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Top 10 Best Smartphones 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

The current market industry of best smartphone 2020 is biggest in the whole world and even ahead of the laptops 2020 market. The good news is that due to the improvement of technology, customers and the current market competition in smartphones the prices have gone cheaper and affordable. The benefit of the competition is that the customers can enjoy the devices at an affordable price ranges. Previously the companies were used to charging high end prices for even a low specification device and make the fool out of their previous generation people. But now the things have changed, people are getting smart nowadays and fooling them around with high prices and low end specification devices is not going to work anymore.

Here we are going to list down all the latest technology available smartphones which can going to run extremely smooth and are even perfect for loading and running tons of games. The devices listed down here are personally tested and have latest version features available. All the handset devices listed down here have an excellent track record of great customer service and have their service centers located all over the countries and cities. Whenever the mobile faces an issue in their performance or breakage within the warranty period the service centers are there to immediately fix it.

Before listing down the most excellent performance providing and smooth running devices selected by our team on the basis of customer ratings, let’s learn about some features which must be checked. On the forehand, the processor specifications, RAM size, storage and the display quality must be taken care off. The power of the processor installed in the device matters the most when anyone is buying the device for playing high intensity and huge space games above 1 GB in size. The processors which are currently available in the market are Qualcomm Snapdragon, Mediatek, Samsung Exynos and the Apple A 12 Bionic. Many powerful smartphone companies have launched their own built processors.

According to our checking, the smartphones with Qualcomm snapdragon processors works ultra smooth and should always be given priority while buying. The basic RAM size of 4 GB and more would be perfect for running almost any application smoothly.

The storage of 64 GB and more can store almost all your backup data of social applications like Whatsapp, Facebook and data files like images, videos and other documents. The clock speed of the in built processor should also be checked which can range from 1.6 GHz to 2.4 GHz highest. The display size from 5.8 inches to 6.5 inches should be considered and with full HDR+ resolution screen is better while operating and watching movies or high graphic games. The aspect ratio of 16:9 is perfect.

Other most important feature is the camera which nowadays are getting better and better. And even powerful camera megapixels are available nowadays at lower prices. The perfect megapixel considered for the front camera is of 20 MP and for the rear camera is greater than 30 MP which are available at very affordable prices nowadays. The latest technologies are also considered for camera which are the depth sensor for dim light situations and the AI camera technology. The shutter speed, focus speed and flash should also be checked. On the back end, the battery of 4000 mAH, latest android operating system, smooth wireless technology and security should be looked for.

Top 5 Best Smartphones to buy in 2020

1. Xiaomi Mi 8 Best smartphones 2020 Global Version (Black)

Mi 8 Smartphone

Xioami mobiles are working their way up to the top and are providing much more value and features than the other companies do. Many people watching this list must have watched the Xioami Redmi smartphones for the first time. But people have become much more smart nowadays and they think twice before buying something. Among the youth generation who understands about the inner features and processors which the smartphone is using they will surely opt out for the best specifications at lower price. The MI 8 smartphone runs on the best Qualcomm snapdragon processors which are much more advanced and optimized for speed than the other company processors. They too hold a strong copyright policy around their processors so that no other company can copy the technology and use it within their company processors.

We would say first use this handset and thank us later for introducing you people to the Xiaomi phones. In major middle east and south eastern countries they have already defeated major companies and occupied most of the market by their ultra smooth running devices. This devices can support lots of applications without a single lagging issue ever being noticed. Almost all of the high space occupying and high intensity graphics games run extreme smooth on this device.

The customer service is so great that if any complain is done, their people come and immediately fix the device within your home. The Xiaomi brand sells almost all types of appliances and the owner of the company is number 9 on the world richest list. 2 years of warranty have been provided by the company for building huge trust. The product dimension is about 13 x 7.1 x 3.5 inches and the smartphone weight is about 6.2 ounces. On the Amazon best sellers, this MI 8 smartphone have got about 4.5 stars out of 5 which makes it greatly user friendly.

  • The processor installed here is the Qualcomm snapdragon 845 which is the best used in any phone
  • The device offers pro gaming and can run any huge space game with ultra HD smoothness
  • With 6 GB RAM and 64 GB(basic) of storage there can be no storage issue problems
  • The smartphone offers 6.2 inches of Full HD screen and comes with AMOLED display, 2248 x 1080 FHD+
  • The front camera is powered with 20 MP and have AI dual camera installed in it
  • Dual frequency GPS is installed here by which it becomes first ever smartphone to use that
  • The overall design is great by which it offers complete curved body with lightweight nature
  • The main camera comes with 12 MP wide angle and complete image stabilization technology
  • The battery power is great and can easily run full day once fully charged
  • A hybrid sim slot is provided by which 2 sims can be used or 1 sim/1 SD card can be used
  • There can be a little heating issue after 3 to 4 hours of continuous HD gaming


2. Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and S9 Enterprise Edition – Best Smartphones 2020

Samsung galaxy S9

According to the sales report and most watched brands in most of the countries the Samsung company holds a great position all over the world. The price of the their smartphones are a little costly when compared in comparison to Apple, they are next. With an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 they are doing great on the Amazon best sellers and almost all other major online sites. As through the title of this paragraph it is noticeable that this best smartphone 2020 come in usually 3 different variants which are S9, S9 Plus and the S9 Enterprise edition. This is basically an unlocked smartphone provided by the company.

This version generally comes in 3 different sizes which are the 64 GB, 128 GB and the 256 GB. The 3 colors which are available are the coral blue, purple and the black. The black color is mostly preferred by most of the youth. The camera is completely dual pixel and switches really fast with it’s fast processor. The natural protection is really great and it can withstand high drops, rain splash, water filling and many other damages. The phone design is really perfect too with smooth edge technology and immersive screen which is basically AMOLED that separates it from others.

The camera quality is really jaw dropping in this smartphone. Both the rear and front camera can perform excellently well in the bright and dim light conditions. The Pro mode within the camera settings can make it adjust suitably to your every needs. The camera quality is brilliant and well optimized here that it can shoot at 960 frames per second which is 4 times greater than the S8 version smartphone. This feature makes the slow motion recording ultra smooth and perfect.

  • The Display screen provided here is Full HD+ and completely AMOLED making the experience great while playing games and movies
  • The S9 smartphone series is available in 3 size configurations which are 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB (with Extended SD card slot 400 GB)
  • The IP68 technology makes it completely resistant to water, rain and other natural damages
  • It comes with an 960 FPS (Frames per second) upgraded from 240 FPS in S8 version
  • The dual aperture lens provided in the phone can let users shoot excellent images in night and dim light conditions
  • The 6.2 inches of full screen display with smooth edge technology gives it a premium look and feel
  • Service centers for the customers is obviously great as it a world class company
  • Almost all the network carriers are supported in this unlocked version
  • The price is little bit costly and over priced as compared to Xioami smartphones
  • The 3000-3500 mAH battery at this price needs to be improved and should be 4000+ mAH
  • Overall a complete quality phone from a branded company


3. Apple iPhone XS Max (64GB) – Silver/Black/Space Grey

Apple iPhone XS Max

This device Apple iPhone XS Max (64GB) as all of you know is a must while mentioning about the smartphones. Specially, this device is mostly recommended to the premium group of people who are either earning a great income or having a smart good running business of their own. The reviews are quite good on all the popular online selling platforms. The price is high as it is very well known. There are about 3 color variants to choose from which are silver, gold and space grey. With this series of iPhone they have moved to the big screen with large resolution and ultimate premium display. Face lock is in built in the system.

The complete O-LED display with full HDR display brings the objects to life and presents an excellent experience. There are 2 variants available with normal (5.8 inch) and the max one (6.5 inch) where there is a little difference of screen size. The gold finish along with glass protection on both the sides make it ultra smooth and provides automatic resistance to dust, water and other natural damages.

The design comes with complete stainless steel corners which protects it whenever it falls from a basic height. The quick wireless charging technology is present here. The processor used here is the latest Apple A12 bionic which makes the games and videos run without any lags and frame drops issues for years. Let’s discuss every technical features step by step below.

  • Latest A12 Bionic processor provides 50% faster graphics, 50% lower battery usage and 80% ultra smooth user experience
  • The Dual 12 MP rear and 7 MP front cameras makes the image quality in both bright and dim light conditions full edge perfect
  • The camera is perfect for recording 4k resolution videos and click faster portrait shots while travel and tours
  • Both the telephoto lens of f/2.4 and wide angle lens of f/1.8 specs comes included in camera pro mode
  • The depth sensor is tested 10000 times before launching and provide HD images for social images
  • Both the wireless and wired technology is perfect and comes with Gigabit LTE technology for faster download speeds
  • The storage space of 512 GB makes it the most storage providing handset ever
  • The A12 Bionic processor with neural engine makes gaming and netflix streams perfect
  • It comes with wireless charging and IP68 protection technology
  • The 5.8-6.5 inch of glass coated display makes it complete
  • The price according to the features is over priced and too costly for common people
  • Only premium and luxury lifestyle living people can afford it
  • The Face ID lock is 100% safe and secure and is not unlocked when eyes are closed
  • Extreme gaming for 6 to 7 hours can cause heating issues


4. ASUS ZS600KL-S845-8G128G ROG Best Gaming Smartphone 2020 6″ FHD+

Asus Rog Smartphone

This device is getting popular nowadays and will be launching it’s new models very recently. The reviews are really great and on the Amazon best sellers it has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 which makes it completely excellent for daily use and user satisfaction. There are about more than 70 positive reviews present on Amazon and 243 different spec questions are answered by the seller to clear all the doubts. The processor used here is the latest Snapdragon 845 which is considered to be the most stable optimized processor till now for smartphones. This respective processor is very fast and more stronger than the Samsung and Apple iPhone high range processors in operating applications and processing huge gaming graphics.

According to the Android Authority this device received the Best Smartphone award this year and hope so it’s upgraded model will also receive the award in 2020. This Asus Rog smartphone 2020 was mainly built in order to satisfy the needs of an main stream phone gaming and all those who love ultra performance in everything. The battery provided here is of 4000 mAH which can easily run for more than 2 days with a single full charge at night.

The octa core performance while gaming is of 2.96 GHz which much more greater than the other average and high range smartphones. For perfect connectivity almost all the connectivity wired ports and wireless technology is provided within the device. The product dimension is of 6.2 x 3 x 0.3 inches and have a weight of almost 7 ounces making it portable to carry and feel in the hands. Asus company have been grown into a major brands in most of the countries and it’s service centers have increased a lot so there would be quick customer service if any issue arises by mistake.

  • The 6 inches of full HD Plus IPS display along with AMOLED screen and 2160×1080 resolution
  • The RAM space of 8 GB LPDDR4X latest technology and 128 storage space makes the device flow smoothly
  • The 3D vapour chamber cooling system keeps the device always cool even after extreme gaming
  • The Air trigger touch sensors comes attached to manage intensive games very easily
  • Many gaming components are sold by the company like Twin View Dock, Mobile Desktop Dock, and Game Vice Controller
  • The latest Quick charge 4.0 is supported with it’s high 4000 mAH battery
  • With Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Octa core speed of 2.96 GHz makes it a beast in this range
  • 12 MP rear and 8 MP front camera comes with Extra image stabilization while shooting
  • Currently available in 2 major storage configurations which are 128 GB and 512 GB
  • The price range is a little costly but a complete value for money
  • Performance wise, it is 10 times better than above iPhone and Samsung
  • The Adreno 630 GPU with 2.96 clock speed can handle any high graphics game
  • With this price range the battery life should be increased to 5000 mAH


5. Razer Phone 2 (New): Unlocked Gaming Best Smartphone 2020 – 120Hz QHD Display – Snapdragon 845

Razer phone 2

Razer phone 2 is the upgraded version Razor phone 1 and according to the price it offers almost similar features as the Asus Rog but the price difference is in the budget of many people. The reviews are great on the online mega store Amazon with almost 4.2 stars out of 5 which is making the device extreme trustworthy. About 100+ positive customer reviews are present on the store with about 150+ questions are answered by the seller to remove all the current doubts about the product. This particular device has broken new limits and have provided an feature of expandable memory up to 2 TB which is insane. The RAM size is of 8 GB and the storage space is of 64 GB with expandable micro SD card of 2 TB.

It has almost all the capabilities of an extreme flagship gaming smartphone 2020. The Razer phone shape is 0.3 x 6.2 x 3.1 inches and have a total item weight of 7.7 ounces which is perfect. It has a rank of 12 in the unlocked cell phones category at Amazon which is a very competitive ranking.

No matter there are how many movies, songs and images this phone’s device can handle all with its 2 Tb expandable storage capacity. The 8 MP of excellent edge camera for front and dual 12 MP camera for rear completes the package. Let’s discuss the remaining features briefly in the pros and cons section. All the streaming channels like Netflix and Amazon prime videos can be enjoyed in full HDR screen with amazing graphics support.

  • The 120 Hz of Ultra motion and QHD+ display makes the screen look more entertaining for movies and games
  • The RAM provided here is of 8 GB and storage is 64 GB (Expandable to 2 TB)
  • The device is complete HDR stream ready both on Netflix, Amazon prime video and others
  • The vapour chamber cooling is provided to cool down the system even after extreme gaming
  • Razer Phone 2 comes wih Snapdragon 845 which is the best and latest chip set available in the market
  • The Stereo speakers are completely front faced for better sound technology with Dolby Atoms and a THX Certified DAC
  • Quick charge 4.0 is supported in razer phone 2 and can charge the device in less than 1 hour
  • The device is IP67 Rated which makes it completely resistant to water and other natural damages
  • The price is best when compared to other flagship smarphones
  • The battery needs to be 5000 mAH but still perfect with 4000 mAH (Quick Charge 4.0)
  • Gorilla glass protection on the screen and back would make it much better
  • With 8 GB RAM and Snapdragon 845 the device can handle tons of huge intensity games and apps


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At last, we will be upgrading the best smartphones 2020 every 3 months so that the devices keeps updated to the latest technologies. Almost all of the devices mentioned here come in the flagship phones category which are ready to handle almost all the high intensity platforms like Netflix ultra HD streaming and top class games which requires graphics performance. Our foremost choice would be Xiaomi Redmi devices which are extremely budget friendly and have 100% user satisfaction guarantee. If any wrong information is shared in the blog, contact us by our contact page or inform us through the comment section, we reply almost instantly.

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