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Top 10 Best Golf Bags 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

Golf Bags play a vital role in the life of a golf player for a few years but then it gets old, have scratches, tears apart from some places so the irons, drivers, balls and other golf accessories like range checker and others appear to slip through the certain holes on their bags. For people who are searching for the “Best Golf Bags 2019” have landed on the right website. Here the visitors will get certain other high traffic posts which are reviews on other home appliances which are required in daily life like the refrigerators, washer and dryers, shoes and other electronic items.


Here is the Top 10 best list for best ever golf bags of 2019 which are chosen from different online selling organizations and according to their selling and reviews ranking all the 10 golf bags are arranged sequentially in an order from top to bottom. New and stylish bags are required for everyone so that they could maintain their confidence on the golf pitch and the ground while playing and should not get distracted by the ugly appearance of their age-old bags and accessories.

A professional player of golf does not use the same golf equipment or the complete set for more than 6 months or even a year. They are very serious about their game and do not want to lose their confidence on the pitch. From my described golf bags all of them consists of several materials like leather, plastic, metal parts including canvas and nylon to makes some portions unable to detach and some parts extremely strong. There are several pockets and openings to put in each type of different golf clubs and accessories so that taking out them at the right time does not feel uncomfortable and can be get easily found. The rigid support at the ground portion is made totally with pure leather so that it stands up straight at the green ground without any support. 

best golf bags

There are different bags which are emerged into one golf bag to do the work of all at the time and that is the reason they are most required while playing and no player can use different or any normal bag from home as a replacement to full golf bag. The different types of bags which are required at the field and are merged into the golf bag are Carry bags to carry it on your shoulders, Sunday bags to make it light, Stand bags to stand up straight on the field, Cart bags to work as a cart for carrying several things at a time, Staff bags to support large amount of equipment, Travel bags which can carry almost anything but reduces the weight on your shoulders that there is nothing in the bag. When all these various technologies are taken into account then a Master Carry Golf Bag is created.

Recommended 10 of Best Golf Bags 2019

Golf Bags BrandColorDimensionWeight
Orlimar Pitch and Putt Stand Carry Bag8 Diff. Colors4.2 x 3.2 x 31.5 in3.08 lbs
TaylorMade Stand Golf Bag6 Diff. Colors10 x 13 x 36 in4.6 lbs
Titleist One Strap Stand Bag6 Diff. Colors10 x 13 x 36 in7.5 lbs
Callaway Golf Stand Bag3 Diff. Colors36.2 x 14.6 x 12.6 in5.2 lbs
TaylorMade Stand Bag4 Diff. Colors36 x 12 x 14 in5.8 lbs
Cobra Ultralite Golf Bag
6 Diff. Colors10 x 13 x 36 in4.2 lbs
Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-Way2 Diff. Colors10 x 13 x 36 in8 lbs
PING Men's Hoofer Bag7 Diff. Colors36 x 12 x 12 in5 lbs
Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag8 Diff. Colors19.7 x 19.7 x 39.4 in8.82 lbs
TANGKULA w/6 Way Divider4 Diff. Colors32.5”, 11”X 8”6 lbs

All the golf bags mentioned here are verified and tested by millions of customers online and are recommended as the top 10 best selling items in the world by Amazon and many more online shopping websites. Every review and writing done here is taken from the thousands of quality reviews done by people on each product several selling pages.


1. Pitch and Putt Best Golf Bags 2019 with Extra lightweight and Stand Carry for Support

Pitch and Putt is a new company opened in 1999 and in a very short interval of time have become an expert in providing master golf clubs and bags at the same time along with certain other golf accessories. Their bags are very light and short and different from the other golf bags companies in style and shine.


Features and Performance


Pitch and putt best golf bags 2019
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Pitch and Putt Golf bag is ranked number #1 in the best golf bag section and also ranked number #6000 in the best Sports and outdoor section of the Amazon Best Seller list. The weight of the bag is less 2 pounds which makes it one of the low weight bags and the dimension of the product is (43,11,13) inches in length. The bag is available in 3 different colors which are black where the image is provided, blue, and orange. There are over 123 customer reviews about the product and about 30 answered questions by the seller itself.


The carry handle is made highly durable and with utmost comfort

There is a one accessory pocket at the exterior end

The bag is made of hard water-resistant cloth and extremely lightweight in nature

The Top of the bag is divided into 2 sections to keep 6 to 7 clubs smoothly

The bag is basically a stand and carries bag 2 in 1


The bag should be used with care otherwise the zip of pocket can break

The bag is made extra light so the player always feels his clubs not the bag sometimes

best price


2. Taylor Made Best Golf Bags 2019 with TM Stand 5.0 for Extra Support

Taylor Made is a worldwide famous golf company founded in 1979 by Gary Adams. The American company is great and have been famous in the first year by the production of its first metal driver in the foundation year. Today they manufacture everything from a single ball to bags and all other big accessories. The headquarter of the company is set up in Carlsbad of California in the United States. But the discussion is going on that the company is all set up to be bought by KPS Capital Partners in the year 2017.


Features and Performance


Taylor made best golf bags 2019
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Taylor made golf bag stand 5.0 is ranked number #4 in the best golf bags section and number #12000 in the Sports and an outdoor section on the Amazon bestseller list. The actual weight of the club bag is about 4 pounds which makes it light and easily portable and the total dimension of the product is about (10,13,36) inches of length which can take in almost any long club and hundreds of golf balls. There are 6 color combinations available on the store among which the black one is shown in the image below. The other eye-catching colors are apple red mixed with black, Navy blue mixed with black, Grey mixed with white, White mixed with black, and at last orange mixed with white. There are over 20 customer reviews and all of them are I think 5 stars and 6 answered questions by the seller to clear the buyer’s doubt from which you can verify the product you are buying on the Amazon product page.


The Top of the bag is provided with 5-way divider to keep the clubs separately and distinct

For the comfort of the customer, a shoulder strap system is provided

The latest Stand Tech anti-split stand system is there to keep the bag standing easily on any steep slope or ground

A feature like an umbrella sleeve, rain hood matching to the bag is provided

There are a total of 6 pockets which include 2 apparel pockets, tee, and ball pockets, velour-lined valuable lines are also there

A cooler pocket is also provided at the interior to store beverages and juice


Only 4 holes are provided for clubs to keep which makes a little crowded

A couple of more pockets should be there according to the buyer’s

best price


3. Titleist Best Golf Bags 2019 with Best Single Strap Stand

Titleist is also an American brand founded in 1932 by Philip E Young. The headquarter is located in Massachusetts of United States. The different type of golf products it produces are the irons, drivers, bags, and balls. The company has become a subsidiary of the South Korean Company Fila.


Features and Performance


Titleist golf bags
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This Titleist golf bag is ranked number #2 in the best golf bags section and number #6000 in the Sports and an outdoor section on the Amazon Best Seller list. The average weight of the item bag is about 7 pounds and that is because it has a lot of new technology and extra features embedded in it. The dimension of the product is about (10,13,36) inches which work great and even large size clubs can get fixed easily. This bag is in huge demand among the others and is selling quite a lot on Amazon or any other online store. There are 4 different colors to choose from which is black as you can see it on the image, Apple red. Charcoal color and navy blue and in every color it looks as stylish as in the other one. There are over 13 customer reviews which are all five stars from the buyer’s and you can check it by accessing my links for your verification purposes. Seller has given about 9 types of different answered questions to the visitors for clearing their doubt and specification details. You can ask them too about anything if like so.


A special pocket is there to store cool drinks and beverages in the interior section

The top of the bag is divided into 3 ways and 3 long length dividers

All the pockets are valuable velour lined and resistant to water zip is also attached to them for any other security

The top cuff is integrated nicely with a lift handle

The whole total pockets are 6 which provided with water resistant zip and 2 apparel pockets, 2 bill pockets

The bag is famous for its single strap stand and carrier system, leg lock strap also come included

Other features include rain hood cover, umbrella strap, mesh hip pad, and metal towel ring or clip


All the reviews done on the Amazon product page are 5 stars with positive reviews and no negative reviews to write so

Wide stand bag and mainly designed to last longer than before

best price


4. Callaway Golf Bags 2019 with Chev Stand Bag

Popularly known as the American Worldwide Golf gods company including several other sports. The company was founded in the year 1932 and the founder is Ely Reeves Callaway. The headquarter is located in Carlsbad of California. In the year 2014, the total revenue generated by the company worldwide was about 900 million dollars.


Features and Performance


Callaway best golf bags 2019
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Callaway is the Best Branded Company among all the golf accessories selling brands. Callaway golf bags is ranked number #5 in the best golf clubs section and number #17000 in the best sports and outdoor section of the Amazon bestseller list. The exact weight of the bag is about 5 pounds which is the best average for any other bag and the actual dimension length of the bag is about (36,14,12) inches which are the extra large size and can take in almost any type of golf accessories with easy. There are a total of 7 different color combinations to choose from the store which are black, silver and white as the one in the image I have provided, others are titanium, purple, white. The third one is titanium, white and light green. The fourth one is orange, white and titanium. The fifth one is red, white and titanium and finally, the last color combination is navy, teal, and white. There over 20 customer reviews by the original buyer’s on the E-commerce store for your knowledge and to learn and judge everything about the product before purchasing. If any questions have to be asked about the product you can easily contact the seller which is 24 hours online to answer your doubtful questions within 1 hour.


A New Technology called Soft hip pad mesh is provided to ensure easy while carrying and much comfort

An Ergonomic strap is there to ensure that there is a proper balance maintained while stand and carry for customers

For making the bag easily portable and transportation the grab handle is molded and integrated for perfect use

There are a total of 7 pockets meant for different purposes including the valuables pocket velour lined

The top is made with 7-way dividers to access the clubs more easily and more comfort

Full-sized Apparel pocket to provided to keep almost anything medium in size

The bag is unisex in nature and the rain hood is included at the end


The bag lacks a cooler apartment for drinks and beverages

Maybe the 7 pockets may be less than the average bags which are having more than 10 pockets

best price


5. Taylor Made Best Golf Bags 2019 with Flex tech Crossover and Stand Bag

Founded in the year 1979 by Gary Adams this company has become expert in selling different golf products and accessories all over the world. Being an American Company the headquarter is located in Carlsbad of California, United States. The company is going through the process of selling it’s all to the KPS Capital Partners in the year 2017.


Features and Performance


Taylor made best stand golf bags 2019
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Taylor Made stand bags is ranked number #5 in the Best golf clubs section and number #18000 in the Sports and Outdoor section in the bestseller list of Amazon. The total and actual weight of the product is about 8 pounds which is extra large and specially designed to fit in any accessories very easily. The product dimension is about (10,13,36) inches which can fit small to large items in different sections of its bag. The other most astonishing fact is that the bag is available in 6 different colors which are black as shown in the image, ash gray, gray and yellow mix, apple red, navy blue and royal and white mix. There are over more than 10 customer reviews to verify whether the product is trustworthy or not. Everyone has given a 5-star rating indeed. There are 6 different answered questions about the product to clear doubt about the product and visitor can ask more questions which they answer in less than 1 hour.


This is a cart and carry 2 in one bag and works great to provide easy comfort and travel

The Technology used here is the Quick Release and dual density strap to make it extremely portable

The Exterior covering is so Top Quality that no weather or rain can destroy its shine

The Pocket for a water bottle is made a quite large and insulated to be easily used up in the bag

There are a total of 7 different colors to choose from the store by accessing the links in image and header and the colors have been discussed in the above section

A total of 10 pockets for different purposes are cool which include tee pocket, bottle pocket, lengthwise garment pocket, extra large ball pocket with zipping, internal beverage cool pockets to hold energy drinks and many more

A 14-way divider at the top to keep clubs separately and easy handle to carry

Other essential things are umbrella sleeve, pen sleeve, towel sleeve, and matching rain hood


The Quick Release buttons are provided at the bottom rather than the top

Great bag but the 14 dividers are only made accessible at the top rather than all over

best price


6. Cobra Ultra lite Golf Bags 2019

Cobra is one of the leading and valuable brands all over the world in expertise and marketing golf products all over the world since 1973. Being an American Company and founded by the great Thomas L Crow. The company is said to be sold to American Brands Incorporation in 1996.


Features and Performance


Cobra golf bags
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Cobra golf bags is ranked number #8 in the Golf Club Bags section and number #22000 in the Sports and an outdoor section on the Amazon Best Seller List. The dimension of the product is about (10,13,36) inches and the shipping weight is about 4.3 pounds which makes it extra light and remove any weight of the bag while carrying. The material used up in the bag is 100% of polyester which makes it automatically resistant to water and hard to tear and lose shine. Can last for even years without any maintenance. A large Cobra Logo is build up in the bag to increase it’s value in public as it is one of the biggest brands in the world in golf. There are over 12 customer reviews which can give you hands-on experience in the quality and usage of the product including the different answered questions by the seller to make clear each and every minor detail of the product before buying it from the online Amazon Store.


There are 6 pockets in total which include 5 zippered pockets and 1 slip pocket to make it look smooth and place top store different accessories

A pocket is made specially to beverage insulated in nature where even large 2 L of bottles can fit easily

The pocket for the apparel is made extra large and oversized to fit almost any size

Each and Every pocket is valuable and fleece lined including water resistant of course

The top is a 5 way where there are total length dividers for the club and lift handle to carry it through bare hands

There 4 different color compositions to choose from where the first one is totally black, the second one is strong blue, white and little black, the third one is orange and little dark shadow face, the fourth one is risk red with white and asphalt

There are 2 type of bag available in the store, one is for the stand bag and another one for the cart bag to select from

The material used up here is 100% polyester and water resistant in nature comes with a carrying strap


The budget for the bag is little high as it comes from a branded company of Cobra

The product is extra light and weighs less than the others of course

best price


7. Sun Mountain 4.5 Ls 14 with Way Stand Bag 2019

Sun Mountain is a branded company expertise in producing several golf related products like the apparel, cart, and bags at the same amount of time and including other out gears. They do not manufacture each and everything but also have a great base in whatever the things they produce to sell in the market.


Features and Performance


Sun mountain best golf bags 2019
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Sun Mountain Bags is ranked number #12 in the golf club bags and number #13000 in the Sports and outdoor section of the Amazon Best Seller list. The dimension of the bag is about (10,13,36) inches which can take in almost anything without much difficulty and weighs almost 7 pounds due to a lot of features equip in it. The color of the bag is great which is light green with grey as you can see it in the image provided below and looks so much professional. There is a lot of specification present in this price which I will be discussing in the pros and cons section. There are a total of 13 customer reviews on the Amazon product page and every one of them have given 5-star rating along with there are 7 answered questions by the seller to clarify each doubt regarding the features of this item to the buyer.


The top is made oval in shape with handle full integrated to help you make more comfort

The top divider are 14 way to increase the effectiveness

The actual weight of the bag is about 7 pounds

Certain other things are included which are towel holder, umbrella holder, pen holder pockets and rain cover and others

Clothing pocket of full length, hydration pouch, a pocket to keep rangefinder, and other valuable pockets which are total of 8 pockets

3 Layer shoulder strap technology is used to provide comfort while carry and make it portable

Airflow hip pad and lumbar support is added to provide smooth ventilation in the bag

To lower the spine pocket a lift assist handle is made at the top

Each slot for different clubs are made of full length


Each zip should be used carefully after few years otherwise it may lose its string

There should not be much pressure on the stands for loose problems

best price


8. PING Men’s Hoofer Best Golf Bags 2019

Ping is one of the oldest company to be set up in the year 1959 by Karsten Solheim and the headquarter is located in Phoenix, Arizona of United States. Karsten was an electrical engineer but later on, he resigned his job and started making golf products and accessories. It is a Popular Golf American Brand.


Features and Performance


Ping golf bags 2019
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PING Hoofer Bags ranked number #13 in the Best Club Bags section and number #41000 in the Sports and an Outdoor section on the Amazon Best Seller List. The average weight of the bag is about 6 pounds and over all dimension is great which is (36,12,12) inches to fit in almost any golf related accessories. There are over 10 different colors of this bag in which it is made available on the store so that you can buy it matching to your clubs. More than 34 customer reviews are there on the Amazon Product Page in the online store and almost more than 11 questions have been answered by the seller itself to clear each and everything in front of you.


The top of the bag is reinforced with 9 Inch 5 ways so that to carry anything easily and make it extremely portable

The pockets and the whole interior and exterior portion are resistant to water so no problem if rain starts in the middle of golf yard

The comfort of the consumer or customer is made double by putting a strap slider in the bag

A combination of 10 stylish colors to choose from the store matching your needs. No other bag company gives this much options

Sensor Cool Technology is used to stop moisture through the bags with easily adjustable shoulder pads

To prevent the club grips from bunching and collaborate dividers are used in every section

To make comfort for the pockets cart strap channel is embedded

A total of twelve (12) pockets are there which are more than enough to store your accessories

Mainly designed for the long run and will last more than 10 years if used with care


Make sure not to put a lot of pressure on the stand otherwise the leg may get snapped off

Extra pockets have been provided of about 12 which may confuse the owner to forget where he has kept what accessories

best price


9. Titleist Players New 14 Best Stand Bags 2019 with different colors to choose from

Titleist is now a subsidiary of Fila and founded in the year 1932 by Philip E Young. The company headquarter is located in Massachusetts of United States. The company has it’s major expertise in producing Golf Equipment and products like apparel.


Features and Performance

Golf bags 2019 Titliest

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Titleist stand bag is ranked number #18 in the golf clubs section and ranked number #5000 in the Sports and outdoor section of the Amazon Best Seller List. The total weight of the product is about 5.1 pounds which is great. There are a total of 9 pockets for keeping different accessories. The material used here is of high-quality nylon and others mixed and made completely waterproof. The bag is extremely lightweight and makes it easy for the customers. Provides comfort while carrying and everything. There are over several customer reviews and different answered questions by the seller so that each misconception and doubt is made clear about the product before purchase. There are over 9 different colors available other than the one which is shown in the below image like Deep Black, Apple red, Navy red, Extra white, Orange black, Charcoal color, Lime black, and Deep blue.


Each and everything in this section bag is made waterproof including the pockets

In the Top Cuff, there is a 3-way handle to make it extremely portable and transport friendly

The Curve Hinge is well engineered with stable width and leg position

The foot mechanism at the interiors work great with a master stand system technology

The top cuff is made 14 way to increase the comfort of the consumer while playing golf

There are total 7 colors provided to buy from the store and the colors I have mentioned above

Extra added features are the Rain cover, Towel loop, Umbrella holder, large and waterproof pockets, comfort double carry straps and style color


No bad review to write here

Mainly designed and made for the long run and last for years without a change of color

best price


10. Tangkula Best Golf Bags 2019 with Stand  and 6 Way Divider Organizer Pockets Storage Carry

Tangkula is a company recently launched in golf products sector but has emerged to provide quality and handle large sources of people all over the world. Their main area of production is bags which also include golf cart bags and stand bags.


Features and Performance

Tangkula best golf bags 208
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Tangkula golf bags is ranked number #6 in the Best Club Bags section and ranked number #14000 in the Sports and outdoor section of the Amazon Best Seller List. The total weight of the bag is less with 6 pounds and made with powerful material clothing. The total length of the bag is about 32.5 inches which are great to keep in long and short Golf Clubs including other small accessories. The size of the bag mainly the head frame is about (11, 8) inches. All the materials from which the bag is mainly made is plastic chassis and PP plastic parts, Rubber foot pipe, aluminum paint foot pipe support, including the polyester fabric and 3 fiber supporting tubes to complete the making. One more thing is that there are a total of 4 colors to choose from like the Black, Apple Red, Deep Blue and the Light Green which looks great and more stylish than you can think. There are over more than 28 customer reviews and 6 questions answered by the seller on the Amazon Product Page to clear and verify all your doubts.


The automatic leather stand is extremely durable and flexible which can stand on any ground whether it is higher or lower. Extra stand security is also provided with Anti Slip Foot Pads on certain terrain slopes

The number of pockets available in this bag is a total of 7 where you can keep your apparel storage, other gears, and golf accessories

Superior Comfort Technology is provided while carrying to reduce all the pressure with Adjustable and Padded carry straps

The Bag is designed with a special Umbrella Holder to save items in terms of rain

The Glove Holder is Hook and Loop to remain easy while playing

For Golf balls to be kept there is pocket which is extra large and makes it more comfort

There are a total of 6 dividers for different sticks to be kept separate

Bottle holder, bag cover everything comes included with the package

The actual price of the product is low and anyone can buy it but not for the long run usage


The fabric may get weak after few years

The storage is not much according to the others above as it’s price is extremely low

best price

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Must have Featured to Check while considering another Golf Bags

The Total number of Dividers – The number of dividers in a golf bag ranges from 1 to 20 seeing the modern golf players. Dividers are really necessary to keep different types of irons in different sections so that they do not face a problem or suffer any waste of time playing good shots on the field. Professional golfers usually keep more than 15 dividers bag to keep small, medium and large golf irons all at a time whereas small golfers keep more than 5 dividers for the play.

The Total number of Pockets – Pockets are generally important for both the professional and part-time golfers as a good number of pockets provide the facility to keep large bottles, golf balls, clubs, and many more other stuff all at fixed different places. Many advanced bags come with strong pockets but are costly in the market which provides lined pockets at one end to keep the mobile phones, purse, keys and other small stuff. On the other hand, there are cooler pockets made insulated to keep the water bottles or any other beverage cool during the entire play. Also, full-length pockets are common to store any inner wear or clothes including the extra apparel.


Other than the above two golf bags weight and the type of material used also matters.





The above mentioned best golf bags 2019 are most popular and effective bags available online which will last longer for years without loose of shine and style. These have passed all the tests for being a trustworthy product from thousands of customer with hundreds of positive reviews and merely a single of negative reviews on the Amazon product page. If anything wrong or any topic which is related to it I have not written on this post then do not fail to contact me immediately through the comment section or the contact form which is provided at the footer end of this website.

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