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Top 10 Best Shower Heads 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

Finally today after writing so many lengthy and expert reviews about high cost technical stuff now thought of going to discuss about the best shower heads 2019. The great idea came to my mind when I was looking through each and every appliance available at my home like the refrigerators, laptops, washing machines, garden tools items and suddenly my look went on to the shower stuff like the bath tubs which I will write next, and shower heads as explained here. Getting a nice and warm bath at the morning is necessary if someone is going to start it’s day as a healthy one being active and concentrated at every piece of work . Many people still think that if someone working as a employee or is a student having a perfect bath and shampoo is how much important for him otherwise the whole day may feel irritated or hygienic from a point of view specially to the ladies section.

These shower heads even save a lot of excess water which is getting wasted when taking a bath from a bucket filled with water or in the bath tubs where tons of water is required rather than a descent amount which is required to wash a body. These items work like nozzle which sprays a certain amount of water on the body when required. The products often come with modifications like the gentle throw, strong throw, massage throw and other normal throws required for kids of certain age.

In United States of America I thing the use of shower heads is necessary to stop the unnecessary usage of water at many homes. There is also a policy which focuses on the water throw per minute of shower heads and how the heads are designed in order to meet the essential parameters. The end limit imposed by the government is the 2.5 gallons per minute and different for small and big ones.

Following others these items are also being searched on google over others. There are different types available too like the wall mount one, rain shower, hand held and many more to meet the user needs and requirements in the market. On the online market like Amazon, E Bay there are too many of them and some people often get confused on which one would be best suitable for them if their present running one gets blocked or broken, even if they are making a new home and setting their shower section according to their needs and also if they are shifting from one place to another. In this top 10 best shower heads 2019 among each type there are at least 2 best items available which do help a lot to our available visitors and customers.

Best Shower heads

People are gradually searching for it because they need it badly the best rather than the ones from their side by side stores which are non technical and also not so advanced as they are present on the online stores. Some people also refer website listing to get informed which one is running well in the market rather than the dumb heads which gets broken after a month they are bought. Since the service is there of warranty if anything fault happens after some weeks of it’s purchase. All of them mentioned are the top ever relaxing and have adequate amount of water flow through them and often works with different types of modes available for a adult as well as a kid below 5 years. They are running well in the market till now and have lots of feedback plus rating added to the stores.

Authority list of Best Shower Heads 2019

Shower Heads NameColorDimensionWeight
Delta 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Hand HeldChrome5 x 7 x 5 in2.45 lbs
Rainfall High Pressure 6”Chrome6 x 3 x 6 in12 ounces
Delta 58480-PK In2itionChrome11.56 x 6.88 x 6.88 in3.85 lbs
Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 FunctionChrome, Silver6 x 4 x 9 in1.6 lbs
AKDY 9" Rectangular QuadBlack9 x 5.75 x 4.75 in2 lbs
Brushed Nickel 5-Function Handheld5-Setting Brushed Nickel9.45 x 3.94 x 1.97 in1.25 lbs
Speakman S-2252Polished Chrome4 x 2.75 x 4 in8.8 ounces
3 Inch High Pressure Shower HeadChrome3.1 x 3.1 x 4.7 in5.4 ounces
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-MountedChrome Finish4.75 x 8.5 x 12.25 in 1.4 lbs
DreamSpa All ChromeSilver5 x 5 x 5 in9.6 ounces

1. Delta 58467 2 in 1 Hand Best Shower Heads 2019 with Hose chrome

Delta 2 in 1 hand shower

Due to the extra ordinary facility of both handheld shower and the fixed shower head this Akdy shower heads can provide good benefits and an ease of use for a very long period of time without getting damaged or broke. Like my website this one have been recommended as the best one by many of the top leading blogs of the industry and becomes the most trusted to occupy the leading number 1 of the best shower heads 2019. When seen with closure you will notice that it is of the same brand which are extensively used in most of the branded hotels, malls and apartments. Other thing which is most seen in this one is the best unique and extra ordinary design that makes it stand out of all the shower heads available online and offline stores. The whole total installation is extremely easy and any adult can do it perfectly in the bathroom.

As you can understand from the heading that it can used both as handheld and fixed shower head while as a single handheld as well for bath loving people. The pause function is available at the finger tips to conserve water easily while doing hair shampoo or the soap lathering. The exact opening date of this item was in the year 2012 and till now it is selling among the best sellers with little upgrades after every 6 months. The rating is also good by the touched customers at 4.3 stars out of 5. The average weight that it offers is 2.45 pounds making it little heavy and dimension is (5,7,5) inches. Till now it bags the number 14 in the Shower heads of the Amazon Best Seller. Price is also fine for any common american and have 376 customer feedback including 54 answered questions to learn about the item of best shower heads 2019.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

Now let’s mention the features one by one so that it gets well adapted by everyone reading this post and not giving a social share. The flow rate is exact 2.5 gallon per minute according the American water saving policy which is 9.5 liters of water per minute. The pause button available does a great job by stopping the flow while shaving, shampoo and soap lathering. The temperature settings can also be controlled to a limit. The different spray settings that it offers include the full spray with massage, fast massage and the full body one to make it user friendly nature to the customers. The installation is quite easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. 2 in 1 fixed and handheld shower head make it easy for bathing of pets like dogs, cats and others too.

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2. Rain High Flow Fixed Luxury Chrome Best Shower heads 2019

High flow shower head

One of the best and low cost fixed shower heads brand available on the online stores of Amazon. There are many more styles related to this one on the Amazon store from the seller. The selling rate of this one is relatively high than the others and that is the reason it stoles the number 2 position of our best shower heads 2019. The exact date on which it was first made available was the 22 of September in the year 2016. The weight is not so heavy measuring only 12 ounces and have a comfortable dimension of (6,3,6) inches. The shape is made round and the installation requires less than 5 minutes. On the other hand it is so easy that even a 10 year old can install it in the bathroom. One more fact is that on the Amazon best selling fixed shower heads it also ranks 2.

The high quality design and unique features makes it looks good and shiny. It also offers stable performance being very low cost included in the maintenance for it. The surface area of the water throw is very long of 6 inches which can cover the whole body during bath providing pleasure and quick water supply. There are almost 3 things which makes it a best buy when compared with the others like the easy installation from the tools provided and a teflon tape also comes included in the shipped box. The nozzles are so well designed and automatic cleaners with over 90 anti clogging silicone attached to them stopping the lime or hard water to deposit and stop the flow there. A water restrict is attached to keep the water flow restricted but can be removed to increase it later for rain type experience.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

The shipped box includes materials like the teflon tape, additional water filter, the body head and a special surprise which remains disclosed. The quick installation tools to make it connect to the present shower arm on your bathroom. The nozzles are self cleaning with 90 silicon gels to stop cluster of hard water deposit there. Water restrict is attached which can be removed for high level water flow through the pipes. Rating is nice with 4.6 stars out of 5 given my millions of customers worldwide and thousands of feedback available to read from.

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3. Delta 58480 2 in 1 Hand Best Shower Heads 2019 with Hose chrome

Delta 2 in 1 shower

This is a high priced meant for extreme luxury and design lovers who want everything unique at their home. The flow rate is approx high than the normal ones making it loaded wih water when taking bath. This is the best one if anyone wants to conserve water along with a taking a proper bath. The head can can be turned around according to the basic needs for a person. It came into the market a few years ago in February 6 of 2015 and have topped the charts from then making about more than million items sold for the company. The weight is heavy than the previous one with 3.95 pounds. According to the dimension it is large and wide making a lot of water flow through the pipe with high pressure with (11.9,6.9,6.9) inches. That is the reason it was given a position of 3 in our best shower heads 2019. On the Amazon list it is on the number 23 in the section of handheld shower heads with the people judgement rate of 3.6 stars out of 5. You can read the high content 258 feedback or can join the question answer forum to ask anything related to the seller.

More or less there is a internal mechanism present to take care of speed, droplet and the size required by the customers. The H2O kinetic attached technology creates a shower experience different than the normal ones. The 2 in 1 capability presents a class or style mean’t luxury loving and stylish people who want to live their life style more friendly and equipped with every other next technology. Hand showers make it extremely easy to wash pets, children and babies by controlling the water flow according to wish. There are 6 colors on the online stores to choose from like the champagne bronze, chrome as shown in picture, matte black, nickel which is polished, stainless and the venetian bronze. So much class makes it stand at 3 among the best shower heads 2019.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

The technology Magnetite makes it easy for the hand shower to get attached with shower head and get combined to give massive water flow at a time. A lever is present which disconnects the items to be used separately. The water flow rate is of 2 gallons per minute like 7.6 liters per minute making it flow smoothly. The spray holes are self cleaned due to the kinetic tech available and 60 inch of hose. The shower head is totally plated to present a unique design and style for bathroom. The different types of spray facility use full spray with massage, only massage, only full spray and the kinetic spray alone. The shipping is totally free with good customer support from the seller.

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4. Hydroluxe 2 in 1 Handheld Shower Heads

Hydroluxe 2 in 1 shower

Here comes the another high level function shower head making to easy for the customer to choose between the settings matching with the climatic changes. Like the others two mentioned above it is also the 2 in 1 fixed shower plus the hand held shower one. This one have been sold a lot online which I can notice watching the amount of feedback and reviews present on the page. It also contains the tag of Amazon’s choice of the particular category. Seeing this level of authority it bags the number 4 in our best shower heads 2019. Marketed from the 7 of July 2014 it have created a great name for itself as well as the company to be called as a known brand in this category. The unit mass is 1.75 pounds and have a dimension of (6,4,9) inches. The type is wall mounted along with hand held ones. This should be described at the top as it holds rank 1 on the Amazon best sellers in shower heads category as well as the bathtub and shower systems. The base size is 4 inches. More than 6300 feedback are present on the store with 325 answers in the discussion forum by the seller.

The specifications are many as it ranks at the top on various online stores of best shower heads 2019. The warranty is really shocking greater than anyone with more than 10 years of limited warranty and customer support. The installation is really easy and tools free in less than 5 minutes. The hose nuts are of conical brass for tightening, the steel hose is super flexible of 5 foot, it is adjustable by angle, the water can also be diverted through 3 patented ways. The different 5 settings include pause button, warm mist, massage, power rain and the water saving mode. There are a total of 24 different water patterns to change and enjoy unlimited. Both can be used at the same time or one by one according to the needful.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

Discussing everything in details we can say that 10 years of extended warranty is provided by interlink products international limited. The warranty may be fake if the distributor is not authorized so checking while buying is to be done. The hose is totally stainless steel and super flexible of 5 feet of length. Water falls through a chrome face of 4 inches in length. Special features include lever dial of 3 zone click, jets which are rub clean, water divert through 3 ways and the adjustable angle of over head. Along with this there are 5 settings and a total of 24 patterns to choose from while taking bath.

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5. AKDY Fixed Best Shower Heads 2019 Handheld Combo

Akdy fixed and hand held shower

This product Akdy shower heads in the category of fixed and handheld shower heads both and occupies the position 5 in our best shower heads 2019. The rating is good on the Amazon with 3.6 stars out 5 and made for the long run without any technical faults. The unit mass is 2.5 pounds with dimension of (9,5.8,4.8) inches making it broad enough to throw a large amount of water at a time. Describing the ranking on the Amazon stores it is 8 in the section of fixed shower heads which means it have sold at least a million items over worldwide. Among millions of customers over 341 of them have shared their feedback and on the discussion forum there are 57 answered questions to check and verify.

By the company there is a 1 year of extended warranty on the parts like the shower arm, nozzle and almost everything. On the stores it is available in 5 different colors to choose from which one suits the best at your bathroom like antique bronze, oiled rubbed bronze, titanium grey, chrome and the gold one. The material used here is the durable strong ABS and requires a low level of maintenance every year. The shower can be tuned accordingly with a center dial and 4 modes available quickly by the user on this one of best shower heads 2019. The detachable wand is there to reach every spot easily handle showering. The shower nozzles are many when counted with only 124 on the head as well as other 61 on the wand to flow a heavy water on the body while bath. The bath seems too relaxing and smooth due to the presence of 6 water jets. The 9 inches of rectangular bar seems to sooth the body to it’s best for the customer.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

Let’s come to the point in details. The water flow can be changed to 4 different modes on the basic requirement of users. The water divert is also a 2 way one. The whole installation is very easy without any hard work in just 10 minutes. The 1/2 hose connection with standard threading is also another easy tool from hand tightening. On the head section there are a total of 118 nozzles to throw continous water through and powered with 6 jets on an average 2.5 gallons per minute. The over head is made with several angles to get easily adjusted and change accordingly. The hose is 5 inches long made of stainless steel and gets flexible all the time. There are 3 different types of water flow to choose from which are hydrating jet, waterfall type and the rainfall spray one.

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6. Premium 5 Function HandHeld Shower heads Full Chrome

5 function hand shower

May be few of you will be knowing that on the Amazon store it occupies the first place in the section of new release of shower head body sprays. This one have already beaten the competition with it’s extra ordinary features and the functions available at the finger tips. The price range is also very low for this one so that any other person can easily avail it. This much capability makes it place at the position 6 of our best shower heads 2019. It was launched just a few months ago in the year 2017 of October 16 and have created a great name for itself and the company too. On the Amazon best sellers it ranks at the position 2 of the shower heads. The average rating is also high with 4.7 stars out of 5. The item weight is 1.32 pounds with dimension of (9.4,3.9,3.9) inches. Till now there are 83 feedback from the customers as well as many answered questions in the discussion forum by the seller.

The box which comes shipped includes the following items in details like flange spacer for the arm, stainless steel arm of 6 inches, shower hose which is stainless steel and flexible of 60 inches, bracket which is adjustable by every angle and is handheld in nature and at last as known from the heading 5 types of premium functions are there to prevail. Extra tools are also provided for any technical fault like the polished chrome, wrapping box and the teflon tape. The warranty by the company prevails for 5 years and can be extended by providing extra payment. The order identity should be kept at place otherwise the company may decline to offer the support to our one of the best shower heads 2019. The color changes include the polished chrome and the brushed nickel.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

Talking about the installation it is quite easy which is explained here in the detailed steps like at first the user needs to verify the gaskets present in the hose connectors as well as bracket ball, then the hose connectors needs to be screwed in the shower head as well as the bracket, teflon tape is provided but there is really no need of it in the hose connection. Rather than the teflon tape is provided to be used in the connection of shower arm as well as bracket in the 2 slides. At last all this finishes the total installation in 10 minutes. Everything provided here comes with a premium finish like the angle adjustable bracket, shower arm and hose made of stainless steel including the shower head which is of ABS. The different types of 5 function setting are the rainfall with bubble, rainfall with massage, bubble only, massage only and the rainfall type alone. As I explained earlier how to easily fix this in your bathroom it is totally made tools free and there is no need of any plumber calling. All things can be there in place simply by the hand. The whole total combo includes teflon tape, bracket, flange and arm of 6 inches, hose of 60 inches and at last handheld shower head of 4 inches length.

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7. Speakman S 2252 Shower Heads High Pressure Polished Chrome

Speakman best shower heads 2019

One of the best quality of this one is that it is the most powerful and high pressure shower head. This brand is well known for providing bathroom related items in the industry. The price is average for this one which could any common man’s budget. The total number of colors available here are 6 in total which are polished chrome, polished nickel, matte black, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze and the brushed nickel. The selling rate is greater than the other ones due to the ruling brand awareness which is trusted and is also included in the Amazon’s choice as you know Amazon will take total care of the product delivery and support. The reviews and feedback on the product page are 4.6 stars out of 5. Officially the release came out a long time ago in 2007 and is running till now with some minor upgrades every year. It occupies the number 7 in our best shower heads 2019. On the Amazon best sellers it have a fixed 8 rank in the section of fixed shower heads. The unit mass is 1.2 pounds with dimension (4,2.8,4) inches. More than 1000 feedback is present and 50 answers in the discussion forum.

There are almost 2 sizes with little increase of price from 2 gallons per minute to 2.5 gallons per minute. The design is very unique to throw water at a higher pressure along with the various colors to suit the bathroom easily. The spray patterns can be managed accordingly with a simple rotation button making it suitable for the user. The spray design is usually intense as the water droplets fall freely separately without intersecting with each other. The water drops are equal in length and quantity creating a soothing experience on the skin to feel better every time as a matter of freshness. The flood function supports large amount of water flow in time of summer or hot conditions for a quick relaxed bath. In total there are 6 plungers and 48 sprays with a construction of solid brass in this one of best shower heads 2019. This can also be adjusted to infinite angles.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

The company Speak man is the oldest one in terms of providing bath room stuff from 1869. The nozzles are self cleaning in nature working on a plunger system patented equipped by speak man. The shower spray provides consistent performance no matter whether the flow is fast or under low water pressure. This one is mostly in the luxury hotels and apartments due to it’s quality grade and the most important a lifetime limited warranty available on it by the company. Works according to the United States plumbing policy and maintains a flow of 2.5 gallons per minute. All total 6 types of jets are present which can be adjusted and each having 48 sprays for individual one. The material used here is the solid brass making it the most durable in nature with utmost quality and made for the longer run of years. 360 degree technology any stream is used here.

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8. 3 Inch Best Shower heads 2019 High Pressure Wall Mount

High pressure best shower heads 2019

This the most low price highly efficient shower in the market with lots of positive feedback rating from the customers. They are very confidential about their products and offer a full money back guarantee if the user do not like it even after 5 years of it’s use. It came in the market in the year 2016 on the May of 1. The unit mass is 4 ounces and dimension is (3.1,3.1,4.7) inches. The face is about 3 inches in length providing adequate water supply. The people feedback judgement is of 4.8 stars out of 5 making it bag the position 8 in our best shower heads 2019. On the other hand in Amazon best sellers it ranks 2 in fixed shower heads. The shape is circular to look good in design. Till now more than 1066 feedback have been written with 47 answers on the discussion forum.

The connection fitting is of solid brass that do not gets split or crack even a little bit after years. The deposit of minerals from hard water is stopped by the use of silicon rubber in the jet nozzles. On the other hand like many of the others the shower head is constructed with a new comer ABS plastic which is both light weight and durable in nature. Metal finishing is done to it’s core to match the bathroom facilities. The flow restrict in many other brands do not get removed easily but in this one it can get removed or controlled within your finger tips. The various color choices given by them are brushed nickel, chrome one as shown in the image, oil rubbed bronze and the last one polished brass.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

5 year of extended warranty with proper exchange and replacement and being a small brand they stand behind their word to provide the offering. The installation is totally plumber free with just a twist of 10 minutes. This can be used anywhere in the bathrooms or outside the home as it comes with silicon attached nozzles to clean up the minerals and the calcium that gets deposited time to time. The new material plastic of ABS and the brass fitting will not let it crack or broke easily making it hard even if fallen down. The water flow restrict or limiter can be removed by hand to keep the experience of water fall while bathing. They give open challenge to anyone in the industry for their high pressure 36 nozzles which throw water at a great speed and with adequate water density after the removal of restrict.

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9. Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Best Shower Heads Wall Mounted

Culligan filtered best shower heads

This one is included in the Amazon’s choice for the section of shower filters. In case of feedback and ratings this one beats the others in many aspects and placed at number 9 of the best shower heads 2019. More than millions have been sold world wide as it is seen from the 3648 customer feedback and lots of 413 answered questions in the discussion forum altogether. The color is the wall mounted one. Price may not be the factor for many people in buying any one of them just proper specifications and features are necessary to force anyone. This item have been in the market from a long amount of time since 2004 September 14 making it one of the oldest items but it keeps upgraded every year to meet the advanced technologies. The average judgement makes it 4.2 stars out of 5. The unit measurement is 1.82 pounds with dimension (4.8,8.5,12.2) inches. Nearly the flow rate is 2 gallons per minute but can be increased to meed the user needs. On the Amazon best sellers it bags the position 3 in fixed shower heads.

This one filters the water chlorine and sulphur odor to make the water pure and hair skin smoother. They deal to remove about 98% chlorine from the supply which can cause unnecessary itching and dryness. The filter can be installed with ease and can last more than 8 months which is 15000 gallons of water. The 5 different spray settings provides a large area of massage and soothing to the users. In terms of warranty they provide it for more than 5 years with full customer support and the replacement. The box includes the filter removal sticker too to keep reminding the user to change at the exact date.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

The basic installation is needed to fix it on any other 1/2″ of shower arm threaded in nature. NSF international have given the verification by itself to the whole system and settings. This one is a bacteria preventing item and comes embedded with bacteria patented filter to do the rest. The WHR filter cartridge is there to stop the sulphur odor and the chlorine deposit by eliminating it and even lasts for more than 7 months or 12 gallons of water passage. Then it needs to be changed manually. The nozzles comes with anti clog feature. This one is a wall mounted one offering 2 gallons of water per minute.

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10. Dream Spa Best Shower Heads 2019 Color Changing 5 Setting LED

Dream spa color shower head

This product is one the most stylish and color light shower heads available online. As you can see it occupies the 10 spot at our best shower heads 2019. In 2014 of June 6 it came into the market and till now it is in the huge demand. On Amazon it ranks at number 9 of fixed shower heads. Rating is 4 stars out of 5 with more than 1088 customer feedback and answers on the discussion forum. Unit mass is 11.2 inches with dimension of (5,5,5) inches.

They help in saving a lot of energy by producing lights themselves instead of the regular LED lights used in the bathroom. Often termed as the romantic lights they can easily light up the mood for you and your partner. The nuts should be tighten through hands while installation. All total there are 4 different colors present like the red, green, flashing red and the blue one. The jets are rub clean along with the 3 zone dial technology. People may think that how does the LED lights are supported of electric energy but the fact is they are powered by the running water. There are 5 different settings available other than 3 automatic colors which change according to the temperature making it stand out of the crowd in best shower heads 2019.

Technical Advanced Specifications and Accentuating Features

Warranty prevails for 1 year and the customer support is excellent with 100% replacement guarantee on the non satisfaction after use of months. Installation do not require any hands just the bare hands are enough to fix it. As discussed earlier the color LED lights changes with temperature like blue, green, red and at last the flashing red one. The different 5 settings are the pause button for water save mode, economy rain, hydro mist, pulsating massage and the power rain feature. The face is 5.25 inches long and have reflective rim. The most important part that the LED lights are water powered rather than any other connection.

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All of them are one above the other but here only three of them will be discussed based on the most friendly and easy customer service. According to the writers of best shower heads 2019 Delta 58467 4 Spray 2 in 1 Hand Shower Head with Hose and Chrome deserves the first place as they are 2 in 1 and equipped with all the settings and functions to choose from to provide proper comfort to our customers. The other 2 most popular ones and seen through the feedback and the ratings are Speak man S-2252 Signature Icon Any stream High Pressure shower head and the Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Head Wall-Mounted Filtered with Massage and chrome usage. At last the whole information ends here and hope this review helps the visitors.

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