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10 Best TV 2019 – Reviewed (Updated)

Every Home is incomplete without a large and wide television from which the whole family can sit back with comfortable and enjoy watching movies, news, political, songs and other related channels. Many people get disturbed or confused while searching online to which Television will be better and advanced to make it a 1 time perfect buy so that it can last for years and even operate with the latest technology available in the market. For the benefit and making it easy for several customers online Today I am going to write a Top 10 Review Guide about the “Best TV 2019” which include all the collected information and well research data from several websites and reviews from the customers on Amazon Stores. 

The Top running best TV 2019 types in the market are mainly the LCD, LED and the OLED Display ones other than the plasma display which became a old generation technology but still used in several poor countries or poor people who cannot afford a latest one. The most advanced companies which are most trusted and running ones in this Television market are mainly Samsung, TCL, Life’s Good (LG), Sony and Toshiba. Many more are there but are not among the best sellers.


Let’s talk something about the history of our great Television which are available from the 1920 year but were mainly used in experiments and to present something. The real revolution came at the time of World War 2 when the TV became the main medium to broadcast and verify people about the current situation of the countries and people. From the year of 1950 the Color TVs were made available in the market of United States and some other parts. 

best tv

The most important fact is that with the invention of Televisions several other small gadgets came in the market like the CD Players, Blu Ray, and other storage devices like the tape, floppy disk, hard disk, small disk, Flash Drives and local disks including the memory cards which made it easy for the customers to record something important like live event and popular shows and watch it in the later period with comfort. Nowadays most of the people use High Definition TV which comes with a greater resolution. These High Definition Resolution include LCD and LED Televisions but with the revolution and evolution to OLED TVs are becoming prominent in the market since 2000. From the year 2010 another Great evolution of Television is striking the public and media which comes integrated with Internet connection and wireless connectivity to other third party devices including the web 2.0 functions which have started capturing the rich people and middle class people who can easily afford it without any difficulty. All the advance items are present within best TV 2019.

The Evolution of Television started from Black and White mechanical and electronic display, Color, Digital, Smart TV, and at last the latest 3 Dimensional one. Several Broadcast systems which control most of the programs on the TV are the Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial and the Internet connectivity. The Display Technology evolved from the Disk to CRT, DLP, Plasma, LCD, and latest OLED. The resolution also increased with each invention like the LD, SD, HD and UHD which is Ultra High Definition.


Best Ultra 4K TV of 2019

TV NameDisplay TypeDimensionWeight
TCL 55S405LED49.1 x 8.7 x 30.8 in30 lbs
LG Electronics OLED65C7POLED57.2 x 8.5 x 34.4 in54.5 lbs
TCL 40S305 1080pLED7.8 x 36.3 x 23.4 in14.6 lbs
Sony 4K Ultra HDLED27 x 43.1 x 9.4 in41 lbs
Samsung UN55MU6300 4K Ultra HDLED48.9 x 12.2 x 31 in36.4 lbs
Samsung QN55Q8F FlatQLED48.5 x 27.8 x 2.3 in44.1 lbs
TCL 55P607 4K Ultra HDLED49 x 8.3 x 30.1 in33.1 lbs
Sony XBR55X900F 4K Ultra HDLED-backlit52.5 x 7.69 x 32.5 in55 lbs
LG Electronics 43UJ6300LED38.5 x 7.4 x 24.2 in18.5 lbs
Samsung UN65MU8000LED56.9 x 11.4 x 36 in53.1 lbs

All the LCD, LED and the OLED mentioned here belong to the Top 10 Best among the thousands of other TVs which are used by millions of people online specially in the United States and the other countries. Each one of the them have got more than 1000 reviews by the trusted buyer’s who were having a great experience using them and left a 5 star review on the Product at the Amazon Product page. A customer only adds a review when he is either very happy and satisfied or else having a problem with the item after the delivery while the others have no relation with wasting their precious time adding a review. Ranking in the Top 10 best seller of the Amazon is a hard job and only big brands can capture that position and the system ranks them when they are having high ratings, with top selling among the categories. All the products which are ranking in the top 10 in their respective categories are having more than million customers worldwide because they have been ranked by Amazon the largest and trusted E commerce online store in the whole world right now.

1. TCL 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED Best TV 2019 with 55 Inches


TCL Best TV 2019
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TCL is a Chinese Multi national Company founded in the 1992 and have been declared as the America’s Fastest growing television brand all throughout the world. The Chair man and founder of the company is Li Dongsheng whose child age do not go well like the others and have to suffer many difficulties and problems from their society and people and worked as an agricultural operator for 3 years. By 1989 they were considered as the best in terms of smartphones and later became the best in the Television market.


Features and Performance

TCL USA Ranked as the best seller in the Best TV 2019 list with a very high rating and great user experience. The Official launch date of the item was on 15 of February in the year 2017 and from that time it has seen wide successful selling and regarded as the most outstanding marketing campaign for the company itself. The Color is made black with a tag Energy Star available which saves up to 70% of the income and energy. Ranked at the number #2 position in the Best LED and LCD section of the Amazon Best Seller list and also at the number #72 position on the Main Electronics section which include several thousands of other electronic devices in competition too. The exact weight is perfect with 30 pounds with dimension of about (49.1,8.7,30.8) inches. The rating is 4.7 stars out of 5 stars which is more than perfect and the buyer reviews are almost 646 with more than 900 answered questions by the seller to the page visitors. 4 Different sizes are available which are 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches in a changing amount of price with extra specifications. There are 2 configurations available, one is TV set and other is TV set with Digital Antenna available. For wall mounting of the set after the delivery a extra cost is required which is added on the product page.


The latest model of TCL with a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and the best seller among Television on the Amazon list

Available in 4 different sizes which are 43 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches mentioned here and 65 inches

There are 2 configuration available at varied prices like TV only and TV with Digital Antenna

The Connectivity contains 3 HDMI 2.0 which are HDCP 2.2, 1 for Ethernet, optical audio jack, Head phone, Composite, RF, and USB for the media player

Runs with a refresh rate of 120 hertz with no motion blur to perform fast and super speed action scenes extremely easy smooth

Direct lit available makes the light dim to enhance the picture and make the colors appear more beautiful

As a Smart TV an app called Roku TV comes equip which offers more than 4000 different channels and up to 500000 movies or video songs

Price is extremely low in comparison to the features available here and the others

Weight is 30 pounds and Dimension is (49.1,8.7,30.8) inches making it perfect to adjust in any room or any space

With a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 by thousands of people this item can be trusted by eyes off which comes Energy star rated for saving energy and money


It cannot get very bright at some times of the day

Not mean’t for a group of people watching it at a same time at different angles greater than the 50 degree


2. LG Electronics OLED Best TV 2019 4K Ultra HD Smart with 65 Inches


LG Electronics Best TV 2019 65 inch
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Life’s Good is a South Korean Multi National Company which crossed the revenue of 60 billion dollars in the year 2015. They have tried their hands in everything in the sector of electronics and according to my reviews there are hardly any electronic appliances left which they have not manufactured in their company. Whether it is smart phones, washing machines, dish washer, refrigerators, toaster oven, Airplane and machine parts and many more.


Features and Performance

Labeled as the Best Seller among all the Smart TV with a user base more than millions all over the world. There are several configuration types available in the market with additional items with a little amount of money. The different types include TV only, TV with Blu Ray DVD player, TV with gift card, TV with SJ8 Sound Bar, and TV with SJ9 Sound Bar. The Wall Mounting is not free but comes with an extra cost which you can see by accessing the link. It comes equip with all the latest technology stuff which may not be available in the others. Ranked among the Top 5 at the number #1 position in the Best OLED TV section and also number #1360 in the Electronics section of the main branch in the Amazon Best Seller list. The item have created a great name for itself and the Company in the market and it will be hard to lower it. The Best TV 2019 was officially made accessible in the market on the 27 of February in the year of 2017. With a weight of 54.5 pounds and an actual dimension of (57.2,8.5,34.4) inches it is greater in size and width than the others and gives a theater like experience. The Color present is black as shown in the above image included with 2 AA Batteries totally free. Got a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 with 117 reviews by the customer and 110 questions answered by the seller itself. Price is a little higher and a 1 time buy with long lasting warranty. Made available in 2 different width sizes of 55 inches and 65 inches which is detailed here.


Ranked at the 1st position and recommended as the best seller in the Best OLED section of Amazon with a rating 4.4 stars out of 5 is trusted worthy

The Television is available in 2 different sizes of 55 inches and 65 inches which is mentioned at varied prices

The TV is available in the market at different configuration like TV with SJ9 sound bar, TV with SJ8 sound bar, TV with SJ7 sound bar, TV with Gift card, and at last TV with Blu Ray DVD Player with a variable price for each one

The wall mounting is done free of cost if bought from amazon which is at cost for the others mentioned here

The Connectivity Technology used here is great with 1 RC232C, 1 Optical, 1 Ethernet, 1 Composite, 1 RF, 3 USB and 4 HDMI ports which are enough

This OLED is out of requirement for the back light by which it seems to look thinner and black appears on it

The Contrast is infinite which makes sharp presentation of all the color and brightness

3 Different Technologies present make it a cinema like experience with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and Active High Definition Range

The sound quality present here is one of a kind and with Dolby Atmos it comes more arising and theater like experience

With Web OS 3.5 Applications and content comes installed from before including the Dolby Access app also installed

Sling TV present here makes streaming easy with thousands of channel to play from in line up

Special features are the Ultra Luminance, Pixel level dimming and billion rich colors which increase the over all experience

Weight is 54.5 pounds and Dimension is (57.2,8.5,34.4) inches average


Static and stopped images for too long can cause temporary retention

Depending on the type of dark and light content the brightness levels may vary time to time

3. TCL 1080p Roku Smart LED Best TV 2019 with 40 Inches


TCL 1080 P Roku Best TV 2019 40 inch
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TCL founded in the year 1981 about 37 years ago by Tomson Li Dongsheng who is the chairman and CEO. The company mainly manufactures Home appliances and Electronic items to be used in factories and houses. They have became the largest expanding brand in the sector of TV. They also produce refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, smart phones, and others.


Features and Performance

Marked as the best successful creation of the company to be sold throughout the world to over millions of people. There are total of 4 types of S Series which are present in this top 10 list due to great user experience, intuitive interface and modern design. They are available in 5 different sizes like 28 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch which is mentioned here and shown in the image, 43 inch, and 49 inch and each one of them are given ranks in the Top 10 Best TV 2019. There is a also a configuration available with a little increase in price like the TV only and TV with Digital Antenna settings. TCL Roku Smart Led TV 40 Inches is ranked among the Top 5 at the number #3 position on the Amazon Best Seller list. It also ranks at the #202 position in the Major branch of Electronics section. The weight of the item is light with 14.3 pounds which makes it extremely portable. The total display height of screen is 22 inches and comes with Energy star rating which saves about 70% energy and money both. The Actual Dimension is (38.3,7.5,24.4) inches perfectly designed to suit the family home theater. The color is black as provided in the image above. The Connectivity Technology works perfect with Built in Wifi and 3 HDMI ports available with a resolution of 1080 P. The 40 Inch LED Display is nice with 120 hertz of refresh rate. Rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with 1451 reviews by the genuine buyer’s and more than 1000 answered questions makes it perfect. The Item was Officially made available online and offline was on 25 of January in the 2017.


Comes in 2 configuration model of TV Body and TV with Digital Antenna

Available in 5 different sizes and other sizes are also mentioned below like 28 inch the smallest one, 32 inch, 40 inch which is mentioned here, 43 inch and 49 inches

The Connectivity is made perfect with ports available like optical audio out, head phone jack, composite one, RF, 1 USB and 3 HDMI ports

Functions with a refresh rate of 60 hertz and effective CMI of 120 hertz for high picture quality
and focus speed actions

Dual Wifi makes it capture every moment and provide premium high quality High Definition Display with latest refresh rate

Television comes with access to 4000 streaming channels along with support to gaming, cable, and internet connection

Can work perfectly with any of the 3 connections whether it is cable, satellite subscription or online streaming

With the connection with the mobile application self voice search, control, streaming channels, volume becomes easy and provides more comfort at your fingertips

The Easy Remote works smoothly while operating with only 20 buttons available on it

The Resolution in 1080 P with LED display and screen size of 40 inches

Weight is not so heavy as size with 14.6 pounds and dimension of (7.5,38.3,24.4) inches

Energy star rated which saves 70% by energy consumption and money

Over all rating is 4.1 stars out of 5 and ranks number 3 in the LCD and LED TVs section


The Display resolution is 1080 P so the experience of 4K High Definition cannot be enjoyed with it

Cannot be watch with full color and contrast in the day light room and some dim light must be there


4. Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart BRAVIA Best TV 2019 OLED with 75 Inches


Sony Bravia 75 inch Best TV 2019
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Known as the 10th largest technology companies in the world by generating a revenue of 70 billion dollars in the year 2016. They have also manufactured different items in various sectors which include home appliances and electrical parts. They also own multimedia companies running in separate parts of the world. It is a Japanese Multi National Conglomerate Company in Tokyo of Japan.


Features and Performance

Officially launched on the date of 10th of February in the year 2017 it is running successfully among all the other products of the company so far. Each Item described here belongs to the best of a particular brand. It have got a rating of about 4.2 stars out of 5 which makes it popular in this category. The all total weight is some what heavy and more than average than the others due to large number of specifications and advanced technology stuff built in here. The weight is 98.6 pounds with a dimension of about (66,11.8,40.3) inches which makes it the largest Television available here. Triple 2 AAA Batteries are required which comes included in the ship box in delivery time which comes free of cost. It ranks at number #90 position in the Best LCD and LED TVs section and also bags a rank in the major section of Electronics with over rank of #5924. The Total width size is of 75 inches which is longest width available for a Television. Refresh rate is of 120 hertz, display screen is LED 75 and Tri luminous, but the price is greater than the others too. It have got almost more than 174 reviews by the trusted buyer’s and 274 questions answered by the company authority ones to verify the product from each and every side.


Sony Bravia Television is a well known item as noticed from several advertisement available and have a Great name in the market

There are 4 different sizes available with increasing prices in which 75 Inches mentioned here is the costly one, others are 65 inches, 55 inches and 49 inches

Television Body and Television with Echo dot of 2nd generation are the 2 configuration types of this model for budget section of people

Connectivity to any third party devices is made easy by providing too many ports like 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Hybrid of both composite and component and 1 mainly for composite

The Picture is made with such quality that it experiences no motion blur and captures fast action scenes too with the refreshing rate of 120 hertz

The Design is made such slim with brightness control, controlled contrast and light Dim Technology

The Images and videos are brought back to life with High Definition Range color and contrast features with 4k resolution

Being a smart tv it is easily connected with Sony application to make it accessible

The X Tended Dynamic Range makes the lighter parts more light and darker parts more dark to bring 5 times more contrast power

Motion flow XR 1440 with 120 hertz refresh rate makes it worth while than the others

Much heavier than others with a weight of 98.6 pounds and Dimension of (11.8,66,40) inches

This is the largest size among all the models with 75 inches and total LED Display with refresh rate of 120 hertz

The Gaming Capability is great and can satisfy the needs of most of the people who love to play high rated games


A several speaker would be better to reach a long distance rather than the built in dual speakers

As the problem with others too the display is weak if watched from the angle


5. Samsung Electronics 4K Best TV 2019 Ultra HD Smart LED with 55 Inches


Samsung Electronics 55 inch Best TV 2019
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Popularly known as the South Korean Multi National Organisation founded by Lee Byung Chul in the year 1938 about 80 years ago. The headquarter is located in the Seoul of South Korea. In the year 2017 They generated a revenue of total 350 Billion Dollars. Founded as a Trading Company now it rules the world by manufacturing almost anything electronic.


Features and Performance

Officially launched at the 3rd of March in 2017 it is said to be as the one of the most successful campaign of the Company in making a profit. The average weight is about 36.4 pounds which makes it easily portable but a little heavy than the others. This Branded Company is trustworthy to be in the Best TV 2019. Samsung Electronics 4K TV ranks at the number #4 position in the Best LCD and LED TVs section on the Amazon Best Seller list. Along with this rankings it have also made a place for itself in the main branch section of Electronics ranking at the number #265 position. The Actual Dimension of the item is about (49,12.2,31) inches which makes it perfect to watch a High Dynamic Range colorful screen with excellent resolution 4K. According to the price range it is a smart TV with many astonishing features like the automatic smart controller which also works as a voice recognition feature to make it more comfortable and easier for a certain group of people. The Latest Connectivity Technology includes 3 HDMI Ports and Built in Wifi system to easily operate with the third party devices. It have a size of 55 inches with total LED Display. Special Warranty is available once registered. Works perfect for gaming, sports, videos, TV shows, and as a monitor. There are over more than 394 customer reviews and over 286 questions answered by the seller with a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 which is great for verification as a successful item.


Manufactured with 6 different sizes to easily adjust in the family budget of average american with 40 inches, 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches

Comes with 2 types of configuration available which are TV and TV with Blu Ray 4k Resolution

The Model described here is MU6300 where contrast quality is mega dynamic, Brightness is maximum up to 450 nits, and the cabinet is full black different than the MU630D Model

The Picture Motion Rate is 120 which can track and display extra fast action scenes with clear in movies or any other videos

The One Remote which comes included have an automatic detection feature enabled which tracks all the connected devices and operates them full automatically without need of manual programming

The Screen is even better than full High Definition by 4K pixel resolution

The exact weight is 36 pounds and the actual dimension is (12.2,49,31) inches which makes it perfect for home theater

The Size is 55 inches of the screen and functions with a refresh rate of 120 hertz in LED Display

Have a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 and ranks number 4 in the Best LED Television section

Special features are that the interior contrast ratio works great while the games are totally responsive with low input lag


Picture quality degrades when watched from an 45 degree angle which is a major problem in many of the devices mentioned here

The High Definition Range capabilities are limited here than the others


6. 2017 Model OLED Series C7 Class 4K Best TV 2019 Bundle with 65 Inches


2017 Model 65 inch Best TV 2019
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A new Company solely provides television related accessories and sets. Within a few years of it’s release it have created a name and brand for itself by providing high end products.


Features and Performance

This is a very new and just in the market brand and item but I think that it have all the capabilities and properties that a trusted company should have. Launched on the date of 28th of August in 2017 it will take time creating a name and brand for himself. The fact is I am promoting this item here for money or due to someone recommendation but the reason is as I have noticed it have the features and all the advanced micro technology stuff which are also used by the branded companies at a lower price than the others in the section of OLED and others. There are some major parts and specifications which makes it separate than the others and also unique in it’s own brand. Every brand follow it’s own style and design by which the viewers and people can identify it by just taking a look at the product. 1 year of extended warranty tag is available and attached to it at the top right corner of this Television. Customer service is also picking up day by day and set up is extremely good and free for major of the parts unless a part is damaged by the buyer itself.


New in the market but comes with all the latest and advanced technology to make it suitable with all the third party devices

Can work perfect without even back lit from anywhere with great contrast and sharp colors from the OLED Pixels

Latest web OS 3.5 is present which makes it available to various applications and content channels through internet or any connection

The Picture quality is great Ultra High Definition and High Dynamic Range bringing every video to life

As you can see a 1 year Free Warranty Tag is attached with it and also delivery is done free of cost with FEDEX

Third Party Connectivity offers 1 mini jack, 1 optical port, 1 ethernet port for broad band connection, 1 component and composite in, 1 RF Antenna cable, 3 USB and 4 HDMI ports of HDCP 2.2

The Display is OLED Display with a resolution of (3840,2160)

Special Features include no requirement of dim zones, screen thick reduce and Advanced sound technology


Wall mounting can take extra cost of few hundred dollars after the delivery

Customer service is great being a new brand emerging out of the sand


7. TCL 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED Best TV 2019 with 55 Inches


TCL 4K Ultra Best TV 2019 55 INCH
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As Discussed above it is a Chinese Multi National Electronics Company. In 2010 it was recorded that it was the 25th largest Consumer electronic home appliances producer. Founded in the year 1981 about 37 years ago now serves the whole world. In 2015 it generated a revenue of 20 billion dollars.

Features and Performance

TCL Roku TV is creating a great name for itself in the market day and day and evolving at an outstanding rate by proving that it occupies the top 3 spots among the Best Sellers. The Color and Contrast of the screen are made perfect to give a excellent experience across the room. On the 19 of May in the year 2017 it was officially released in the market offline and online. The item comes with a dual speaker facility along with Energy Star rating. It ranks at the number #8 position in the Best LCD and LED section of the Amazon Best Seller list along with number #398 position in the Electronics section which is of the main branch and ranking is a hard job there. The weight of the television is average with over 33 pounds with a dimension of about (49,8.3,30) inches of length which is perfect for a theater type experience. Comes with a output wattage of 8 watts included with 2 type AAA batteries which is free. The Connectivity Technology is made latest with 3 HDMI ports available and a resolution of 4K. The Television performs at a refresh rate of 120 hertz and 55 inches of size. The 72 contrast control zones, Direct lit with dual band wifi makes it perfect in connectivity and LED Display Technology. Special Warranty which includes free repair and replace feature is available on registration. Have an awesome rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars with more than 208 customer positive reviews and 300 answered questions in terms of verification by the seller on the Amazon Product page. This Branded Company of America have been ranked as the Fastest Growing Manufacturer in the world with such an increasing popularity.


The Connectivity is perfect with 2 HDMI 2.0 ports in which one is HDCP 2.2 and other is HDMI ARC, other ports are Ethernet, optical audio pin, headphone pin, composite, RF, and 1 USB port for the media player

The Refresh rate is of 120 Hertz which is responsible for capturing even high motion pictures and do not have any motion blur phenomenon

A latest Back Lit technology is present with 72 zones to provide dim light for making the picture clear and perfect

The picture comes to life after so much Tech installed like High Definition Range, deep contrast, color, ultra quality screen and 4K resolution

Being a American Brand it can support almost 4000 different channels which supports 500000 movies, songs, news, sports and many more 3 different ways are present to watch what you want with satellite subscription, Antenna or cable connection from the nearby provider

This Television can get easily connected via wireless to smartphone or tablet and let’s you operate as a remote, play songs, games, function as keyboard and mouse

The Remote which comes included is built with several other smart features like voice recognition, navigational purposes to any section, and a headphone section for private listening and non disturbing zone

Mainly popular for it’s fastest growing Television Manufacturer in the whole of America with selling rates crossing any other competitive ones

Exact weight is 33 pounds with product dimension of (49,8.4,30) inches to make it perfect for any individual and family

Special Features include dual speaker type to play sound clearly and Energy star rated to save 70% of annual income and savings

Rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 make it the perfect to trust over including the available ranks in various categories


The Quality of the screen does not work well when watched from an angle greater than 45 degrees

Experts suggest that the uniformity all over the item could be designed better

Being an American Brand customer service is great and fast than any other competitive companies


8. Sony 4K Ultra High Definition Smart Bravia OLED Best TV 2019 with Echo Dot of 2nd Generation – White with 65 Inches


Sony Bravia Ultra 65 inch Best TV 2019
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Headquarter is located in the Tokyo of Japan. Founded in the year 1946 by Masaru Ibuka. The major products which bring most of the revenue for the company are Video games, computer hardware, semi conductors, and home appliances. In the year 2017 they generated a revenue of approx 70 billion dollars as recorded.


Features and Performance

This Sony Ultra Smart TV is one of the most costly one in the entire market and comes equip with every latest technology available. The Item was made Officially available in the market on the 13 of July in 2017. Extended Warranty feature and the Free Delivery offer comes attached with this great item from Amazon and Company. The TV ranks at the number #40 position on the Best OLED TV section and also makes a place for itself to rank in the main branch section of Electronics on the Amazon Seller list. Some special feature includes that the resolution is about 4K and the display is OLED with a maximum screen size of 65 inches. The connectivity is also made awesome by which it can easily connect and interact with any third party services. The color of the Television is white as provided in the image but available in different colors as well. A Echo Dot of 2nd generation comes attached with it in the shipping box which makes it even more better. The whole total set up is extremely free which is done by the company technicians for a almost 60 days in which they will manage almost anything. The wall mounting by the expert can cost you some some extra money as I think so. The Different sizes available here are 3 which are of 55, 65 as mentioned here and provided in image, and 77 so that various people with special requirements can use it. The ratings is 4.6 stars out of 5 with 46 excellent reviews by the Buyer’s and more than 88 questions truly answered by the seller.


This Item is available in 3 different sizes of 55 inches, 65 inches described here and 77 inches at various increasing prices

The Television is made available in 2 different styles like TV only and TV with Echo Dot in White

A new feature called Alexa Calling and Messaging is installed which helps people to connect with anyone at anytime online through internet with the help of Alexa Application installed here, Echo and the Echo Dot

A separate port for connection is available to connect to speakers and head phones with stereo 3.5 mm cable with different music playing stations like i tunes, amazon prime music, Pandora and others

Echo Dot which comes available with it functions through buttons and is even voice controlled device which can easily start any operation in Television like the calls, internet, channel, Alexa app, news, music and movies too

The High Dynamic Range comes with Ultra High Definition screen with 4K resolution Technology available

Mainly known as the Smart TV the user can access any application or content which comes preinstalled with Sony Android TV app

Latest Vision software supports HLG and HDR 10 but the prediction is that it can also support Dolby Vision in the Future Time

The Latest Motion Flow XR is responsible for even showing high speed objects correctly without any blur images

The 2nd Generation Echo Dot is a great invention and comes with several uses like the voice controlling of it’s compatible devices from several branded companies. Devices include fans, TV, Lights, Washer, Locks, doors and others


Product of a branded company which cares about it’s product a lot more than the others

Must be watched in a little dim light rather than the day light which may effect the clear and sharp display

Price may get little out of budget for many people but it is a one time buy and have a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 too


9. LG Electronics 4K Ultra High Definition Smart LED Best TV 2019 with 43 Inches


LG Electronics Ultra Smart Best TV 2019 43 inch
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In the year 2016 the company generated a revenue of 60 billion dollars. CEO Bon Joon Koo is also the vice chairman. They are the 2nd largest television manufacturer in the world. Founded in the year 1958 about 60 years ago they have their hands in every electronic items and produce a major number of home appliances which you will know after reading my other reviews too.


Features and Performance

In a very short amount of time this LG Electronics Ultra screen Best TV 2019 have made it to the Top 20 Best Sellers of the Amazon Product Page. The Item was mainly launch on the 3rd of March in the Year 2017 and thus became a successful marketing campaign for the company itself. The exact total weight is about 18.5 pounds which makes it light than the others and also portable to carry anywhere. The Dimension is about (39,7.5,24.2) inches to make it broad and wide in view and maintain a small home theater like experience. The Rankings changes monthly and new products gets the opportunity to shine always. The Present rankings of this item is #14 in the Best LED and LCD TVs section on Amazon and it also ranks for the main branch section of Electronics at the number #617 position. There are over ratings of 4 out of 5 stars which makes it highly trusted and effective in experience and long lasting qualities. The Resolution is 4K as provided in the heading and every product mentioned here have it and a total effective size of 43 inches which is perfect for middle class family and common people. The Display Technology used here is LED and the connectivity is great with other third party devices. Two things will be always there if the product is bought from the Amazon Store like the Free Shipping Offer and the Special Extended Warranty from the Company. The Television is made available in 4 different sizes to make it adjust in budget of every common family person budget like 43, 49, 55, 65 inches of length but the fact is everything here increases with increase of size like the money and other smart features. With over 86 customer reviews and more than 66 answered questions by the seller makes it a verified one in the market.


The Television Type is available in 3 different sizes of 43 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches with increasing prices to be in budget for even separate people income

The Connectivity Technology can be used to connect to any of the Third Party Devices with 3 HDMI Ports, 2 USB, RF, Composite, Component, Optical and Ethernet too

Weight is average with 18.5 inches with Dimension of (38.5,7.4,24.2) inches to adjust freely in any space

With a rating of 4 stars out 5 it proves that product can be trusted and can even last long for years

The Key Features for which the item is known are 100% of color accuracy and sharpness, HDR which is highly active, Ultra High Definition with 4K resolution and many more

It is the Latest web OS 3.5 Smart TV of LG by which there is automatic connection to several Video apps, Netflix and 70 Premium Internet Channels of Particular country

The IPS Technology present here makes all the contrast and the colors rich in content to make the display even more powerful and seen with different angles all together

The main specifications are it’s low motion blur and very low input lag


Some Apps of web OS may get old or not installed so it needs to be updated and installed

The display not works better in presence of day light so a little dim light is necessary to function properly

The RGBW Pixel Structure is a little less than the others present here


10. Samsung Electronics Best TV 2019 4K Ultra HD Smart LED with 65 Inches


Samsung Electronics Best LED TV 2019 65 inch
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Samsung well known for their smart phone series of Galaxy. Samsung was divided into 4 parts after the death of Lee Kun Hee. Headquarter is located in the Seoul of South Korea. The company generated a revenue of 350 billion dollars in the year 2016.


Features and Performance

The Official release date of the item was March 3rd of 2017 when it was made available offline and online. The Actual weight of the Television is a little bit heavy which is 53.2 pounds with the exact dimension of about (57,12,36) inches which makes it a wide screen or else people can even say it a home theater. Being a product of the Branded company of Samsung it ranks at the the number #26 position in the Best LED and LCD TVs section of the Amazon Best Seller list. It also ranks at the number #1115 position in the main branch section of the Electronics. An extended warranty is available on the item by the company as well as every Television mentioned here comes with a warranty because of the cost and long time investment of many people. The color of the TV is made black as provided in the image given above. The over all rating of the item is about 4.4 stars out of 5 which works great to rank it among the Amazon Best Seller list. The Resolution is 4K with the display screen of LED. Free shipping if bought from Amazon store as you all know Amazon Prime Status. The 120 outstanding reviews by the trusted buyer’s make it easily verified and 96 answered questions by the seller make it doubt free. There is a approx 27% discount and a outstanding 50% discount if bought from the Store with a visa card available. The Best TV 2019 is made with Ultra High Definition and is of 65 Inches.


Available in 5 different sizes of 49 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch described here, 75 inch and 82 inch with increase of prices and makes it suitable for every category of people

The Model mentioned here is MU8000 rather than MU800D. MU8000 Signifies that the television have mega dynamic contrast including 500 nits of Brightness capability with Total Gray Cabinet whereas MU800D includes 470 nits of Brightness capability, Ultra Dynamic Contrast and Dark Titan Contrast

Popular for performing smooth experience whether it is fast action or sharp structure scene, minor details are even get noticed while it’s working. Third Dimensional look is the most astonishing feature of this Design

Graphics of images and videos are so sharp that even the darker parts present in ghost movies can be easily recognized or while playing video games

The Contrast quality is extreme and it does not matter whether it is showing dark parts or light parts in any section of time of day or night. The

Depth and the Color present also works great

It is much more in features like shades and color than the normal 4K Ultra High Definition

Extended warranty and delivery is done free of cost once registered from their given Company authority website

Weight is a little greater with 53 pounds and dimension of (56.9,11.4,36) inches

Display is total LED with 65 inch screen size and refresh rate of 240 hertz

Made keeping in mind the 360 degree design from front to the back and the set up is very easy with wall mounting and stand tech available

The entire parts are designed to remove the clutter and make it free with the cable wires attached to the base section

The Connectivity technology present here is strong with 4 HDMI Ports each of 2.0 which support HDR Quality


The image quality may decrease or lower if seen from an angle greater than the 45 degree

Functions great it watched in a little dark room or dark place rather than in presence of sunlight due to brightness less than 500 nits Customer support is medium not so bad and also not so good. This Statement may seem a little diplomatic to my visitors and for more details you may visit the little lower section of the product page reviews by accessing

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The future of Television is getting evolve day by day and new integrated technologies are coming up to make it more user friendly and great experience. The Complete guide on the Best TV 2019 is written according to the demand of the users online to make it easier to select from the variety of other items available. Many wrong decisions and buy have resulted in a way more money loss and disturbance. Here is the list of items which have been tested by millions and each and every one have got more than 4 stars rating on an average. They are ranking within the top 10 of the best sellers of Amazon list in the category of LED, LCD and OLED section. There are even prediction that in the near future Smart TVs which comes with integrated internet and web 2.0 properties will replace them. But people are using them in combination and according to the budget and all the different types of TVs have a separate market of people available for them.

Best TV

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