tempest M basketball shoe which was their most successful creation and got quite a good reviews for their comfort and design. Mesh/Synthetic is the material used here.

They are extremely light weight and it will seem that you are wearing nothing as their design is so flexible and powerful that they are attaching to your body and working itself as a body part. The tongue design which is the special to identify these type of shoes clearly represent their brand and works like charm.

When reviewed in terms of cost it comes with a nice low price and quality features than the Nike kd 9 and the Under Armour Curry 3. It can easily adjust within the common American budget.

The main problem which arises out of the basketball shoes are the soles and it does not matters whether it is plastic or it is rubber everything gets detached if it is not properly attached on to the lower surface. Their soles are properly attached with high quality pure rubber which provides

strong and sticky grip to the surface to the athletes to run and jump even on the mountains, ice, sand and the grassy fields.


  • Highly efficient in action than the above mentioned shoes
  • Can last longer due to quality of synthetic used
  • No problem of soles getting detached from the surface
  • Budget friendly and easily comes in the monthly savings
  • More than enough durability and reliability for the price
  • A Quality USA product


  • Can heat up when used up for a long time beneath the sun (Anti friction not available) not needed
  • Not good for traveling and journeys
best price

4. Skechers Men’s Basketball Shoe Go Torch – Supportive Basketball shoe 2019


Skechers basketball shoe
View on Amazon

Skechers is another branded company founded in 1992 which only focuses on the footwear and sneakers for women, children and men. The main headquarters of the Skechers company is located on the Manhattan beach in California. Regarded as the second biggest brand for footwear running in America which made a whooping $3.5 billion in the year 2016.


Features and Performance

Ranked #430 in the athletic section and #110005 in the clothes, shoes and jewelry section on the Amazon Best Seller.

The Count ready grip rubber out sole with cool design helps to get a strong hold on your shoes and extreme connection with the ground so that you get full hold on any type of surface while running, jumping, and dodging your opponents while basketball.

Other important feature is the synthetic overlays for feeling great comfort and added durability and stability during performance. Skeckers shoe never disappoints the athletes in times of their main performance. The whole covered synthetic shoe looks dirt free and brand new due to the synthetic surface which does not hold mud water and dirt air on it.

The upper part of the shoe is provided with a mesh feature to make the inner surface of the shoe always cooler and anti friction in nature. The Mesh is provided in layers so stop the dirt get inside the shoe and produce heat by the collision of socks with the inner surface particles. Due to various layers of mesh only air can pass through and blocks the dirt particles right away.

Arch support technology provided which can save your foot from many pains and breaks. Here arch pain refers to the body pain in the back, ankle and other parts due to the utmost use shoes through out the day and insignificant adjustment of the rubber flat insoles which can cause utmost pain at night in the legs and back. But now due to the arch support technology properly adjusted in the shoes provide no pain and utmost comfort for the feet and heels. The whole technology works in a way like top layer of shoe is provided with insoles which uses the body heat to curve down to take the shape of the foot. Arch support shoes are becoming a huge demand in between the patients and old people who suffer from bunions, bone spurs, and diabetes and more.

In this shoe the cushioning is provided in rebounded and high efficiency which can suffer any friction present between the shoe and the surface and never disappoint the athlete in terms of durability and believe.

Other features are that the soles which are provided are rubber rather than plastic and are textile based which makes the shoe highly independent and last longer.


  • Designed with the help of experts and players to provide utmost reliability
  • Made extremely light weighted and user friendly
  • Cushion and Arch technology are better than before
  • Grip with any type of surface is magnificent
  • Much more cheaper than any basketball shoe


  • There are some problems with blisters
  • Zoom Air Technology is absent but other features are there for cushioning


best price


5. Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes Charged Controller  – Reliable Basketball shoe 2019


Under Armour basketball shoe
View on Amazon

Founded in 1996 this company is one of the largest footwear and clothing accessories providers in America by Kevin Plank. The headquarters of Under Armour is located in Baltimore, Maryland in USA. In 2015 it made a whooping revenue of $3.6 billion dollars. The internationally located headquarter id located in Panama City.


Features and Performance

Ranked #602 in the athletic section and #112800 in clothes, shoes and jewelry section on the Amazon Best Seller.

The shoes are made extremely light weight like a feather so that the athletes do not feel the presence of it on their feet. Light weights can often increase the running, cycling, fighting, and dodging speeds which are useful in basketball and to be a famous player among the crowds.

The shoes are constructed in such a way that it provides a air passing space and breathable types so that the heat which gets generated due to friction between the feet and the soles or the surface can get passed away easily without any difficulty and cannot form harm or burns to your foot. They also help in providing cool environment AND best ventilation inside the shoes and on sun burning surfaces of their Anti Friction technology.

The engineering is good to provide high efficiency while sports tasks and in tough conditions. They do not allow the sweat inside the shoe to take over the foot by slippery and loosening of the grip which can make you loose the game.

The laces are fully knit and are freed away from the problem of tying them all the time. A single thread is closely provided without any openings so that it does not get opened and stuck away in the times of running and jumping which often turns into an accident and people often crash down their ankles and foots or fall down straight. The only problem is that due to the fully knit provided a exact matching shoe size is necessary to hold down tightly the feet otherwise provide less problem and are comfortable which can save energy and time.

Several measures are undertaken to make the arch low which is always rolling inwards by which the tendons and muscles appear to be relaxing and good condition. Other important benefit is that they are able to neutralize the effect of shocks and vital fluctuations in the feet which can cause immense knee pain and back breaks. The design is awesome which provides stability and flexible motion to get relive from medical issues and accidental pain problems in internal limbs and tendons.


  • Arch is made lower in nature to stop pain and medical issues
  • Fully knit feature saves enough time and energy with more comfort
  • Feeling of the UA charge in heels
  • Material used is polyester in nature
  • Grip is made medium
  • Air passing to lower heat and friction


  • Costly but best item within that price
  • Flyknit technology is absent
  • Zoom Air technology is absent


best price

6. Adidas Men’s Basketball Shoe D Lillard 2 – Branded Basketball Shoe 2019


Adidas basketball shoe
View on Amazon

Adidas Incorporation may be an outsider but the company is well known by all in America. Regarded as the largest company for distributing sports products all over the Europe and ranked as the second biggest company and producer of footwear over the world. It is an age old company and have built it’s name long back and was originally founded in 1924 about 94 years later. I think that’s an enough time to establish and brand a company like that all over the world.

At first the company name was not Adidas it was called as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabric and later changed to Adidas in 1949. The Headquarters of Adidas is located in Herzogenaurach in Germany. Now it has spread it’s arm in clothing, and toiletries and is expanding quickly since 2000. In 2016 it generated an estimated revenue of 20 billion excluding all the taxes from all over the world. That’s a whole lot of money, I think.


Features and Performance

Ranked #130 in the athletic section and #27600 in clothes, shoes and jewelry section on the Amazon Best Seller.

The company became a brand all over the world as Dassler, founder of Adidas became a rival with his older brother Rudolf who is the founder of Puma. Thus in fighting both the brothers became popular and highly priced branded all over the world.

The extra out sole which is provided outside the shoe provides so grip than anyone can even climb high steep mountains wearing them. The grip can provide support on any type of slippery and rough surface and in any weather conditions it remain untouchable with it’s awesome features.

The upper part of the shoe which is provided is totally textile furnished with ultimate cool design. The laces are closed so that it takes less time to wear it and saves energy and time of the customer. The shoes are made very friendly so that it provides right control and always ready design.

The shoes are made extremely light weighted to which provides energy and boost to every step you take and makes you feel less freeze and heavy weight as it is light as a leaf.

The Arch Technology present is made low so that the pain due to strain and stress in the foot can be lowered and that’s the reason why many doctors advice their patients to wear arch attached shoes which can lower their diabetes and bunions.

At last the upper body covering is strictly synthetic so that no dirt or strains get attached to it and the sole provided is fabric in nature which justifies that the hold within the part will not be so good as it is there in the rubber soles so the efficiency is a little bit lower.


  • Traction is the best part which will be noticed when anybody wears it
  • At first the shoes will be tight and can even cause pain but afterwards it will get fixed
  • A size greater than the actual foot size is recommended as it come a little tight
  • Knit technology save a lot of time and work when no tying the laces are required
  • Sole is made flat which gets adjusted when you wear it according to your foot size
  • It is really authentic
  • Back of the shoes are provided with chrome
  • A product from a branded company always lasts for a long time
  • Cushions have it own style rather than Nike or Under Armour(Every brand have it’s own style)



  • A little bit of costly as it is a renowned brand
  • Can cause pain in body at first due to closely packed
  • The soles are fabricated which can last more but provide less grip inside between foot and the soles
best price

7. Nike Men’s Basketball Shoe Hyper dunk  – Popular Basketball Shoe 2019

Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoe
view on amazon

Nike is also a large company founded about 54 years ago on 1964 in the month of January. Originally the the name was Blue Ribbon Sports but later on it changed to Nike Incorporation in 1971 in the month of May. The founders were Bill Bower man and Phil Knight.

In the year of 2016 it generated a whooping revenue of $31 billion dollars and became the number 1 and largest valuable brand in the whole of America and the world operating and surpassed the Adidas business. The brand mainly focuses on the sports accessories like equipment, shoes of all types like sneakers and footwear for travelers to great athletes and other related services.


Features and Performance

Ranked #36 in the athletic section and #7800 in the clothes, shoes and jewelry section on the Amazon Best Seller.

Nike’s Hyper dunk is one of the most successful creations of the Nike Incorporation by which it created an great impact on the basketball players on high level and low level and many sports man started using them for their game. They are available in over 40+ color designs and styles to choose from. They are mainly known for their responsive and supportive design including the light weight feature.

Every feature incorporated in this shoe is actually itself unique and have never been used on any type of other shoe of other brands. One of the feature is that the out sole portion covers up the entire upper part and on the sides left, right and back part to provide extra stability and protection from any kind of external force or particle.

Other benefit is that the heels and the forefoot of the shoe are provided with Zoom Air Units which are low in nature to make it durable to the ground and extra grip to do not slip on any types of surface. The main function of using the Zoom Air Units is to provide extra cushioning which can support the athlete on any types of ground surfaces like sand, snow, hills and even steep mountains.

Another technology used here is the articulated paddles which lines the collar portions around the shoe to get comfort and also have grip on the corner positions.

Nike fly wire is other most renowned construction only used in Nike accessories is that which is a wire or a thread and is composed of the nylon and the vectran to be embedded on the upper portion. The importance of this fly wire is that it helps to lower the weight and make it extreme light and on the other hand it also functions to be supportive at the upper parts. This fly wire tech was founded by Jay Meschter and incorporated by Nike company. The maximum energy and power could be moved forward and with each strides in tense games.

Hyper fuse construction and design is another specification mostly used to get light weight and easy installation and comfort for your feet. The soles are of rubber type rather than fiber that of Adidas.


  • Zoom Air Units make it responsive cushioning
  • The Fly wire cables provide the corners extra grip
  • Articulated paddles make it highly efficient
  • Supportive and Light weight are the features for which they are well known
  • Larger in size due to hyper fuse construction


  • The heel supported portion is plastic
  • Painful at the starting due to rough parts and can cause cuts
  • Bit uncomfortable around the ankle
  • A padding is there inside the shoe in the heel part
best price


8. Nike Men’s Basketball Shoe Kwazi  – Stylish Basketball Shoe 2019


Nike basketball shoes
View on Amazon

Nike is regarded as the world’s largest and most valuable sports accessories providing incorporation in the world.


Features and Performance

Ranked #22 in the athletic section and #4560 in the clothes, shoes and jewelry section on the Amazon Best Seller.

The construction and design of the shoe is bootie which provides the feet a comfortable fix and high efficiency in walking, running, jumping and travelling. In other words it is responsive and supportive in nature and causes less pain to the feet.

Here the Mid foot strap of the boots is embedded with a look like and hoop like enclosure to lock down the surface and provide extra grip on mountains steep slopes and slippery surfaces.

The out sole of the boots are crafted in terms of the crate of an egg to provide great flexibility and reliability in terms of great games and tournaments and never disappointing the users.

The collar of the boots are padded to increase the cushioning on the surfaces. The upper part of the boots is provided with mesh feature by which several minor holes are there which allow the air to pass through and prevent the dirt through which the heat generated in the boots can be cooled and allow the athlete a feeling of comfort and anti friction environment.

The whole part leaving the lower part where rubber soles are embedded is covered with synthetic to disallow any dirt and waste to stick to the upper surface without even polluting it and that’s the reason why they are always shining and providing stylish looks all throughout their life span.


  • An excellent ankle support is provided due to the ankle brace sewn inside it
  • Available in over 10+ colors to choose from
  • Outstanding grip support and lock down technology
  • Booty construction to reduce ankle and back pain
  • Knit is embedded to reduce time and working to wear and get ready


  • A little bit of costly but actually great product for that price
  • Great product from everywhere
best price


9. Adidas Performance Men’s Basketball Shoe D Rose 7 – Branded Basketball Shoe 2019


Adidas basketball shoe
View on Amazon

Adidas was originally founded in 1924 about 93 years back under the tag of another name but later on it changed to Adidas in 1949 by Adolf Dassler in Germany. The headquarters is located in Herzogenaurach , Germany. Now it has established himself as the second largest sports wear provider all over the world after Nike Incorporation.


Features and Performance

Ranked #97 in the athletic section and #21880 in the clothes, shoes and jewelry section on the Amazon Best Seller.

Well known for it’s lightweight feature it is the best among it’s latest native designs and supportive in nature. The upper part is fully mesh covered and synthetic to allow passing of air to control warm and prevention of dirt to increase breath ability. The boost feature is embedded which multiplies the amount of work you apply to the boots and provide more high efficient work. Arch technology is attached to lower the pain and making it suitable for several patients. The sole provided here is synthetic rubber rather than fabricated clothing.


  • Responsive and supporting and fully friendly to the customer
  • Better in action than it’s previous edition of Rose 5’s and 6’s
  • Almost 100% durability while playing
  • Traction of the boots are amazing and qualitative in nature
  • Design and over all look is amazing to impress anyone


  • Price is a little high than other shoes due to the 2nd largest brand product
  • The holders of the shoe laces are ripped and are not tied from before(Knit absent)
  • Boots remain heavy from before and a little bit of tight


best price

10. Champion Men’s Basketball Shoe Rematch – Best Basketball Shoe At Low Price 2019


Champion Basketball shoes
View on Amazon

Champion is American company founded in the 1919 about 98 years ago in Rochester, New York by HanesBrand Inc. The company was constructed to provide clothing and sports accessories. It has a vast expansion of it’s products in Europe, all over Asia and North of America.


Features and Performance

Ranked #278 in the athletic section and #51240 in the clothes, shoes and jewelry section on the Amazon Best Seller.

They are of the lowest price and of high quality shoes available in the market. The out sole provided offers a very distinct skid resistant technology with non marking. The insole inside the boots are well padded to relive from pain and provide extreme comfort for the same.

The Upper Part has a Mesh lining to increase the passing and the incoming of the outside air and out going of the inside warm hot air to maintain cool and comfort inside to the athlete. The whole body surface is made synthetic in nature to have a nice and well maintained design ti impress and express performance and stability while playing games and tournaments.


  • Mesh Lining is provided to keep the boots cool
  • Provides nice support and less pain to the ankles
  • Actual fit for travelling and tournaments both
  • Stylish and 10+ designs to choose from
  • Much more cheap than the branded boots


  • Breathing problem and often gets hot in the mid afternoon despite the mesh lines embedded
  • Flyknit and Zoom Air unit technologies are absent
  • Can cause pain throughout the body for few weeks until it gets adjusted
best price

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Every product described here belongs to the top ten “Best Basketball Shoes 2019” and have been reviewed several times before listing here. Every shoe is linked to their respective information and review sites where you can get the extra information you want.

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