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Top 10 Best Projectors 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

The use of projector have increased a lot nowadays like at home for watching movies on big screen, in schools and colleges for digital study and also in offices and jobs for some digital knowledge graph or power point presentation. Digital projectors are in a huge demand nowadays so I decided to write a full descriptive Buyer’s Guide on the “Best Projectors 2019” including of all the latest buyer reviews on different E commerce giant websites. Everything mentioned here belongs to the Top 10 lists which are recommended as the best seller and bought items on Amazon and other stores with over 1000 of reviews and ratings.

Let me describe a little bit to the new visitors on this website, a projector are of different types and are used at different place for several jobs. The most common and the popular one is the Video projector which is used mainly everywhere. The job is to caste the image or video playing to an external white screen on attached on the wall to show a clear display or projection in a extended size to a large group of people at the same time. It is the same in small size than the large one which is used in cinema halls and movie theaters.

best projectors

At first the technology was not so advanced and a mere transparent lens by applying a shining light were used to project the media on the screen which was not of that high quality but nowadays several advanced technology like the lasers and LED are used to project a high definition display on the white screen and also works perfectly in the day light and one can clearly identify what is written on the screen. Everything is replaced in terms of light emitting projectors to advanced laser or LED projectors. At first movie projectors were used in cinema halls but now they have been replaced by Latest Digital video projectors.

Projector selling companies have become a great profitable company due to the modern education system whole throughout the world which involves digital study in terms of video watching. Every college, high schools and small schools throughout every corner in each country have applied digital learning as great means teach children and young generation fast and with more understanding. The

Major leading companies of in the Projector Industry include Epson which is by far the largest manufacturing and selling brand of this item in the whole world. Other popular companies include DBPower, View Sonic, Optoma, GooDee, WOWOTO, RIF6 Mini Projector and many others.

The Different types of projectors come in these three sections which include Moving images, Still images and Direct input. All the types appear in these 3 categories only whether it is advanced or old.

Complete and Detailed Guide to Best Projectors 2019

Projector NameDisplayDimensionWeight
Epson Home Cinema 1040LCD14.6 x 14.3 x 6.2 in5.7 lbs
Upgraded DBPOWER T20 LCD MiniLCD12 x 8 x 4.5 in2.1 lbs
ViewSonic PA503SDLP4.33 x 11.57 x 8.58 in4.85 lbs
CiBest Video ProjectorDLP, LCD11.22 x 4.13 x 8.86 in4.85 lbs
Optoma HD142XDLP9 x 11.73 x 3.7 in5.5 lbs
Epson VS240 SVGA3LCD11.7 x 9.2 x 3.2 in5.29 lbs
GooDee Video ProjectorLCD8.58 x 3.9 x 10.9 in4.8 lbs
WOWOTO H8DLP/LED6 x 4.72 x 1.22 in1.1 lbs
RIF6 CUBE Pico3LCD11.7 x 9.2 x 3.2 in5.29 lbs
RIF6 CUBE MiniLED8 x 8 x 2.5 in1.8 lbs

Each and Everything mentioned here belongs to the Top 10 Lists of Best Projectors 2019 on the Amazon Best Sellers page. Every item have a minimum average rating of more than 4.5 stars with 100% Latest Technology and Performance. This Top 10 list include all types of projector like Home Cinema projectors, Office use projectors, Digital learning projectors for education, Laser video, LED projector, including Mini and Mobile projectors. All the specifications and reviews written here are well researched through the columns of Largest E commerce stores online.

At the Above and Below links are provided to get a extra knowledge and verification about the item whether it is customer friendly or belongs to a Branded Authorized Company here. I hope that this page than clear the visitors all doubts and issues relating to the working of the product through the Pros and Cons provided below every Item reviews and help to take a right decision before buy from any online E commerce store.

1. Epson 3D Best Projectors 2019 Wireless 1080 P Home Cinema 2045

Epson best projectors 2019
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Founded in the year 1942 about 76 years ago by Seiji Hanaka who is the chairman right now is well established company of all time in the sector of electronic devices and projectors. In the year 2016 they collected a total revenue of about 12 billion dollars. The headquarter is located in Suwa, Nagano of Japan.

Features and Performance

Epson 3D Projector is the best item available in the market and is one of the successful marketing campaign of the company after all. The selling of the product crossed the average limit of the company and increased the shares. Comes in the Top 10 Best and is ranked at position #5 in the Best Projectors 2019 and also number #6 in the Video Projectors and Accessories. On the main Electronics page it ranks #107 position in the Television and Video section of the Amazon Best Seller list. The official launch of the product was in the year 2015 in the 4th of December. The exact item weight is about 7 pounds and the dimension is about (14.6,14.3,7.2) inches. A special feature of this item is that it is 3D ready. The color is pure white as shown in the image above. The warranty is provided on it for a year and 90 days for the parts which include free repair and also replacement if issue arises. The resolution of the display is 1080 P with contrast ratio of 35000:1 and image brightness of 2200 lumens. The display is totally LCD screen. The connectivity provided is great which have several ports provided below. With Free Shipping Amazon also makes the product price cheaper than the others in comparison. The projector have got almost 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. 98 answered questions and more than 100 customer reviews shows the popularity and efficiency by itself. Any doubt arises the mind about the item the visitor can freely ask it to the seller in the Answer and Question section.


Ranked as the number #1 best seller in the Amazon Best Seller list

The Connectivity Technology is perfect with many options like 2 HDMI, 1 RCA Composite and 1 RCA Audio left and right, 1 VGA D sub 15 inch of computer input or component. Others are USB Port Type A and USB Type B

There is a 2 year of limited warranty on the product including the parts and lamp

The Lamp Life is more than 10000 hours in ECO mode and more than 5000 hours in the Normal mode

The Keystone correction is present including the contrast ratio of about 15000:1

Both the color brightness and image brightness are of 3000 lumens

The range of the screen size works perfectly in 85 inches from 8 feet and about 120 inches from 12 feet

The are 2 types available on the store with a little space of money like the Home Cinema 1040 and Home Cinema 1040 Refurbished

Recommended as the Best Selling Home Theater Projection for full HD 1080 P Entertainment

The 3LCD Technology including the built in speakers work great and are highly advanced

Mainly designed to be used anywhere including business projects, PPT presentations, digital education and others

The service center is very fast and visits within a few days after the placement of call for repair


Lens shifting is absent which may not be required as the whole system can be shifted

The price may go out of budget for some people due to increase in features and specifications than the others

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2. DB POWER T20 LCD Mini Projector 1500 Lumens Video Best Projectors 2019 Multimedia Home Theater Support 1080 P

DB Power mini best projectors 2019
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DB POWER is a vast company and it have not been long since the company have started and have occupied a lot in the sector of all types of projector models. DB Power have been ranked as one of the topmost companies in the sector of best projectors.

Features and Performance

DB Power Mini Projector Comes under the Top 10 most sold and is ranked at the number #1 position in the section of Best Projectors 2019 and also number #1 in the Video Projectors and Accessories section of the Amazon Best Seller list. On the main page of the Electronic items it is ranked number #20 in the Televisions and videos section. The weight of the item is extremely light weight with 2 pounds and a dimension of about (12,8,5) inches which makes it highly portable and smooth carry in nature. The official launch of the DB Power projector is on the 13th of September in the year 2016. There is a special warranty on the item by the company for 1 year with free replacement and repair if any issue arises. The warranty can be increased by paying extra protection money. The camera screen have a resolution of about 1080 P with support. The image brightness is about 1500 lumens and have contrast ratio of 1000:1 which makes it suitable for small and large rooms. The Display Technology used here is highly advanced which includes LED light source and LCD screen both. The connectivity is strong and can be connected to many third party systems through several ports provided. The color of the projector is white as provided in the image and looks extreme classy and stylish with attractive look to catch any person’s eye. The delivery to the home is extremely free of cost when bought from Amazon online store according to the rule. The average rating is about 4.3 stars out of 5 with over 1300 customer reviews and over 500 answered questions through the seller to the daily visitors which makes it a highly engaged and sold product on Amazon used by over million customers worldwide.


The best seller among the mini projectors on the Amazon product page

The warranty offered by the company is special of about 3 years which include excellent repair and customer service

The connectivity technology works great by which the wireless HDMI Dongle can be used anytime which support MHL function of any smartphone and I pad and can be connected easily via projector with easy use for home theater and entertainment

It can project from 35 to 40 inch within distance of 2 to 3 meter and up to 130 to 180 meter within distance of 3 to 5 meter

The Fan sound and the system strength is updated from before and includes a cooling function whenever it gets over heated. The extra sound also gets cut off with the new updated suppression for noise

The powerful system settings makes it 50% more brighter than the others and also best for Home theater and Cinema watching including gaming consoles installation to play high authority games of HD quality

The cheapest and the best for personal use projector among all the top 10 mentioned here

The weight is about 2 pounds which makes it extremely light weight and have a dimension of (12,8,5) inches

Have a supported resolution of (1920,1080) pixels and native resolution of (800,480) pixels of 1080P


Works perfect and sharp when focused on a screen within a average distance

Have over 4.6 reviews ratings out of 5 stars and there is not so negative comments available to write here

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3. ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA HDMI Best Projectors 2019 3300 Lumens

View sonic HDMI Best projectors 2019
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Founded in the year 1987 as the American Company and the headquarter is located in the Brea of California in United States. The founder of the company was James Chu who is the CEO now. In 2016 their average revenue crossed about 2 billion dollars. Their main area of expertise is in projectors, plasma displays, HD Televisions, and liquid crystal displays.

Features and Performance

One of the most successful campaign of the View Sonic Company is this View Sonic Projector which is included in the Top 10 and ranks at the position #9 in the Best Projectors 2019 and also number #14 in the Video Projector and Accessories. In the main section of the electronics in Televisions and videos section it is ranked at the #229 position. The weight of the item is 4.6 pounds which comes under the average weight and the actual dimension of the product is about (9,12.4,4.1) inches which makes it highly suitable to carry anywhere and everywhere in keeping inside the bag or carrying in the hand. The output wattage of this system is 265 watts greater than any other system. The display height is of the length of 15 inches and is full HD. The special features includes it’s 3D nature and a special warranty for 1 year and more by which anyone can replace or repair it at totally free of cost. The contrast ratio available in this item is 20000:1 and the image brightness is of the size of 3300 lumens. The latest display technology equip here is DLP. The HDMI connectivity is great with many ports provided at this section. The free shipping demand of Amazon store is still running by which no extra delivery cost is required. There are 3 more projectors like this one and are more advanced with a little increase of money like SVGA, SVGA HDMI which is this one mentioned, WXGA HDMI and XGA HDMI. The average customer rating on this projector is 4.5 stars with over a total of 891 customer reviews and more than 719 answered questions by the seller to make it fully doubt clear in front of the new visitors.


One of the best among the High rated and Branded companies to provide special specifications and features

The projector gets smoothly compatible with the Windows, Mac book, including the gaming consoles, Blu Ray DVD Players, Google Chrome cast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV

The Warranty is exceptional of this product with 3 years limited warranty on the products and labor including 1 year on the lamp life, and also free exchange or replacement with the first year on it’s purchase

There are several Accessories which come included like View sonic CD, Starting guide, remote control including the batteries, 1 VGA cable and 1 Power cable.

The average weight is about 4.6 pounds and the dimension is about (9,12.4,4.1) inches

Have a throw ratio of 2:1 and 3.3 to 33 feet of throw distance

There are several ports available which include mini USB inputs, S video, VGA composite RCA, 1.4 HDMI and a 3.5 mm of Audio input

The other special features include 10000 lamp hours, port cover and built in speakers, lamp hood with easy access, zoom button and extreme focus with a muted black finish

Mainly designed for business purposes to be operated in digital learning in university and show presentation in office

The resolution present here is SVGA(800,600) with a contrast ratio of about 20000:1 and 3300 lumens projector

Projects a screen of length 210 inches from 30 feet and 85 inches from 12 feet

The cost is extremely cheap and delivery is free of cost if bought from the Amazon store

The same projector is available in 4 different sets and prices which are SVGA, SVGA HDMI which is described here, WXGA HDMI, XGA HDMI


The price is not so higher neither so lower but average and within the budget of an individual

Cannot display colors sharply and High Definition in bright day light

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4. CiBest GP90 3200 Luminous LCD Best Projectors 2019 HD 1080 P LED Multimedia Cinema Theater

CiBest Cinema projectors 2019
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CiBest projector is one of the best among all the display item selling companies of all time. Their main focus is on the television and projectors and they are performing well from the day they have started.

Features and Performance

CiBest LCD Projector is included among the Top 10 and ranks at the 7th position on the Best Projectors 2019 and also at the 10th position in the Video projectors and Accessories section of the Amazon Best Seller list. The item also ranks on the 168th position of the main Electronics section in Televisions and videos section. The item weight is average with 4.8 pounds and the dimension is about (11.2,4.1,8.9) inches which makes it super easy to carry and can get adjust anywhere in the bag or hands. The resolution of the camera is 1080 P. The total contrast ratio is about 3000:1 with the image brightness of about 3200 lumen with great efficiency. The Display Technology available is LCD/DLP and the connectivity settings equip in the system is great with too many ports provided to get attached with any third item. The product will be delivered extremely free of cost if bought from Amazon Store and this is the reason why Amazon is the best and number 1 trusted online store in the whole world. There are more than 287 reviews by the buyer’s on the Amazon Product page mostly positive comments with a average rating of about 4.5 stars. The seller have given a review of about 144 total questions to verify and clear every minor perception in the minds of the visitors. The color is a mix of black and grey as shown in the image above which also looks attractive and stylish.


There are a lot of Accessories which come included along with the shipping box like 1 power cable, 1 LCD projector, 1 remote controller, 1 projector and lens cap including the VGA cable, AV cable, HDMI cable and others

A 1 year of special warranty gets activated from the day after it’s purchase which comes with conditions like exchange for defective item of 7 months, and a special 2 months return guarantee if you not like the product or it’s features generally no reason money back guarantee for 2 months

There are multiple connections available which include AV, Dual HDMI, Dual USB, VGA

The multi media support included are text, video, picture and music and can be connected to a lot number of 3rd party devices like laptop, smartphone, i pad, i phone, blu ray DVD, including all the latest play station and X box consoles for gaming on a large HD screen

Generally creates a home theater at home to watch movies and video songs on a large screen including football and cricket matches

The speaker available in here are of high quality stereo with built in amplifier chip and built in speaker of (4 ohm, 5 Watt) with the new and latest SRS Speaker for extra ordinary gaming experiences

It offers a big screen projection of 50 to 180 inches within 2 meters to 5 meters in which the best screen appears with 120 to 80 inches within 2.5 to 3.6 meters

The special features include HD Decoder chip of 1080 P, with video playback option which is very rare, with picture quality of 90% on the user to choose. The keystone correction is available with 15 Degree more and less vertical and the colors support is about 1.07 billion

The Resolution and the Image Brightness both are high with (1280,800) and 3200 luminous efficiency

The Aspect ratio can be changed from 16:9 to 4:3 and LED Lamp which can last longer for 30000 hours (more than 20 years and no need to replace)

Average rating of 4.6 stars on the product makes it the highly engaged and appreciated campaign of the company


The price is lower than the others in respect of features it is providing and easily adjust in anyone budget

Cannot provide a HD screen in terms of Bright day light and the colors will not be able to shine

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5. Optoma HD142X 3D DLP Home Theater Best Projectors 2019 1080 P 3000 Lumens

Optoma home projectors 2019
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Optoma corporation founded in the year 2002 focuses on the audio visual solutions of all types. The president of the company is Ann Wu. The headquarter is located in several countries like the Europe, Asia Pacific, China and North America. Optoma is growing day by day the company is a Chinese Multi national company.

Features and Performance

Optoma Home Theater Projector is included among the Top 10 Projectors and is ranked number #10 in the Best Projectors 2019 and also among the Video projectors and Accessories at number #14 on the Amazon Best Seller list. In the main branch section it is ranked number #212 in the Electronics Televisions and Video section. The total weight of the item is about 5.5 pounds which makes it an average smooth carry. The dimension is also average which get fixed smoothly in the hands or bags which is (9,11.7,3.7) inches. It have a output voltage of 10 watts. The product was officially launched on the Amazon online store on 1st July 2016. The Display Technology used here is of High Definition 1080 P and the height of the display is about 12 inches. The color of the projector is made black as given in the image. Some special features are also provided in the image as lamp life of more than 8000 hours. The delivery is absolutely free of cost to your home as a Amazon Store item. The image brightness is about 3000 lumens which works smoothly and the contrast ratio is about 23000:1. The connectivity technology works fine with more than 10 ports available on the system. The average rating available on the Optoma projector is 4.5 stars with over 496 reviews by genuine buyer’s and customers. The total amount of answered questions by the seller on the Amazon Product page is about 436 to verify every doubt of the visitors.


The Display screen works fine with 1080 P DLP Technology with DC3 DMD Chip equip with it of 0.65″ single

The Latest Advanced Technology is used here for connectivity like USB service, 3D sync, 12 volt of trigger, audio out of 3.5 mm, 2 HDMI ports of 1.4a 3D Support and 1 MHL of v1.2

A special extended warranty is provided on the parts and the camera for 1 year including a 90 days warranty on the Light Lamp

Keystone correction feature is present to project the presentation on the screen more accurately

Have a contrast ratio of 23000:1 and a image brightness of 3000 lumens

Can project up to 110 inches from about 12 feet and 65 inches from about 8 feet

For expert setup on the wall or the roof an extra money needs to be provided in the time of buy

The exact weight of the projector is about 5.5 pounds which is average perfect weight and dimension is (9,11.7,3.7)  which adjust easily in the hands while carrying or travelling

The resolution present is full HD of (1920,1080)

The lamp life is more than 8000 hours which is perfect to use at any location

The special features include 10 Watt built in speaker to provide powerful and sharp sound

Recommended for those who wants a great picture quality and color space with more brighter colors like HD

sRGB and Reference Mode makes the projected screen look like virtual reality


Does not have a lens shift and full system needs to be perfect or the screen needs to be adjusted to make display perfect

The price may seem outside of budget for many people but it is worth every price

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6. Epson LCD Best Projectors 2019 3000 Lumens Color

Optoma LCD best projectors 2019
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Epson is a Japanese multi national company and the headquarter is located in Tokyo. It was founded in the year 1942 and about 75 years ago. In 2016 the whole total revenue of the company was 12 billion dollars and is increasing day by day. Their main area of manufacturing products is all the major and minor display items like the projectors and televisions.

Features and Performance

Epson LCD Projector is included among the top 10 and ranks at number #11 in the Best Projectors 2019 and also ranked #16 in the Video Projects and Accessories section including a rank in the main section of Electronics at #234 in Televisions and video. The item weight is about 5.3 pounds which makes it very light and easily portable while travelling or carry. The dimension is (11.7,9.2,3.2) inches which makes it smooth while carrying. The product was originally launched on 8th of September in the year 2015. There is a specific warranty on the item which can be checked by accessing the link above. The contrast ratio is 15000:1 and the image brightness is about 3000 lumens which makes perfect while use. The Display Technology is advanced with 3LCD screen. The HDMI Connectivity Technology also makes it worth the price. All the specifications and features makes it worth the price spent and can even last longer even for years with minor repairs. The color of the box makes it stylish with a mix of black and white as shown in the image above. The shipping is totally free when bought from the Amazon store and almost all the products I mention here or on other pages are delivered free of cost. My Mean that is the reason why Amazon is the Number 1 online store all over the world. The rating of the Epson on the Amazon Page is 4.5 stars which is outstanding with more than #394 customer reviews by the customer itself which are mostly positive and more than #304 questions are answered by the seller himself to clearly verify it in front of the visitors.


Professionally designed to cope up with all the advanced laptops and smartphones

The connectivity is made great with all the HDMI ports available and a single cable for both the HD video and audio

The product is made totally user friendly where set up and running is not a hard job and convenient control and image adjustments is fully easy

The resolution is SVGA (800,600) in nature to make presentation and graphic projection of HD quality

The image brightness is about 3000 lumens to make the projection more accurate and sharp

The exact weight of the item is about 5.3 pounds and dimension is (11.7,9.2,3.2)

The latest 3 chip technology is used to provided 3x more color brightness and 3x more colors which make it even clear than DLP equip projectors

The make the color more user friendly and the image more sharp a 3 LCD screen have been used

A separate button regarding the extra zoom is present on the remote to zoom minor parts of the screen and enlarging it

The most cheap rate than the other stores and free shipping to the home only available at only Amazon store

Recommended as the number #1 projectors among all in terms of image quality and standard

The light lamp can last up to more than 10000 hours while saving a lot of customer’s money

A sleep mode is available which can pause the stop the projection for some time without switching it off

The product was officially launched on the 8th of September in 2015

An extended warranty is available on the item by the company itself which super customer service repair and replacement


A 1/8 Audio out jack is not present which can replaced by any other

The display of the picture on the screen is really sharp and amazing but some people said that it do not displays that large

Being an Epson product the quality is of the more standard than the others

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7. GooDee Movie Best Projectors 2019 3200 Luminous 1080 P Efficiency

GooDee 3200 Luminous Projector
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The Goodee projection is a age old company founded in the year 1923 by John Paul Goode and his only motive was to create a great organisation in the field of projection on a large scale as well as on a small scale all over the world.

Features and Performance

GooDee Movie Projector is included in the Best Top 20 and is ranked number #13 in the Best Projectors 2019 including number #18 in the Video Projectors and Accessories section of the Amazon Best Seller list. The item is also ranked in the Electronics section at number #297 in the Television and Video category. The weight of the product is average which makes it not so small and also not so big with 4.8 pounds. The actual dimension is also great which can easily adjust in any space smoothly like (8.6,3.9,10.9) inches. The date on which the product was officially launched was 25th April of 2017 and the most astonishing fact is that within a short span of time it have gained so much popularity including the sales and ranking. These truly deserves to be a successful campaign for the company. The resolution of the item is totally of high definition of 1080 P. The contrast ratio is 3000:1 and the brightness of the image can be effective for about 3200 lumens with high efficiency. The whole display technology used here is LCD. The connectivity technology is very strong and several ports are provided to connect to several other devices. The shipping will be done totally free of cost if bought from the Amazon store free of cost. The minimum rating on the product is about 4.5 stars and there is about 183 reviews by the customers instead mostly positive and more than 79 questions answered by the seller to the daily visitors to clear each and every doubt about the following item. The color is black as provided in the image and the design looks attractive.


The Warranty available here is a special one called Factory Directed Warranty with 2 months of Free Return policy and 2 years of Free Exchange policy

The exact item weight is 4.8 pounds and dimension is (8.6,3.9,10.9) inches which is perfect to carry and use

The color of the Item is black with blue camera to make it look stylish in interface and the design

The Audio used here is of High Level Stereo and the Fan Sound is updated from before which makes it quite silent in nature

External speakers can be used with it to provide sharp sound in terms of watching movies or playing games. Though the projector possesses built in Audio speaker of (5W,4 ohm) along with the best and latest sound technology of SRS Sound.

Like the others The Connectivity Technology used here is great with many HDMI and USB ports made available including VGA and AV

All types are multimedia presentations are supported by it like the E book, movie, music and photo slide show

Best for playing games, watching movies on large screen, office presentation and digital learning. It can be connected to any device like laptop, mobile, Play station 1 to 4 including X Box 1 and Nintendo to experience gaming on a large screen

Uses LED Light Source to project screen of 50 to 180 inches within a distance of 2 to 5 meters. Up to 30000 hours life is provided to the light source module.

The image color is brilliant and extremely rich with 3200 lumen efficiency and about resolution of (1280,800)

It is a totally 3rd generation technology project with built in HD Decoder chip, video playback, video input of 1080 P, TV Picture quality of more than 90% user dependent

There are 2 sets provided on the Amazon store one is Black A with less price and other is Black B as mentioned with a little increased price as more features are included


For connection to any tablet or smartphone Wireless HDMI Dongle is required to connect the projector which does not comes included

Over heating should be avoided and a break should be given on every 5 to 6 hours for the product to last longer for years

In low lights the projector performs and provides great HD images instead of day time

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8. WOWOTO Video Best Projectors 2019 DLP LED (1280,800) HD 3D 1080 P

GooDee movie projectors 2019
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WOWOTO have not been such a age old company and have been opened about a few years ago but due to the best quality and specifications of it’s products it have been ranked among the top 10 best projectors on the Amazon and other online E commerce stores.

Features and Performance

WOWOTO LED Projector comes among the Top 20 and is ranked on #16 number in Best Projectors 2019 with also number #23 in the Video projectors and Accessories section of the Amazon Best Seller list and it also ranks in the Electronics section at #358 in Television and video category. The weight of the item is very light with only 1.1 pounds and is very portable with easy carry. The Actual Dimension of the product is about (6,4.7,1.2) inches which works great. The official launch date of the product was on 4th of May 2017 and I must say that in a very short span of time it have made for himself a vital ranking on Amazon list. The Free warranty on the product is for 1 year and can be increased further by adding extra amount of protection money. The resolution of the item is very sharp with 1080 P Display and (1280,800). The Display technology used here is the latest one like LED/DLP. The brightness of the image is about 2000 lumens and the contrast ratio is 2000:1. The connectivity technology is awesome and can be used with any type of connection service. The product comes with extremely free shipping if bought from the Amazon store. The color in which the product is available is black as provided in the image. The average rating by the customers are whole 5 stars in which there are 266 reviews by the buyer’s and about 130 questions by the seller itself.


The projectors can last longer for more than 7 years with no need to maintain the bulb and other parts

The projector can last more than 20000 hours of lamp life without any maintenance and repairs

There is a warranty of 1 year and more on every DLP projector launched by the WOWOTO Company

The customer service of the company is great and quickly responses to the customer with 12 hours of time in terms of repair and replacement

Mainly designed to perform better in the professional and business life of Corporate persons

With the Multi Screen Sharing Technology equip Mobile resources can be shared on 180 inches of screen through DLNA/Mira cast/Airplay mode. For benefit U share smartphone application have been developed by the company.

With the Latest Connectivity Technology available through several ports it can get easily connected to the PC, Smartphone, notebooks and tablets for efficient working. Ports are 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 Micro SD, and 1 RJ45 with 1 HDMI and AV Input.

The Compact Design and Interface is great which makes it portable, easy to carry and can get adjust anywhere easily due to flat nature like an i pad mini of 500 gram

Easy to operate and touch control buttons at the top make it even better and fully user friendly

There is a extra port available to connect mouse and keyboard to the projector both via wired connection and blue tooth or any other wireless connectivity

The HD Quality and Resolution of the display makes it perfect for visual gaming, watching cinema, digital education, party time, office presentation and many other important jobs

Can be connected with laptop and internet to surf internet online and run YouTube, News, Other websites

External speaker can also be connected through blue tooth or port to enjoy a Home Theater experience at home

The Configuration present in this system is great and can be connected to any third party device with DLP Technology, Speaker, android system, Mac OS.

The item is supported with a 3D Decoder Chip and can support Blu Ray 3D 1080 P, LED Lamp, 3D Effect.

Have an image brightness of 2000 lumens and (1200,800) resolution

The color is full black which looks cool with weight 1.1 pounds and dimension (4.72,6,1.22) inch


The included Accessories like the remote may not contain the AAA Batteries as it is non authorized to deliver batteries in shipping box which is not the fault of company any more

With so many advanced features and specification there is nothing left to write negative off and have got a positive review of 5 stars on average

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9. RIF6 CUBE Pico Best Projectors Home Cinema 740 HD 720 P 3LCD 3000 Lumens HDMI

Epson LCD best projectors 2019
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Epson electronics as I have been discussed earlier is one of the best organisations which have been running all over the world and is one of the most ever selling models of all time whether it is America or India.

Features and Performance

Epson Home Cinema Projector is among the Top 20 and is ranked number #16 in the Best Projectors 2019 and also number #22 in the Video projector and accessories section and #353 in the Televisions and Video section of the Amazon Best Seller list. The whole total weight of the item is about 5.3 pounds which makes it easily portable and travel ready. The actual dimension of the product is about (14.6,14.3,6.2) inches of length. It can display up to a maximum height of about 14 inches which is perfect to be operated as a home theater. The display is of the resolution of 720 P High Definition. The contrast ratio is very effective with 15000:1. The brightness of the image can be increased up to 3000 lumens and more. The product delivery to the home will be done totally free of cost if bought from here Amazon store. The Connectivity Technology used here is HDMI which works great. The color in the which the product will be available is white as shown in the provided image above. The rating of the product is over all good with more 4.5 stars with over 87 reviews written by the customer on the Amazon Product page. The total number of answered questions by the seller here are 73 which clears each and every doubt of the visitors visiting here. For access click the link provided.


Ranked the Number 1 Brand in terms of providing Extreme Image Quality among all

The Connectivity Technology is great which works with several ports provided like 1 USB TYPE A and 1 USB TYPE B ports, 1 VGA D SUB 15 pin computer input port, 1 RCA composite and 1 RCA audio L/R, 1 S video and 1 HDMI input port to make it complete connection set

At the time purchase warranty on the product is of 2 years with free repair anytime and also replacement in terms of technical issues

The Lamp Life of the item lasts longer than most of the average items with 5000 hours when selected at normal mode and more than 10000 hours on the ECO mode

The total weight of the item is 5.3 pounds making it extremely portable along with dimension of (14.6,14.3,6.2) inches

The contrast ratio of the product is 15000:1 with color brightness of 3000 lumens and white brightness of 3000 lumens

With Keystone correction it can automatically detect errors and issues by itself

The total range of the screen is large enough as it provides 125 inches from 12 feet and 84 inches from 8 feet

Price is simply lower than the other online stores in comparison with free delivery too when bought from Amazon

The display technology used here is 3LCD with a resolution of 720 P

Branded Company in the market of projectors and occupies a big shares in the worldwide market

The color available is white which makes it stylish and attractive to carry anywhere

Works perfect in terms of watching movies, playing games, displaying presentation on a large screen with HD display

Special features included are the built in speakers and HDMI connectivity

There are 4 versions available on Amazon for the model with advanced features and little increase in price like Epson 730 HD Refurb, Epson

730 HD, Epson 740 HD which is this one and Epson 1040 HD the costly one.


Lens shift is not present so the white screen needs to be managed every time

Being a product of a Branded Company the price must be greater for some people

No television required if have this high definition source

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10. RIF6 CUBE Pico Best Projectors 2019 with 120 Inch Display – 2 Inch Mobile Portable Mini

RIF6 Cube mini projectors 2019
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Pico have a years old company and have been providing latest new inventions in all the fields like the mini version.

Features and Performance

RIF6 Cube Projector is ranked number #18 in the Best Projectors 2019 including number #26 in the Video Projectors and Accessories and #385 in the Televisions and Video section of the Amazon Best Seller list. The item is so small that it can easily adjust in the palm of the hand and can also project a screen with great display in HD quality. The weight of the product is very small which is about 1.8 pounds and the Dimension is in the shape of a cube with (8,8,3) inches. The product comes with a warranty of 1 year with the purchase and can be increased later by adding protection money during the buy. The Official launch of the product was on 16 of December in the year 2014. 1 Lithium ion battery is included in the product shipping box and the delivery comes totally free of cost if bought from the Amazon store. The item is available in 2 colors on the stores one is silver and the other is metallic. The product also comes with an extra stand with a little increase in the amount of money. It is mainly designed for personal purposes and to provide comfort while carrying. There are about more than 1000 customer reviews on the Amazon Product page with more than 4.5 stars of average rating and the seller have answered a total of 354 questions to verify each and every doubt of the visitors.


The connectivity works smooth with HDMI, MHL and Micro SD with several ports to connect with

The native resolution of the camera is (854,480) which is WVGA

The Throw ratio of the projector is 1.99:1 dist per width which makes it perfect on the white screen

The display of the projector is full HD tech with 1080 P making it a bit natural in screen

In terms of weight with 1.8 pounds can adjust in the palm of hand with cubic dimension of (8,8,3) inches

The image brightness is of 50 lumens which is enough for this size

Several Accessories are delivered within the box along with it like USB Charger, remote control, flexible mini tripod and 1 piece connector cables of HDMI and MHL respectively which makes it a complete set

A 1 year warranty is also included with instruction manual with free repair and even replacement for 1 year

The display of the mini projector is great with about 120 inches of length of Vibrant Light Projection of LED which can last longer for more than 20,000 hours on an average

The Mini Projector gets smoothly attached and connected with different HDMI devices in total

The whole total battery life can last longer for up to average time interval of 90 minutes and more and can get connected with many phone adapter ports to get it charged while live streaming

The astonishing fact of this 2 inch item is that it can get smoothly connected with gaming consoles, tablets, laptops and smartphones to play

games, show presentation to a group, watch movies and many other jobs with HD display and large screen

The color of the cube is silver which makes it stylish in design

Cheaper price than the other online stores and free shipping at home is only available at Amazon store

Can easily get connected to a blue tooth speaker through AUX outlet provided


Adapter is required to make it charge and in times of running

Stand is not included with the other accessories and needs to be bought separately as provided on the store with little extra money

Small remote provided with the accessories free should be kept with care otherwise it may get tough to operate the cubic display

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Here are the best and the most selling Best Projectors 2019 which are ranked at the Top 10 position on the Amazon best seller list among the thousands of products which are daily sold on E commerce stores. The facility of these projectors is that it can be used on for several uses at the same time like group discussion on a particular project in office by the presentation displaying on the large white screen, digital learning at colleges, as a gaming monitor for playing games in 3D effects, as a laptop, television and many other jobs like Cinema watching at home on the big white screen. They are available in different shapes and sizes one which looks like a box on the table, other which is as look like a smartphone and the one which is in mini shape and can adjust in the palm of a hand. If anything written here is wrong or recently a new item or specification have been updated then do not forget to mention a comment or contact me on the contact us page. Providing right and accurate information is the only motive of this website so that the visitors can clear their each and every doubt by visiting our website.

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