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Top 10 Best Refrigerators 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

Refrigerators make up a great help in the time of summer as at that time the sun remains at the top of the head which soak up all the energy and water from the body specially for those who do jobs outside the office like sales persons, construction engineers and other business workers. The only thing which comes in the mind after coming home is the chilled and extreme cold water but think that if you don’t get the cold water rather a bottle of hot water in which the water has automatically become hot due to the daily warm and hotness in the surrounding. Thus these best refrigerators 2019 work hard to provide cold water through out the years.

Note: For that Here I am going to provide an awesome case study about “Best Refrigerators 2019” from the customer generated reviews from buyers from different E commerce websites like Amazon, Flip kart, Ali Baba, E-bay and other worldwide sellers online. If you face any difficulty or anything wrong I have mentioned below feel free to contact me about it in the comments.

Refrigerator is a must in every family not for water but for other dishes too which remain non effected and in good condition even after 24 hours of their time span in them. Nowadays the refrigerators have become so advanced and artificially intelligent that we do not require to manually change everything they automatically adapt themselves to the specific temperature noticing the conditions and weather outside. Best Fridge 2019 is more advanced and unique in their qualities.


Every house wife and women will accept it that without Refrigerators life would be so harder

Nowadays the refrigerators come with extra technology and automatic buttons to complete the task automatically. A refrigerator can handle many tasks all by himself like freezing by which you can make ice creams, prevent foods from getting spoiled and effected by bacteria, this freezers are often used by many shop keepers to store various products and selling them for months. Another benefit is the storage space which it provides and the cool looking space and design to adjust anywhere. They can even run for years with a little maintenance every year from the service center of the refrigerator company.

best refrigerators

There are certain things which you have to keep in mind before buying it like the energy consumption which have been lowered by 60% from before due to the advanced technologies enabled, not Eco Friendly as it contains a little amount of Cloro Fluoro Carbons (CFC) which gets mixed with air and is responsible for the depletion of the Ozone Layer of the earth but now CFC free refrigerators are available in the market. The last thing which you need to keep in mind is the yearly repairs and costs which you would need to bear after the end of warranty which remains for 2 years for every product.


Buyer’s List of Best Refrigerators 2019

Refrigerator NameCapacityDimensionWeight
Bosch B11CB50SSS 50012.5 cubic_feet29 x 28 x 83 in185 lbs
Kenmore 5002325 cubic_feet34.6 x 49.8 x 69.1 in242 lbs
Frigidaire DGHF2360PF22.6 cubic_feet
31 x 36 x 70 in340 lbs
Avallon AFR151SSDUAL6.7 Cu Ft24 x 30 x 34.2 in156 lbs
LG LFC21776ST20.7 cubic_feet35.8 x 69.8 x 30 in333 lbs
SABA Heavy Duty46.5 cubic_feet
32.2 x 54 x 82.5 in300 lbs
Fisher Paykel E522BLX17.6 cubic_feet24.4 x 32.7 x 68.9 in270 lbs
Summit FFBF191SS13.3 cubic_feet26 x 24 x 79 in202 lbs
Haier 4 Door Bottom Freezer16 cubic_feet29.3 x 35.8 x 75.8 in300 lbs
KitchenAid Architect Series II 617.3 liters35 x 30 x 71 in340 lbs

Here I will be describing everything what you want to know about refrigerators like the advanced technologies that have been enabled in the refrigerators in 2019, the advantages and disadvantages of the technology embedded in it, including the features and performance it provides, all the specifications it have, the pros and cons of the product after buying it. The reviews will be 100% true as I have collected it from different E commerce review sections and published it here in my own way of writing skills.


1. Bosch B11CB50SSS Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Best Refrigerators 2019

bosch refrigerator
view on amazon

This is one of the best company which I always prefer in my posts whether it washing machines or any other home appliances. This Brand is a German brand and is providing a way more greater features and performance than the other without any doubt. This company is almost new with respect to Samsung and LG but great and will become a great brand afterwards.

The Bosch is a Multi National German Company located in Girlingen, Germany and founded by Robert Bosch in the year 1886 and in November 15 about 131 years ago. They are mainly focusing on all the electronic products and appliances like the Home Appliances like Washing Machines, Dryers,Counter Depth Refrigerators, Automotive parts for vehicles, trains, and bikes. All the latest engineering technology stuff development are under their belt. In the year 2016 their company generated a annual revenue of 74 billion.


Features and Performance


Ranked #64 in the Upright Freezers section and #429 in the Refrigerators section on the Amazon Best Seller. The actual size is 12.5 cubic feet with stainless steel covering.

This is a refrigerator of my best brand and the features it provides would also be greater like it has a several cases provided for keeping different types of beverages and foods. Everything can be kept according to it’s size and in proper arrangements rather than the dumb boxes where everything gets messed up and foods are filled up like storage boxes.

Another Technology called cooling retention is enabled within to ensure that the all the vegetables and the late night foods including the beverages like wines, soda, cokes remain fully fresh and extra chilled even though there is no power supply or in cut power voltages of 16 hours duration which can be extremely helpful in certain times of necessity. The minimum temperature which is maintained in the freezer and cooler comes between 6 degree C to -4 degree C.

Another popular technology like Vita Fresh Compartment is included to make sure that the main foods that are used to kept fresh for longer remain non effected even for hours like vegetables, milk packets and fruits remain fresh for longer periods like more than 24 hours.

Along with the machine there are several warranties which come from the Brand company itself like 1 year on the machine and about 10 years of verified warranty on the in built compressor of Bosch. The Refrigerator also have a tag of Energy Star with the rating of 2. The Upper portion of the machine called the Frost Free Freezer is very large in size is of the capacity of about 288 liters.

Super Cooling is another tech button provided which is responsible for bringing the temperature lower to about 1 degree C for utmost fast freezing of various substances and in emergencies. All the special foods like soda, vegetables, wines get extremely cooled within 5 minutes. The LED Light inserted inside the freeze is of high quality and every part gets lightened. Accordingly, these lights are made energy efficient and can last up to more than 15 years without any maintenance than the normal household LED bulbs.

Safety Glass Shelves are provided rather than the rod shelves which give are better suitable to place all types of pickle containers and food items in packages. The uses are more like it can be easily cleaned than the light rods which can even broke when washed hard. A more better durable and hygienic environment prevails.

Bosch Air Fresh Filter helps the different types of food smells to get mixed with each other or in other way prevents them from getting mixed up and provide bad smell so the freshness remains intact and natural smells of the foods remain non effected. Another Multi Air Flow technology is enabled to properly circulate and mix the fresh air for outside and the system to keep every corner and sides of the fridge in extremely fresh condition. Due to Door Air Flow the air gets many times calculated to keep several items fresh and separated.

The No Frost Technology saves time and effort by lowering and preventing the ice crystal formation which helps and excludes the work of defrosting again. The Low Voltage Start Function is mainly designed to operate between 140-300 volts by which it plays safely from all the voltage fluctuations which can cause short circuit within the system. Last but not the least is the Electronic Temperature Control which maintains the temperature inside the freezer and the cooler and ensures that the temperature buttons do not cross their limits even if they cross a self mode option is available to play safe at all times.


Made with an outstanding German designing and looking razor cut styles and curves

Several racks provided for different types of food items to store to lower the amount of work

Comes with an excellent temperature control which manages and start working in every season

12.5 cubic feet which can adjust in any corner of the kitchen and comes with great height

A 2 Door system to save the amount of freeze particles waste every time the door opens


The Extra Strong Vacuum does not allow the door to open easily and it requires a great force which can even break the glass boxes

The beverages rack are provided small and are not designed for large bottles

For taking out the bottom containers the door should be opened flat by an angle of 90 so placing it along the corner facing walls are not at all good for it’s working


2. Kenmore 50023 Side-by-Side Best Refrigerator 

Kenmore refrigerator
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Kenmore is a United States based company founded in Chicago by Reobuck and corporation in the year 1927 about 91 years ago. Their main development of products center around the Home Appliances like the latest Vacuum Cleaners, Washers and Dryers, Refrigerators including different small kitchen items. The different items of their expertise include along the above are microwaves, fans, heat pumps, gas furnaces, water heaters, televisions, Toaster ovens and many other home stuff.

Features and Performance


Ranked #67 in the Refrigerator section and #1875 in the Home Appliances section on the Amazon Best Seller. With a size of 25 cubic feet it is double in size than the Bosch Refrigerator.

Kenmore refrigerators come with a very affordable price and can fit at any common person budget. The Total weight of the whole refrigerator is about 242 pounds. The Freezer Capacity of the refrigerator is about 9.20 cubic feet. The Whole Total Refrigerator capacity is about 15.50 cubic feet and with width door open it is 42 and with width door closed it is about 36 and the capacity of depth without the door is 30.

Height according to the case is about 68(In.) and height according to the hinge is about 70(In.) and the depth with door open about 90 degree is about 50(In.). The whole total capacity of the refrigerator is about 24.68. The Depth with the handle is 34.64(In.) and the depth without the handle is about 32.37(In.). It is a side by side refrigerator with all body covered with stainless steel and maintain two different temperatures through both sides for separate types of items.

The Machine comes with a 1 year warranty by the Kenmore Company and a 10 year automatic warranty for the compressor enabled inside. The Compressor here works just like the DC Motor of the Washing Machines. The Energy Saving feature is awesome which uses about less than 1 unit per day to operate at it’s full swing and helps in saving the owners pocket and electricity.


Works best according to the price

Large space for the keeping of different types of items

Comes with a side by side design to increase the durability

25 cubic feet total space with weight 240 pounds installed with Ice and Water maker

Three types of materials are used in making like metal, glass and wires


Service Center takes times and not so good in case of repairs and replacements

A lot more care and maintenance is required as it can broke with harsh and rough use

Made wider in size and needs a quite large accommodation to fit in any kitchen. Not meant for small
houses or rented flats


3. Frigidaire DGHF2360PF  Counter Depth French Door Best Refrigerator 

Frigidaire refrigerator
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Fridgidaire was founded in 1981 about 100 years ago by a well established company Electrolux. The Headquarters is located in Charlotte, N.C.
Their main area of expertise is Home Appliances like the Dehumidifiers, microwave ovens, washers, refrigerators and other other small items like the room air conditioners. Their first product were made by Alfred Mellowes and Nathaniel Wales.


Features and Performance


Ranked #47 in the Refrigerators section and #1423 in the Home Appliances section on the Amazon Best Seller List. Comes with a gallery of 22.6 cubic feet and a little smaller then the Kenmore refrigerator above.

The ice/water dispenser is made external and can be operated from outside. The ice/water filter system is also enabled to lower the work and make it easy for the customer.

Two separate boxes of ice cubes maker are provided so that it can create more cubes at a time and many when in times of it’s need. No need to worry for the LED bulbs as there are many embedded for each section for the left hand side and the right hand side door including the depth door and there will be no requirement to light up the kitchen bulbs at night to take out a bottle or cold beverages.

The refrigerator provides a clean and great design which can adjust to any corner of your kitchen without much difficulty. The items can be organised very cleanly so that the products do not gets messed up everywhere and be get founded easily according to the separate spaces provided for every types of foods. The installation of soda can tray is only confusing and you have to search on the internet to see it’s working principle and how to properly set up it. After the whole total set up the only thing which I can say is It works great.

The machine comes with an all in feature with all the advanced technologies used like the french doors and the most requested counter depth specification including the externally enabled and filter ice and water dispenser.


Bunch of LED lights for brightness

The ice and water dispenser and filter is outside the machine and can be operated easily

The space is much more and extra large for various items to be kept with a capacity of approx 23 cubic feet

The color of the fridge is silver with all body covered with stainless steel
Different types of tray like soda can tray and
glass sleeves are present to support every types of food items and beverages

Produces extremely less noise and and saves a lot of energy with consumption of less than 1 unit per day

Excellent service support when in terms of warranty


According to the reviews the machine have a ice maker malfunction issue

The ice maker is rusty and is not of stainless steel

Freezer doors and the french doors can often need repairs


4. Avallon Built In Side-by-Side Best Fridge 

Avallon fridge
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Avallon is a company based on developing different electronic items and products and have more than 50 years of appliance development practices. They mainly focus on the quality and the innovation rather than making profit and quantity.


Features and Performance


Ranked #1183 in the Compact Refrigerators section and #10048 in the Home Appliances section on the Amazon Best Seller List. The capacity of the Avallon machine is portable with 6.7 cu ft and can be carried anywhere by putting it behind the car or the van and it adjusts slightly anywhere inside the kitchen.

The Avallon machine is made fully secured and extremely safe by providing two locks (true key in nature) so that no one can even think of breaking the locks and whooping inside without your permission. Locks are required when you want to prevent your children or younger ones to take and drink the bear bottles or the high alcohol content beverages.

The main feature of this machine is to provide organised and optimized storage for the shop keepers and the store managers to store many bottles of soda cans, orange juices, liters of milk and other supplements including all the beverages and that is the main purpose for what it have been made to be kept in the shops and to be carried easily as it is extremely portable.

The temperature change features and the interior blue and white lights are made on manual digital touch buttons and control panels so that there would be no problem in adjusting it from outside easily.

There can be two separate temperature zones on either sides of the refrigerator on the side by side doors which means two climatic regions for separate types of items and products offering a range between the 30 degree F to 50 degree F. There is no chance of some space within the refrigerator left hot or without cold as the circulation of the fans work independently with the compressor to provide utmost air throughout the fridge.


Can be moved from one place to another and is easily portable

10 years of authorized warranty on the compressor by the Avallon company

Comes at a low price and extremely useful

Stylish design and curved finishing

Compact and Versatile and can be fixed and adjusted anywhere

Designed for providing supplemental storage like tons of milk, gallons of cold beverages

A easy hold weight of 156 pounds


The doors cannot be exchanged by others and should be repaired in their service center

The true locks can get rusty after 2 years and can cause problem so proper maintenance is required


5. LG LFC21776ST Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

LG Refrigerator
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The Full Form of LG is Life is Good and is founded in 1947 about 71 years ago. They are a multi national south Korean based company founded by Koo In hwoi and headquarters in Seoul in South Korea. In 2016 they generated a total revenue of about 143 billion dollars and their main area of expertise is in all the electronic items, advanced engineering, information technology and solar power generation.


Features and Performance


Ranked #217 in the Refrigerator section and #5315 in the Home Appliances section on the Amazon Best Seller List. With a capacity of about 20.7 cubic feet it serves as a medium sized machine to easily get fixed inside any kitchen and room.

Defining the exact sizes I want to clear that the Total capacity of the fridge would be about 21 cubic feet, having a average width of 38″ and an average height of 70″ with a depth of exact 30″. The machine is made free standing with french doors and a suitable ice maker. The machine also comes with a Energy Star tag and consumes less than 1 unit a day which is the lowest consumption of energy by any big size electronic appliance.

The French Doors are contoured with provided hinges hidden in nature and the LED lights which are made recessed. The Storage is designed beautiful to adjust almost anything with the main part divided into 4 compartment crisper along with the center for storage and a Depth Cabinet.

The Refrigerator is also Energy Star Rated and about 80% of the total energy is saved within a month saving the customers pocket money and giving efficient work. The total energy consumption is about 0.98 units per day which is the lowest energy rating measured to run a machine of this much size and length.

Embedded with a Inverter Linear Compressor which is the most silent and noise free efficient in the world. The other benefits are the less energy absorption by which it saves the money and is only responsible for the Energy Star rating and too comes with warranty of 10 years authorized by the company. The average is about 32% less energy usage than the normal fridges and 25% less noise production than the others in the market.

The vegetables and the fruit cases are provided with a special and latticed covers which provide extra protection from the moisture and the frost generated by the condensers and the coolers so that all the food items remain all time fresh and even for weeks.

The Machine comes with a Digital Multi Sensor Technology which is responsible for temperature control and looking after the warm food items and passing the hot air outside through the doors and other spaces so that the temperature inside the interiors remain in utmost cooling state and as desired by the users.

It also comes with a technology of Multi Air Flow Cooling by which it continuously passes extreme cold air through the different air ventilators located on each corners of the refrigerators so that no edges remain hot and warm and outside the reach of coolers which helps in keeping the fridge cooled for hours even if the switch is off.



A 36″ Counter Depth tech with interior Ice Maker

The most silent and vibration free due to advanced inverter than the other

Excellent Doors with automatic system and comes with Hinges which are hidden in nature

Plastic Drawers which are extremely smooth due to ball bearing rollers

Ice Maker works good and can create plenty of ice within half an hour

Comes with a Energy Star Rating

The LED lights are recessed and light the whole interior compartment

The Compressor comes with a 10 year free warranty



The Drawers and the shelves are almost all plastic than stainless steel

Does not comes with a Iced Water and though many people not want that


6. SABA Air CFD-2RR  Two Section Solid Door Best Refrigerator 

Two section door refrigerator
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SABA is a United States settled company mainly based to provide commercial food service electronic appliances like the freezers, coolers, pizza preparation stations, and other food preserving systems. They have invested a lot of their money to compete with the large brands and provide hands on quality better than the branded ones.


Features and Performance


Ranked #39 in the Refrigerators section and #1360 in the Home Appliances section on the Amazon Best Seller. With a capacity of about 46.5 cubic feet it provides a large space to store food items for many more items for over a month.

With the Bottom Mount Condensing Unit the products get extremely cold within half an hour and it provides freezer cold air to almost all the small corners and places of the refrigerator so that no place inside it remains hot and outside the reach of the condenser.

The whole exterior body part and the interior body part is fully covered with the Stainless Steel covering so that it remains non effected from the reach of the rusting and run for long years without any difficulties. This covering provides a sleek and well furnished design with curved edges so that small kids and other persons do not get cuts and wounds from the exterior body design.

The Machine is rated with Energy Star ratings by which it increases the minimum energy utilization and increases your monthly electric savings so that your pockets remain always filled. The A+ energy rating satisfies that it operates within only the consumption of less than 1 unit(0.98) per day and tested by the research scientists themselves in their respective laboratories.

The customer help services available in America and other countries are more than extraordinary with over more than 400 tested and passed SABA engineers and technicians over the world to provide excellent support and networking when in times of emergency and warranty periods. Having a service center is the foremost things which people mostly consider and keep in mind before buying a product from online stores and it considers in case of every electronic product whether it is small or big from a audio speaker to the large appliances.

There is a stable temperature which works automatically in terms extreme hot and cold climates to preserve and care for the food whether it is soda or boiled items for approximately 24 hours timing. Their average temperature lasts for about 1 degree C to about 5 degree C in terms of the automatic button.

The other important parts include 2 year company provided warranty and extra 5 years for the compressors used. The corners are rounded to avoid cuts and wounds and easy washing of the storage units and is embedded with a heavy loaded pull handle to open the doors which are closely tight with the suction pressure created. The doors are provided with extra spring hinges so that the doors get closed automatically when not in contact with any human hand and the whole system is electronically controlled. The special diagnosis checker automatically checks the whole machine and send out reports and codes to mobile handsets in terms of emergency issues. The machine is also embedded with Standard Heavy Duty Casters and Poly Vinyl Chloride coating shelves to increase the easy washing and reduce human work efficiency.



Full exterior and interior body covered with stainless steel finishing

Excellent and quick service center for any repairs under warranty period

2 years warranty on the machine parts and 5 years warranty on the compressor

The cooler works efficiently and great than the others

Works great according to the price

Extra large size of about 46.5 cubic feet to keep gallons of beverages and tons of food items

The condenser is present at the bottom and provides cooling to every part of the refrigerator with leaving a single corner

The defrost system works almost automatically and reduces work



Not easily portable with overall weight of more than 500 pounds and requires utmost 5 people to move it up

A little knocking sound and vibration while operating


7. Fisher Paykel E522BLX Bottom-Freezer Best Refrigerator Left Hinge 

Fisher Paykel bottom freezer refrigerator
view on amazon

Fisher and Paykel is New Zealand based company founded by Maurice Paykel and Sir Woolf Fisher in the year 1934 about 84 years ago. The Headquarters of their company is located in East Tamaki Auckland in New Zealand. Last year 2016 they generated a revenue of about more than 10 billion dollars. They are mainly focused on preparing and selling appliances worldwide.


Features and Performance


Ranked #1161 in the Refrigerator section and #17000 in the Home Appliances section on the Amazon Best Seller List. With a medium capacity of 17.6 cubic feet it works with great efficiency and easily portable by which only two persons are required to move it and fix it anywhere within the kitchen.

Enabled with Active Smart Electronic Intelligence service which takes good control of the average cooling according to the climate and surrounding heat and temperature and customer need nothing to worry about the food items and liquid soda getting spoiled when they are ouside the home.

The Freezer and the other compartments are operated by two fans running with fast speed with the compressors and almost take independent control over the DCS machine themselves and keep the food items extremely frost free.

The machine is provided with the Unique Humidity Controlled Bins by which the natural items like the fruits and vegetables which spoil faster are kept in extra fresh condition for upto more than 14 days. The well built design and stainless steel finishing with curved edges make the work easy for the user to properly clean and wash it along the extreme corners without any further difficulties.

Like the above mentioned fridges this company product parts too come with a two year warranty period and a 5 year warranty period for the compressor. A extra 5 year warranty have also being enabled on the internal condenser too so that the customers can blindly trust on the product.

Giving the size details accurately the total capacity of the fridge as I mentioned earlier is 17.4 cubic feet and dividing in terms of storage space which is 12.4 cubic feet and the freezer storage which is about 5 cubic feet volume. The whole total energy usage of the machine is being recorded to be less than 490 kilo watt per year.

According to the buyer reviews this product is highly featured and acknowledged among the others like the bottom freezer and the easy access to all the trays and the glass shelves that could be independently accessed, removed and washed properly. According to the design it is well built with smooth stainless steel and metal used everywhere rather than the plastic parts. The Company is also thinking of providing dispensers outside at the front door section and for that doors cannot be reversed and have to be ordered itself from the service center if you want the right one or the left one doors. The two lidded spaces given in the door are for keeping the butter and cheese packets and the fruit and vegetables trays are also accurately designed and slides easily while accessing and cleaning.



Not at all noisy and does not make much sound at night or silent conditions

Fully stainless steel finishing at the corners and no worry for any breaks and getting rusted

Alarm available if the door gets opened for a long period

The plastic holders available to hold the glass shelves are absent and no tension of brokages

The Bottom freezer and the condenser are meant for cooling every part and corners of the fridge

The Lighting System is great and lights almost each and every part

Warranty period is 2 years for the parts 5 years for the compressor and the internal condenser

Well Designed Finishing with curved stainless steel edges to avoid cuts



The glass shelves are thin and long and can even break at some points but the tempered glass is strong

Service Center is not so great and technicians and engineers take time to show off for the little repairs


8. Summit FFBF191SS Counter Depth Refrigerator

Summit Best Refrigerator 2019
View at Amazon

The Summit Appliance Company originally working under the Felix Storch Incorporation and was founded in the year 1969 and the headquarters were originally situated in New York but later on moved to Bronx in the year 1998.


Features and Performance


Ranked #40 in the Refrigerator section and #1200 in the Home Appliances Section on the Amazon Best Seller List. With a capacity of 13.3 cubic feet the product is a little slim and can shift anywhere and largely meant for small kitchens and houses.

A cool looking design and comes with an interior fully deluxe with door storage, the glass shelves which are smooth and can operate easily while cleaning and washing, a crisper with all in one LED bulbs.

The compartments remain totally frost free and protect the food from getting spoiled for weeks and even months. The freezer is located at the bottom to continuously pass free and cooled air to each and every part of the refrigerator.

An Energy Star rated appliance for saving almost 60% less energy and money and fill the pockets of the customer. The product is made extremely professional with doors fully stainless steel covered and furnished handles. The Cabinet is made with light platinum.


Extremely light and portable and can be shifted easily from one place to another

Energy Star rated and tested in the European laboratories

A smooth finish with whole body covered with stainless steel

Compressors are quiet and make less noise at night

Ice Maker available and can also be inserted afterwards according to user wish


A little small and meant for small families and people

Service and repair engineers can take time and they are a little slow

9. Haier HRF15N3AGS 4 Door French Door Best Freezer/Refrigerator 

Haier French Door Best Refrigerators 2019
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Haier is a Multi National Electronics Appliance Based Chinese Company founded in the year 1984 about 33 years ago. The headquarters are located in Qingdao in China and the major people behind the company were Zhang Ruiman who is now the Chairman and CEO of company. In the year 2016 they generated a whooping income of about more than 200 billion dollars in revenue. They also focus on all appliances from large to small and from heating systems to all the cooling systems.


Features and Performance


Ranked #87 in the Refrigerators section and #2294 in the Home Appliances section on the Amazon Best Sellers List. The Total over all capacity of the refrigerator is about 15 cubic feet which is suitable of small houses or rented flats to live in.

The Fridge is made advanced with many different features enabled like the storage door bins which are totally encapsulated in nature. 2 Freezer Drawers are also provided to provide plenty of space to quickly cool something. The LED Lighting is great so that you do not need to open up the kitchen lights to store something. The shelves are totally made with Tempered Glass which are highly adjust with in the interiors.

A lightning fast quick and cool button is also provided to freeze up almost anything within half an hour with a accelerated cool air flow for the all types of food items and beverages and is also available in the stores to get assembled later. The temperature change controlling system are totally Touch type and no need to spin are increase or decrease the liver to adjust the coldness.

The machine is totally made smudge free and resistant. All the sections like the upper and the lower compartments are embedded with pocket handles to stress free the users. The shelves are flexible and operate smoothly and is also designed with blue trimming to match the blue LED lights.

A new advanced Sabbath Mode is also present to disable the operation the machine when anything regarding the Shabbat is noticed. Other extra functions are included like the holiday function by which the machine runs at a fixed temperature of 15 to 17 degree C based on the average room temperature of the climate and by which it helps in the consumption of less energy and also removes the bad smell which generates more in the summer seasons.

Other Advanced feature is the Fuzzy Logic by which temperature independently adjusts itself keeping in mind the exterior and interior conditions of the climate and the available room temperature. The Fridge and Freezer ratio is balanced so well that the food items get automatically adjusted and save the space. The Slimline along the corners make it easily shift from one place to other.Separate buttons are there for accelerating the cooling function and the freezing function.



10 years of warranty on the compressor and a 1 year warranty on the parts

One Touch Control to set the average cooling temperature automatically

Rated with Energy Star to consume less than 1 unit per day

The doors are 90 degree contour doors to easily provide the shelves and boxes to take out smoothly

Works best for small houses flats and kitchens

Can be easily cleaned due to smooth shifting of each and every compartments

Counter Depth and extremely quiet and silent due to the well designed compressor

Easily potable due to the small size

Comes with two Freezer Drawers



Small Fridge with 30″ width and 25″ depth

A China Company product and the Service Center is little slow in action but great

10. Kitchen Aid Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

kitchen aid counter depth refrigerator
view on amazon

The Whirlpool Organisation owns the Kitchen Aid Appliance Company and was founded in 1919 about 98 years ago. The company was founded in United States by the Previous Owner Hobart Corporation. They started their journey by developing mixers and selling them on the offline and online markets.


Features and Performance


Ranked #1900 in the Compact Refrigerator Section and #10500 in the Home Appliances section on the Amazon Best Seller List. Medium capacity of 22 cubic feet it can easily adjust in any kitchen without any difficulty and hard work.

Comes with SatinGlide Crisper Drawers and baskets are provided in the freezers which are extremely smooth and glides are opening and closing. The Water Dispenser is provided inside the interiors and are so well designed that the operation takes only a single hand to take out and take in water filtered nicely and purely. The Ice Maker given inside is good and makes plenty of ice ready about within an hour. The temperature often works automatically in terms of climate changes and wrong inputs.

The Fridge is Energy Star rated and works efficiently by saving about 25% less power watts and filling the pockets slowly of the customer. According to the researches the machines which are energy star rated consumes almost 0.90 units per day which is the lowest recorded value in laboratory.

The Best and foremost than the others to be kept and made kitchen friendly so that the it’s stylish and smooth design can easily fit and adjust in any corner of the house kitchen. The doors are french in nature and are made extra flat which open easily and are provided with hidden hinges so that the doors do and do not get closed easily and can be controlled by the user. They are having a great demand and reputation for their easy finishing and user friendly kitchen appliances.

The Appliance is a custom panel enabled and the dispenser comes fitted inside the interior design rather than exterior. A signal feature is given so that it let’s you know whether the door is opened by means or by mistake.



The Fridge is made extremely reliable and durable to fit the needs of the user

Designed to produce less sound due to the efficient compressors

The Space is so large and wide (30.1 x 35.6 x 71.9 inches) that it can easily take tons of juice on either sides

The Ice Maker comes with a large tray with the simple on/off feature

10 year warranty on the compressor and 1 year warranty on the parts

Made in view so that it can last more than 5 years without much maintenance

Automatic signal feature to let you know that the door is opened by mistake

Comes with a water dispenser too where many advanced companies have removed it



Service Center repairs can take time longer than the big brands but no worries

Heavy and not easily portable and requires more than 2 men to move it

Black edges of the doors too comes with panels installed


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These are the best refrigerators 2019 and are written based on several research and reading of the customer reviews on different E commerce sites.


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