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Top 10 Best Drones 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

Drones may seem new to may gadget lovers as in the world of high end gadgets this one have got success a lot and have been selling like anything on the marketplace for transfer something from one place to another as well as for various camera angles and many more. These have been originally called as the quadcopter rather than the drones and as well as drone helicopter or the quadcopter. They have created a huge user base for themselves in the market place as well are getting ordered in tons to the different companies for their eye catching abilities built in them. For choosing the right and highly efficient one here our writers have recommended the top in this best drones 2019.


Their invention have given the world technology a new level to develop because they are used at many places including the military forces as well in the army missions to keep a hidden eye on the enemy and track their movement, function as a suicide bomb to be placed at their enemy base and many more secret profile jobs came under their operation. The one which is used for the army purpose is a special made and more multi functional for doing hard jobs and missions. They are even made bullet proof, gun installed and automatic bombing abilities to do various operations.


The one which are going to be described are the personal ones allowed by the government to be sold in our locality and used for fun. Even then some of them become high end made that they are no way lower in their abilities. Many people use it mostly the camera man, travel friendly, television directors, youtube artists for curating their videos. The meaning of the word drone is destructive and that is the reason for their such types of abilities they can be misused by many wrong people. That is the reason they are banned in many of the countries but they are allowed in most of the countries like the USA, Australia, Russia, England, China and many more small ones. Due to their launch many organisations have also started focusing on the air transport and have also started building many large drones to carry items from one place to another. The Amazon company are also going to include the drones for the way of transport to their prime members in providing total benefits.

best drones

Their applications in our daily changing modern world are many and they also play a vital role in the many development sectors too like the sports, arts, drone deliveries which will be first seen used by amazon corporation, military purposes discussed above, photography, journalism too and the various deep down research platforms. All the major high advanced ones are present in our best drones 2019. The first ever man who invented this one was the Louis Breguet in the year 1907. Talking about the different types there are fixed wings, rotatory wings, micro UAV and at last the bio mimetic drones. On your request I can even describe the types separately in the latter post. In the personal usage they are limited up to only 3 types like the Kid’s flying drones for fun, racing drones to play record and at last the high mega pixel camera drones used for high end photography purpose.


Extra Ordinary List of Best Drones 2019

Drone BrandColorDrone CameraDimension
DJI Phantom P3-STANDARDWhite2.7k HD15 x 14 x 8.25 in
GoPro Karma with HERO5 BlackBlack4K30 / 1440p80 / 1080p12011.9 x 17.3 x 5.9 in
DJI Phantom 4 PROWhite4K 60FPS16.8 x 16.3 x 13.7 in
Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2WhiteHD5.3 x 1.6 x 5.3 in
Holy Stone F181C RCBlack720P HD Camera31 x 9 x 31 in
Contixo F18 RC Remote & AppBlack1080p HD WiFi16.1 x 3.1 x 9.1 in
DJI Mavic Pro CollapsibleGreyFull HD 1080p18.2 x 14.2 x 7.3 in
Holy Stone 1080PBlackHD 1080P Camera19 x 19 x 7.5 in
Force1 F100 GhostBlue1080P HD16.6 x 13 x 6.2 in
Force1 Drones with CameraBlueHD 720p15 x 14.1 x 5.6 in

1) DJI Phantom 3 Standard Best Drones 2019


DJI Phantom 3 best drones 2019

This DJI Phantom 3 Standard is recommended as the budget pick up for our best drones 2019 and bags the number 1 position in our extra ordinary list of Quadcopters. The selling of this item on the E commerce stores are very huge and branded by the company in this sector with an exceptional profit margin of every year. Like our website this one is also recommended as the best providers brand by other popular websites too in the market. The average feedback and the ratings cross the 4.3 stars out of 5 after millions of sales each month. The price may seem heavy for some people so many more less than 100 dollars items are also reviewed below which are too the best sellers but when ranked in terms of the best in terms of longevity and technical advancements this one covers them all. The official release date was in the year 2015 on the date of August 5. The unit mass is 2.68 pounds to lift up easily in the air anything like the camera and small bags. At Amazon this one ranks 32 in the quadcopter section as well as also ranks 212 in the photo and camera for being high definition camera included in the box. The dimension stretches to (15,14,8.2) inches making it wide enough to force the air down. Counting the feedback which exceeds 1133 reviews and more than 1000 answers in the discussion forum. Different styles are also present like the quadcopter body only, starter bundle, nanuk bundle and the hard drive bundle at various level prices.


Large level of online selling mostly comes from the recommendations that it receives for free from websites like these and many more strong community organisations. In the air this one of best drones 2019 can perform for 25 minutes at it’s maximum, camera quality being 2.7k or 30 frames per second offers branded DSLR like experience, GPS is installed in it for positioning purposes. A application for smartphone is available by which it can be controlled too for the cameras position, height and speed. A remote controller is present with smartphone handle to run it smoothly in the atmosphere with 4 side control. What ever the camera records can be recorded exactly as seen in your smart device and live recording is also possible on social media. A single automatic landing press button is available which will land at the desired position from where it was launched to the exact same place.


Technical Specifications and Features


The shipped box includes all the necessary items required to kept it in motion everyday like the 8 GB micro SD card, a high range radio controller for long distance control, 2 new sets of propellers to use in terms of any fault, a battery and a charger to charge it after proper use. The total power limit of the battery can hold up to 25 minutes the drone in the air then it goes down to consumption mode alarming the user to bring it down immediately. The drone is so stable in the air that taking high end pictures and videos becomes extremely easy through GPS assistant. Various modes are also available to make it climate friendly. Live video streaming can be performed on social media or internet through the DJI Go application on your smartphone. The most used drone by the artists, travelers and journey adventure lovers for this camera drone of 12 mega pixel, continuous shooting of 30 frames per second and the 3 axis stabilized one.

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2) Go Pro Karma drones with HERO 5 Black


Go Pro Karma Hero 5 best drones

This one is also among the high costly ones usually mean’t for the peoples who are professional and need it for their work rather than the persons who are here for the personal uses which they can fulfill by looking at the below ones. A new model of this one have been recently released with price greater than this one. The specifications that it offers are usually more than the drone abilities. All the technical features I will be mentioning in the below paragraph by which it deserves it be at number 2 in our best drones 2019. It was released in the year 2017 on the date of 1st February. This drone is heavy with 11.65 pounds many times greater than the previous one and have a dimension of (11.9,17.3,5.9) inches. The rating is not as great but performs a 3 stars out of 5 calculated in average feedback by 150 customers. In the discussion forum of Amazon more than 100 answers are present to read at. There are 2 styles in which it is available online like Go Pro Karma and the Go Pro Karma Drone with Hero 5 Black mentioned here. The configuration model is also of 2 types like the drone with battery and the other is drone without the battery.


In this one the auto upload internet option is present including the live video display, video stabilization is present, voice controlling feature with wind noise reduction technique is also used here. For wireless connectivity wifi and blue tooth are there, 1 button control is present to make it float on air automatically and the video quality that it offers features 1080p 120/1440p 80/4k 30. The picture quality is also awesome at 12 mega pixel working at 30 frames per second with time lapse available. Due to size and weight it is ultra portable and light to easily carry it anywhere for travelers. Other camera ability is that it gets smoothly body mountable and hand held for professional recording. Fast controller with touch display available. Handling the controller is so easy that even a 10 year 10 can run it of best drones 2019 safely in the air.


Technical Specifications and Features


The box which comes shipped contains the case, USB type C cable, the Frame of Hero 5 black, ring for mounting, total of 6 propellers to replace and reuse after any fault, battery and the charger, harness and grip, stabilizer and the remote controller. The grip works automatically with the body mount present in the case to present ultra clear shots and video recording. The stabilizer can also be removed to present hand held shots anytime. The stabilizer makes it easy for the camera man to take professional looking images without any disturbance or shake all the time. The case is so easily portable including the drone that it can smoothly fit any of the luggage or carry bags. The pictures that it captures are ultra steady in the air as well with the smooth Go Pro.

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3) DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Best Drones 2019


DJI Phantom 4 Pro best drones 2019

The best and the new model of DJI drones with the tag “Only for Professionals” as the cost is high and not for common people like you and me but still this one of best drones 2019 ranks number 3 in the list and most of the time remains out of stock on the Amazon online store. People have to do early booking to get this one. The specifications are just too many and not possible to explain it in just two paragraphs. In 2016 of 16 November it was brought to the market and have made till now about millions in profit to the seller according to my estimations. The customer feedback and rating is quite impressive with 3.8 stars out of 5 from about 421 people reviews in total. The unit mass is approximately 10 pounds with dimension of (16,14,9) inches. The various styles available here are the Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro detailed here and the Phantom 4 Pro plus but everyone with their own construction price. Two configurations are present including quadcopter body and quadcopter with nanuk case.


The batteries used are advanced system usage ones with charge drain control and power up to 30 minutes of capacity to fly in the air then extra landing time while everything is kept in view on the DJI Go application. When compared to any other drones nobody can beat them in terms of reliability and durability due to the advancement of 2 IMU units and 2 compass modules making each flight ultra stable. The Gesture mode is something awesome enabled with it which works without the controller and lifting arms works as a camera capture signal. The landing techniques have been upgraded in this one in which it uses artificial intelligence to choose the best route and land automatically. The drone can fly according to the tap of the user on the control screen called the tap fly mode. Active track mode captures pictures as soon as the object starts moving. The Way point function is somewhat unique where the drone flies the direction where the user sets it too and that is the reason it used by many professional in their shoot. The smartphone can easily get attached to the remote controller. The obstacle sensing ability have been increased to 5 directions to stay crash free. The camera installed here is 20 mega pixel with 1 inch length which can shoot 4k at 60 frames per second. This one of best drones 2019 is a must for professional and semi professional photographers.


Technical Specifications and Features


Talking about the features in short read the warranty needs to be registered and can be extended which is necessary for the buyer. Video processing facility is great and can record H 264 4k at 60 frames per second as well as H 265 4k at 30 frames per second. All of them are under 100 mbps bitrate. No need to worry for any type of crash in the air or landing mistakes, due to the 5 direction obstacle sensor and automatic landing all these are avoided. For all that natural wind behavior artificial intelligence is provided. The camera is about 1 inch with 20 mega pixel capacity and have been again redesigned or upgraded to use 1 inch mega pixel of CMOS sensor.

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4) Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Drone


Predator 2 best drones 2019

The low cost training drones occupies the position 4 in our best drones 2019. They rank 1 as the best seller on the Amazon store in the section of Quadcopters. They are mostly seen as for fun and one more time they are mainly not mean’t for person who are looking it to record videos or click high quality images. They also rank number 52 in the section of toys and games for kids. The unit mass is low with 13.6 ounces and have a dimension of (5.3,1.6,5.3) inches. The customer judgement are extra ordinary about this one and have an average 4.4 stars out of 5. More than 10 million people have bought it online with 4044 feedback reviews on the product page of Amazon. The discussion forum also have 381 answered questions to verify the visitors.


This one of best drones 2019 can glow exclusively in the air at night time with the presence of colorful LED lights on it’s body making a great user experience. All total there are 3 various speed modes to practice and race among each other from the beginner level to the speed racer level. A special technology the 6 axis gyro is used which can help to turn 360 degree of the drone with a single button press to entertain anyone. The headless mode makes it fly automatically with very low chance of crash and mainly designed for the beginners to learn effectively. A certain FAA registration is required as the best quadcopters 2019 is less than 0.5 pounds. The charger input should be maintained at 0.5 A or 1 A. The throttle should be maintained and controlled to use the responsive motors effectively. It is strictly prohibited not to be used below the age 14 to avoid any type of crash or harm to anyone.


Technical Specifications and Features


The box which is shipped at your home contains mainly a screw driver, a USB charger, 4 additional blades for any type of crash, 350 mAH of battery, remote controller 2.4 G and the quadcopter body. The average charging time is more for this under 50 minutes or more under an input of 0.5 to 1 Ampere. The maximum time up to which it can fly is about 8 minutes after that it needs to be landed carefully. The area under which the remote controller can control it effectively is the 30 to 50 meters of range and not more than that otherwise it will crash. The drone is so powerful that it is resistant to the wind power at a certain level not that letting it fly in the storm. The 6 axis gyro technology makes it suitable to fly effectively and perform stunts in the air. For low interference 2.4 GHz technology is used. The headless mode makes it suitable for beginners to fly easily and to start learning step by step.

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5) Holy Stone F181C RC Drones for Training


Holy stone H181C drone

This one is also a upgraded version of the one mentioned above mainly used for training, racing and doing stunts in the air for entertainment. This one comes with a camera included at the lower side. The over all price is little higher than the previous one and occupies the 5th position in our best drones 2019. The rating is quite awesome with 4.4 stars out of 5 made in average from the customer reviews and feedback in total of 2734 and over millions of buyer’s worldwide. This one is just a training model for fun or kids but not mean’t for any of the professionals or photographers. In the quadcopters section of Amazon best seller it is on the number 5 and also positions a rank of 356 in the kids and toys section. The unit mass is approx 1 pounds with dimension (12.2,3.5,12.2) inches. The manufacturer have recommended the age for usage to be 14 years or upper than that to stop under age kids creating problem with this in the locality. The only color is black as shown in the image.


There are a whole lot of things which comes included in the shipped box like the screw driver, 4 screws for propeller guards, 4 screws for landing gears, 4 screws for blades, 12 screws for the drone, 4 small gears for the motor, 2 USB charging cables, SD card reader, 4G TF card, 2 landing skids, 4 additional frames for protection, 4 rotating blades, 750 mAH of batteries, remote transistor of 2.4 GHz and the quadcopter body. Headless mode is available to make it easy for beginners to balance and run it, again with the 6 axis gyro technology it can easily flip through 360 degrees, a altitude hold button is also there which makes sure that the body remains in stable state in the air, a little advancement in this one is that the camera can record video of 720p quality and have a micro SD card slot of 4 GB.


Technical Specifications and Features


Here all the details are clearly informed to the visitors point to point for very clear understanding. The remote controller transmission range extends from about 50 meters to 100 meters in average. It can stay in the air for about 8 to 10 minutes and then it automatically lands on the surface with red signal. The charging may take time of total of 70 minutes to 90 minutes on an average. A total of 4 batteries are needed to keep the controller in working condition of 1.5 volts. The battery of drone needs to be charged automatically and have a capacity of 3.7 volts 750 mAH. The video recording is strong in quality with 720p resolution. At last the technology used here are 6 Axis Gyro 4 Channel 2.4Ghz. LED lights are present on it to easily locate it at night. The speed can also be increased to 4 modes from beginner to high speed. One button return is available to remove the stress of proper landing.

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6) Contixo F18 Best Drones 2019 Advanced GPS Assisted RC


Contixo F18 advanced drone

A new release which is walking up the stairs of success day by day in terms of selling and rank increase on the best sellers of several online stores. The price is very budget friendly for such type of specifications in which one can easily adjust to invest. The blades and the motors are totally brush less and do not need any requirement. There are is bag pack included with the item whose value is equal to 50$ and comes totally free. The camera quality is of 1080p resolution with ultra high processing and the live video mode feature too for sharing on social media or on the internet. This one of best drones 2019 comes with GPS enabled feature to look after or track it’s own position from the place of it’s flight. Outstanding qualifications make it trustworthy to bag the position 6 in the list. On the Amazon best sellers it have an even high position among the others of 26 in section of best quadcopters 2019. The calculated unit mass is light weight with 1 pounds and dimension of (16.1,3.1,9.1) inches. Fit to fly for age above 12 and more as the children are more intelligent than the younger ones nowadays. List of 87 customer feedback make it stand effectively among the competition.


Explaining the specifications is so easy as there is a whole lot of it in this of best drones 2019. The shipped box contains coverage card, manual, smartphone clip, a screw driver, controller, 8 extra propellers and changing tools, battery, charger and the body part. The whole charging takes 4 hours and offers a flying time of 16 minutes and more. Battery capacity is large enough of 2100 mAH. It also uses the 6 axis gyroscope technology to perform several stunts in the air. A whole lot of extra ordinary functions are present in this one like the LED lights operating at night, easy side turn flight, forward and the backward flight, easy turn up/down/left/right, camera with wifi FPV, altitude hold option, GPS, one button take off and the one option return. The camera offers a full screen high definition resolution of (1920 x 1080). It offers a controlling transmission range of 2.4 GHz.


Technical Specifications and Features


The back pack that it offers for free is worth 50$ and is resistant to water. The coverage is strong and hard to protect the drone even if the bag falls from a certain height of distance. The bag too have a 12 months of warranty from the respected company. The controlling range goes to 1 mile of length and more with 16 minutes of speed flight. The camera quality is nice with resolution 1080p and connectivity of transmission 5 GHz banded wifi FPV. The motors are brush less and maintenance free. Safety features are also included to remove it from any obstacle and land automatically to the landing place if any connection fails or battery low runs. One cons is that the battery terminal should always be plugged in right direction to make sure that the charger do not get short circuit to burn immediately. Many negative feedback have been flowing due to this problem.

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7) DJI Mavic Pro Best Drones Collapsible


DJI Mavic Pro drones

Another costly drone after the number 3 is this one which have high efficient abilities and quality features to beat any one of it’s competition easily. No obstacle can ever harm it as artificial intelligence is installed in it to save it from any climatic conditions, rocks, mountains, trees and others. The automatic landing to the home base is very thorough with almost no mistakes. One of the top models of the branded company DJI quadcopters. It was released on the date of 10 October in the year 2016. On our list best drones 2019 it ranks at the position 7. It also ranks among the best sellers of Amazon at 71 in the quadcopters section. The customer judgement is quite nice with 4.2 stars out 5. I can certify you it must be the best quadcopters 2019 that you can ever have in your life.


A whole lot of accessories are included in the shipped box so that the customer do not buys anything else from the market. All the tools almost come included like the 2 cable sliders one of micro USB connector and other of lightning connector, separate micro USB cable, 16 GB micro SD card, charging AC power cable, charger, clamp, 3 propellers for any faults and quick replace, sandisk 32 GB memory card, a cloth for cleaning, 2 intelligent special drone battery and the controller. The shipping is full free if brought from Amazon including the customer support and warranty.


Technical Specifications and Features


The features will be always outstanding when noticed in terms of the high price and the brand who have years of experiencing in producing these items as main products. The lot of tools comes included in the box as mentioned above. These one of best drones 2019 have a nice competitive capacity in terms to DJI Phantom 4 and provides flight duration of 27 minutes to 13 kms of long height all due to the presence of highly efficient and powerful motors plus propellers. The size is very less in respect to the competition to reach anywhere and everywhere. The camera is great providing 4k video running at 30 frames per second captured through 12 mega pixel. Automatic obstacle finder is also present to sense and quickly dodge them by it’s own making it a strong artificial intelligence item. The controller range is 7 kms with camera capture of 1080p resolution.

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8) Holy Stone HS300 Best Drones RC


Holy stone HS300 best drones

A low cost item but offers a camera resolution of 1080p and captures the spot 8 in our best drones 2019. All the necessary functions are present in this one which can help anyone easily control it as well as optimize it to capture high quality images at once. From 182 customers feedback there is an average rate judgement of 4.2 stars out 5. At Amazon it occupies number 56 in the best quadcopters 2019. The item unit mass is 1.4 pounds making it light in nature with dimension of (19,19,7.5) inches. For more verification there is a wide level of 122 answers in the discussion forum to read or ask from.


As explained in the above paragraphs in details of other best drones 2019 it also have the abilities of Headless mode, one key landing mode for automatic landing from where it flew, altitude hold mode to keep it still at a certain height for capturing high definition images and videos. The camera installed here have the capacity to provide 120 degree FOV wide angle images with a resolution of 1080p. According to the company 10 minutes should be provided after each angle for cooling down after every flight. Different speed modes are also there from beginner to the high efficient speed level. Nice weather and sunny condition is required to provide high quality pictures without any shake in the air. The battery should be handled with care and charged at 0.5 volts.


Technical Specifications and Features


Here we keep all the details point to point without any discussion and the features are one button automatic landing ability, night LED lights, protection from low voltage conditions, headless mode for beginners, altitude still mode, stop at emergency, 150 meter of controlling range, high definition 1080p camera, 6 gyroscope function, 3 dimensional flip and the stable wind resistant power. The shipped box contains the necessary tools like 8 propeller guard screws, 8 landing gear screws, 4 propeller blades, a screw driver, 2 USB cables, 2 7.4 volts of batteries, memory card of 4 GB, camera with shock proof, transmitter and the drone body. Installed camera offers continuous shooting at 30 frames per second.

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9) F100 Ghost Best Drones 2019 with Camera


F100 Ghost drone

This is another high performance drones with high quality camera enabled at a very affordable price range. This one is a branded Go Pro one with camera of 1080p resolution mean’t to be used by both the adults as well as the kids section of age above 14 or more. The viewer feedback is good getting it about max 4 stars out of 5 on an average but still ranks 9 on our best drones 2019. On the Amazon best seller it have a rank of 13 in the best quadcopters 2019 section that it means it average selling is above millions in that huge market place over the United States of America. The weight is 15.7 ounces and have a dimension of (16.7,13,6.2) inches. This one uses 2 batteries of lithium polymer. There are 126 answers on the discussion forum and 128 reviews by the customers on the Amazon item reviews.


The main benefit is that for every part there are several extra parts provided by the company in the box to fulfill the user demands and faults. Like the others this offers a high end camera of 1080p resolution recorded videos and high definition pictures. The signal catching ability can last up to 1640 feet in the air. The flight time is the longest available here with more than 30 minutes and extra 5 minutes for landing for this one of best drones 2019. This company takes total control and stand for their items and parts with extended warranty. The fly start is so easy according to the manual by at first pressing and holding the red button to get motor start up, then battery is to be inserted for the beeps and at last pressing the throttle and red button to finally flow up in the air.


Technical Specifications and Features


The box contents are repair tools, 4 propeller guards, 4 propellers, 4 high landing gears, camera mount to place on shoulder or hand held, balance charger, 3 body shells of various colors, 2 li ion batteries of 1800 mAH, control transmission of 2.4 GHz, HD 1080p camera resolution and the body. This camera have the ability to work like bird’s eye and capture minor details too. It can fly as far as 150 meters in length. High powerful batteries make the flight time increase up to 30 minutes. This completes the total set and can be worked both as a training bot or as for a professional photographer.

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10) U49W Best Drones 2019 with Camera Live Video


U49W Drone Camera

At the end the last and the final one to adjust in any budget have a great user experience and ratings on the stores. The seller demands this one of best drones 2019 to be long lasting and fly for many years without any maintenance. The average judgement is 4.1 stars out of 5. On the Amazon best seller it have a rank of 67 in the section of best quadcopters 2019. The item weighs 2.9 pounds heavier than many mentioned above and have a fixed dimension of (15.6,14.4,5.2) inches making it broad enough to fly high in the air.


A lot of specifications show the technical advancement of this model which are dual battery system to increase the average time of flight in the air, the powerful motors are capable of carrying the camera to a large height to get the perfect shot, the camera can be easily attached with the smartphone through wifi and application to handle the rest of FPV flight experience, including the others this one of best drones 2019 have been also equipped with artificial intelligence features of headless mode, one key lift and one button landing capabilities. The camera gives a vast user experience through it’s 120 degree wide angle capture of 720p resolution. Along with all this the custom route mode is also enabled in this one by which anyone can fix the route of this drone through the smartphone in case of video recording and getting the perfect caption or motion video. The controller transmission can reach 650 feet without any difficulty.


Technical Specifications and Features


Each flight can easily last 30 minutes due to the use of dual batteries in the quadcopter. All the beginner functions like altitude hold and headless mode are present to teach them a good and new pilot lessons. The 30 minutes of flying capacity is enough for anyone and obviously more than most of the costly ones. Three different types of speed levels are there including the one button press for both the take off and land off problems. The video recording and image capturing becomes extremely easy due to the presence of easy camera high definition of 720 resolution. Live videos can also be broadcast through the smartphones on social media as well all the internet.

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At last our pick up of the list best drones 2019 is the excellent and technically advanced DJI Phantom 4 PRO which is by far the best in features and also provides professional camera stability which even a dslr camera will fail to provide. The only thing which matters here and stops most of the buyer’s from picking it up is the price. As the most advanced one always have the best price. For that reason our 2nd budget based pick up is the Go Pro Karma with HERO 5 and the DJI Phantom 3 Standard which are budget friendly for any photographer or traveler professional to easily buy it. There potentially know their people like the Go Pro drones and include the body mount and handheld camera tools in the shipped box so that buyer’s do not have to buy it from the outside market place separately by spending extra amount of price. They are a little costly but are mean’t for the long run with full customer support and extended warranty from the companies. The visitors who want to buy it for fun or a tool to record videos at school and college must go for the low costly ones which are mean’t for training and shoot exceptional videos at 1080p or 720p resolution. Some of them like the position 4 and 5 are only training drones for kids to have fun.

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