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Top 10 Best Washing Machine 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

Many people are in need of a perfect best washing machine 2019 which can reduce their work load and help them in washing their clothes easily.Washing machine use in houses have been increased a lot in few years as recorded by a survey.

The headache of washing the clothes of children, working husband, other close relations is difficult for a women.

That’s why I am going a write a awesome and knowledge based article on the 10 of the “Best Washing Machine 2019” to help people select the best one which will easily adjust their budget price and also take less space within the room.

best washing machines

I have written this article with a lot of research and keeping in mind the popular washing machine brands available over various countries on which you can trust on. Every product which I am giving review about will be easily available through my links over Amazon which is the world’s largest E commerce site to buy and sell verified products.

Detailed list of Best Washing Machine 2019

Washing Machine NameCapacityDimensionWeight
Bosch WAT28400UC2.2 Cubic Feet23.6 x 24.2 x 33.5 in158 lbs
LG WDK2102TRHC Front Load 10 KG41.5 x 31.2 x 29.5 in150 lbs
Samsung WF50K7500AV 27" Energy Star5 Cubic Feet27 Inch174 lbs
Whirlpool WTW8500DC5.3 Cubic Feet57 x 43 x 28 in146 lbs
Power Pair Special-LG4.5/7.5 Cubic Feet31 x 27 x 38.8 in400 lbs
Speed Queen TR3000WN3.2 Cubic Feet28 x 25.6 x 42.8 in180 lbs
Bosch 500 Series White5/7.5 Cubic Feet31 x 27 x 38.8 in390 lbs
EdgeStar All-in-One Combo2 Cubic Feet22.2 x 23.5 x 33.5 in60 lbs
Speed Queen AWNE92SP113TW013.2 Cubic Feet28 x 25.6 x 42.8 in180 lbs
Electrolux Laundry Bundle4.3 Cubic Feet31.5 x 27 x 53 in522 lbs

Here I have provided many comparison tables, summary tables, advantages and disadvantages, including detailed specifications which may help you in selecting the best within budget price.

Here are some washing machines which may run out of budget because I am providing the best products and trusted brands of all time which provide help and support fixes 24/7 with money back warranty of 30 days and 2 years warranty on each product purchased from here.

1. Bosch WAT28400UC White Stackable 300 2.2 Cu. Ft. – Best washing machine 2019

Bosch washing machine
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Many people must be knowing German brand Bosch washing machines and of their unlimited features as they have been the best suppliers of washing machines since many years and it’s really hard to outrank them in terms of quality and efficiency. Their specifications are limitless and extraordinary. It provides 10 years of warranty on drive motor and Eco perfect tag which saves energy consumption during it’s working by checking and analyzing the laundry load.

Their products last long for years without even proper maintenance and that’s why they are more costly than the rest. In design and user friendly appearance it is the best which is available in 2 colors silver and grey and curved edges which protects children from getting hurt.

Features and performance

Almost most of the functions are automatic but you can even change it to manual according to your requirements. The most useful automatic features are like Active Water which can reduce and increase the amount of water supply depending on the amount of clothes weight which helps in saving the power as well as water. After the use it automatically looks after the detergent and soap agents including all the bacteria came from clothes and ultimately uses hot water to expel and destroy them.

With the ECARF – European Center For Allergy Research Foundation tag it offers the best medical allergy plus certificate against any type of fungal and bacterial infection and comes with a one puss button to wash away all the residue.

Bosch WAT28400UC too comes with a volt check button to remove the problem of low voltage supply and current shattering by stopping the wash and restarting again when voltage supply becomes normal.

Super 15’/30′ program enables to wash, rinse and spin 2 kilo grams of light laundry in 15 to 30 minutes interval of time whenever there is less amount of time or you are getting late for the office, job, or university. Other same look alike feature is the Speed Perfect which reduces the washing interval of laundry by a rate of 80% and gets you results within a short interval of time.

Monsoon program feature available over the board with 1200 rpm helps in drying the lightly wet clothes easily and also removing smells. This feature have it’s most use in the raining and dry seasons. It increases the drying rate of wet clothes by 20% and gets you fresh laundry within 5 minutes.

Time delay button available offers a time period by which you can set your time within 1 to 24 hours whenever you need your clothes fresh and light. This feature can start washing your laundry in the morning on auto pilot whenever you set it in the night. Setting on auto pilot can increase your focus on your work and effort of leaving work and coming to wash your laundry.

Reload Function can let you stop the washing in between whenever a tie, pant or any type of laundry is left to be washed and when you mix the color straining laundry with white clothes like shirt, socks which can let the color mix with the others.

Specifications of Bosch WAT28400UC

Automatic and front loading with 300 2.2 Cu. Ft.

Vario drum interior design fights stains and easy wash clothes so that it does not take much time soaking

Comes with a clean LED Display

Detection enabled for foam, overload and impure water

Eco Perfect working with water and energy consumption

Quick wash feature to wash clothes within 15 minutes


Multiple automatic button facility makes it easy to use

Quality exterior and interior design to impress relatives

Built stable and light with less weight which can be transported easily

Fast and reliable with less maintenance required

Much silent with less vibrations

Installation and demo provided


Over the Budget and Costly to buy

Spare parts come at a high cost and so fixing will be costly after the warranty is over

Service center are less for fixes

best price

2. LG DLGX9001V 9.0 Cu. Ft. Graphite Steel Turbo Steam With Steam Cycle Gas Dryer  – Energy Star – Front Loading Washing Machine 2019

LG Best washing machines 2019

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LG (Life’s Good) is a branded company and everyone know about it very well because they have different types of products available in different fields like smartphones, television sets, cooking pans, pressure cookers, microwave ovens and many more.

Due to the variety of products available in different countries the availability of service center are more which reduces the problem of maintenance. If any problem happens to your product they will be there in a day to fix it for you but for some companies it could take even a week.

Features and performance

LG washers are more accurate in washing and can last long than many other competitor brands. Due to their vast expansion in every field of products they have achieved a major experience in looking after their customer support and that’s the reason LG products are more available in the nearby malls and stores near you by the distributors than rather online.

Every company wants to have their own way of product features rather than copying others and that is what a personal brand means. For example, you can consider windows and apple and look at their way of interface and design where nothing is at all similar.

Baby Care feature available at the board took care of the baby comfort by taking utmost care while washing clothes of a baby where it slows down little bit the paddle revolution and after that heats the laundry to a range of 99 degree so that all the wet property and bacteria are removed including the residue left by the detergent and the soap.

Rinse Hold feature is another most exceptional feature by which it holds the laundry for a particular period of time in detergent water without letting the paddles spin for a moment by which it removes away the foul smell and lightens the dirt easily so that it can be removed without much brushing. This feature maintains the quality and freshness.

Smart Diagnosis System is a self maintenance feature by which it self checks the interior system and sends notification to your smartphone that what are the spare parts which needs to be fixed and needs service immediately. There will be three parts of notifications like properly working, need works and should fix it. Here properly working refers to green signal which prefers that the part is well maintained. Needs work refers to yellow signal which is not urgent and can be looked afterwards. Should fix refers to red signal and should be fixed immediately otherwise the washer may stop working and that is the time when they advice you to call their service center engineer to look after the problem.

Inverter Control is a feature which helps in conserving energy and power of current by control the current fluctuations and maintaining constant flow of current. This feature helps in less consumption of current and water but too provides accurate washing of laundry.

Inverter Direct Drive Technology brings an advanced feature to be used which increases the work of machine as well as saves power. The technology implemented is latest to improve performance like the motor is directly connected to the drum without using any pulley and belt.

This latest technology helps to conserve energy by the fact that less mechanical devices are used. Other than less noise and vibration including increase in durability are other important factors.

6 Motion DD is also exceptional feature by which the cloth is washed by 6 different process like filter, tumbling, swing, stepping, rolling and scrubbing. By all the above processes the cloth minor parts of dirt are cleared away providing less damage and tangled clothes.

Specifications of  LG DLGX9001V 

Automatic washing enabled front loaded machine with 7 kg capacity

Inverter Direct Drive Technology by which motor and drum are directly attached without belt or pulley

Inverter Control System enabled for conserving energy and current

6 Motion DD by which laundry is washed by 6 different methods of water control

Motor comes with an extra 10 year warranty

Self maintenance app provided


Smart diagnosis feature of the machines lets the customer fix the problem at home

Faster in action and more stable due to direct drive technology

Less noise and vibration

Can compete with Bosch WAT28400UC the best washing machine

Features are more advanced

Service center is easily available due to large brand


Spare parts are costly when fixing

Costly and above the budget

best price

3. Samsung Mega Capacity Dual Washer Dryer- Best washing machine 2019

Product like Samsung have always been utmost user friendly and handy when comes in the hands of customers whether it is their refrigerators, extremely popular and used in every corner of the world smartphones , Air conditioners, and more. For the last 15 years they have been the most valuable and trusted company all over the world and the entire main factory is located in South Korea.

Features and Performance

Ranked #55 on the Amazon best sellers in Dryers and #6,400 under home appliances.

Samsung have been improved lightly since when it focused on washing machines and included many extraordinary features and durability factors.

With it’s Wash Cool and Save Energy it have become eco friendly and energy conserver. Eco Bubble Technology is what it uses to completely penetrating fabric and remove dirt from the core of clothing.

Intensive Stain Removal Technology is very much popular with the machines of Samsung by the button Bubble Soak Technology which helps to wash away the deep attached stains by sauce or gravy. Hard bubbles make the stain loosen it’s molecules by which it deepens into and removes the dirt easily.

Trust Worthy and Durable for a long time. The Digital Motor which is inverting in nature helps to provide exceptional energy to run paddles fast, less or no noise, and which comes with a 10 year warranty period and specified to work for more than 20 years of time.

Gentle Fabric care part compose of three parts like Drum is made smooth with diamond curved edges to be soft to your clothes and that’s why this machine is provided with small tapped holes to remove water slowly and protect the fabricated clothes from trapping. Second part is the Ceramic Heaters which have being developed to become efficient for longer periods. These heaters prevents the calcium compound build up which continuously absorb the electric energy and special detergents to mix which ultimately saves the energy cost by suddenly heating. Third part is the Volt fluctuations control feature which control the non-stability of the voltage by 25% and restart after the conversion.

Memorizing ability of the machine will let your previous settings to be accessed and applied to your laundry quickly. Drum cleansing is
reliable as it does not uses strong bleaching chemicals to remove the residue. Quick wash is what let’s your light clothes like baby dress, socks, tie, towel, washed in a minute.


Association of electronic technologies in Germany(VDE) awarded 20 year durability certification

Tested in accordance with IEC 60456 and got the certificate

Specifications of Samsung Dual Washer Dryer

Electric dry power source

Electric fuel type

No need of batteries

5 cu. ft. capacity

Efficiency is High

Branded company Samsung

Stainless black colored


High working efficiency for 2 years

Better for heavy and load clothes

Perfect cleaning and drying of laundry

Less maintenance with quick service center availability

Power Foam feature to optimize detergent penetration and cleansing

Automatic sensors enabled to dry clothes and stop the washing immediately if forgotten

Can easily last for 10 years with proper maintenance and uses


8E error code in diagnosis checking can cause trouble and money

Small leakage problem which can easily be fixed by the 24/7 customer support

best price

4. Whirlpool WTW8500DC HE Top Load Washer Chrome Shadow Cabrio  5.3 cubic feet capacity – Best Washing Machine

Whirlpool washing machine
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Whirlpool is well known all over the world for it’s washing machines and bath tubs everywhere.

Features and Performance

Whirlpool top load washer Ranked #302 on the Amazon Best seller in washers and #19,000 in Home appliances sale.

Every company is having it’s special different features to make the users comfortable and establish it’s own brand like the Whirlpool 360 bloom wash feature which uses 1/3 of the water than the other washing machines and use of detergent far more than the others. Other than that there is a heater available which helps the detergent to mix more effectively.

360 Tumble Motion feature makes the water move in several inside out circles so that the clothes gets clashed with each other to remove dirt and fabric effectively. Catalytic Soak feature makes the detergent mix with the 1/3rd of water so that the clothes get properly soaked and detergent packed before the wash begins.

H2Low Shower method is mainly used to loosen the dirt part or the fabric part. Wash and rinse feature is used to completely penetrate fabric and

remove dirt particles. Quick Comfort action is used to lower or silent the noise and vibrations by in built dampeners and hockey stick pattern method.

Other well known features are Eco Spray, Baby Care and 99.9% germ removal.

Specifications of Whirlpool WTW8500DC

Weight of the machine weighs 170 pounds

Dimension of the product is 45.8 x 29.2 x 28.6 inches

No need of batteries

Fuel type of the washer is electric supply

Comes with extra ordinary LED Display

Qualified with Energy Star Tag

Latest Active Spray Technology is used


Rinse and spin feature comes handy and fast

Cleaning and drying remains strongly effective

Extremely comfortable with easily portability and less noisy

Whirlpool motor quality is good with respect to other competitors and last more than 10 years


High noise and vibrations are still the problem

LID support is made up of plastic and can crack at any time if not handled carefully

Do not contain agitator and and top load design which hampers the total cleaning of clothes

Capacity is too much and is not for short people otherwise a stool is required

There is no spin cycle which can again rotate the drum so you have to again rinse it and spin which adds more water.

best price

5. LG Turbo Ultra (WM4270HWA + DLEX4270W) Pair Special with power – Capacity System with Steam (PURE WHITE COLOR) – Best Washing Machine 2019

Lg turbo pair washer dryer
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Life’s good company have already applied it’s hand on various technology products and still expanding to every electronic running devices.

Features and Performance

#1 in the Amazon best seller of washers and #521 in Home Appliances and 4.6 stars out of 5 stars in rating.

The whole set up of the machine runs on a three step process , the first one is the use of detergents while rinsing the laundry. Second one is waterfall move of the water cycle which emits more strong waves of water to increase dirt and fabric removal from the core. Third one is the plastic anti bacterial filter which is present from the beginning to remove unnecessary residue and detergent after washing of the laundry.

Drum is so efficiently designed that it removes the tangling of the garments so that the clothes stays fresh and cool for a longer period without even ironing.

Another technique is used that the drum always moves in opposite direction to the paddles so that the clothes get more squeeze removing dirt. The drum is made with stainless steel capability rather than plastic covering which makes the system more durable so that the machine can run longer even for years.

The digital display of the washing machine is more than good and comes with extra logic control which saves some data in the memory as backup in the machine in the times of power losses.

The Delay Start Option is to be well known as I have described in many times above by which the machine can be started and stopped according to timers.

Specifications of LG Turbo Ultra

Pure White in color

6 Motion Technology installed to circulate the water through 6 different ways

7.4 cubic feet of capacity which is great

Front Load washing machine with electronic dryer

Automatic Sensors present to dry the clothes and stop the washing automatically

Have the Energy Star Tag of 2014

Smart diagnosis system present which can send error messages to smartphone about the fix


Cleaning and drying is immense powerful with no error and sprinkles of detergent

Easy Iron Option present can automatically warm the clothes for you

Steam sanitary cycle can clean the interior dust and residue left of detergent by hot water

Design and look are great to impress anyone

Within the budget

Huge Drums with most storage capacity to wash tons of laundry

Best user experience till now due to the reviews which I am reading

Comes with a automated warranty of 2 years


Height problem for short people and use of stool is necessary to reach the dryer options

Vibrations and noise comes more which can be irritating after a year

Heating problem is common which are always available in products of LG

best price

6. Speed Queen AWN432S with 3.3 cubic feet capacity and Top Load Washer Stainless Steel Wash Tub, (White in color) – Best Washing Machine 2019

Speed queen washing machine
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Speed Queen are the best in rotating clothes up and down , speeding the motor , slowing down the motor, flitting and shutting it to completely remove any hard fabric or dirt so that the laundry looks brand new after the wash.

Features and Performance

4.4 stars out of 5 stars and probably the best in washing machines. Best sellers in Amazon with a rank of #3 in washers and #1001 in appliances

Time Remaining feature is something which gets highly used up during these working machines. It fixes the guessing time and allows the customer to hold down different works at different times and eliminates the tension of stopping the machine as it gets fixed.

Another extra ordinary feature is there which do not follows the Eco Space Consumption and fills the tub with full water to it’s head so that the clothes get rinse and wash to it’s maximum capabilities.

The buttons used here are fully touch type which enhances the customer experience rather that the membrane types. Everything in this machine is made with immense care so that the user gets a good feeling while using this.

Special detergents are used while washing so that the clothes don’t get at all frothy and messy while wash as the washer rotates around the water too much which makes it highly effective and also normal soap or powder can withstand the power of the motor and cannot clean clothes according to their technology.


Weight of the machine is 190 pounds

Dimension of the product is 27 x 25.7 x 44 inches

Color of the machine is Pure White

Standard cycles used are 17

No batteries are either required or included

3.3 cubic feet capacity which is perfect for short height of people to manage

Full tube wash and rinse factor are great which removes dirt to full extent


Hot Water is mostly used and also without any mixture of cold water

Almost Fit for Oxy-Wash other wise on other washing machine recommends it because it effects the interior design and spare parts badly

Immense quiet and silent so that not a single vibration can be heard off even if the washing is done to Max

Large Drum Holder and Capacity which can hold almost all the 5 bed sheets, 4 pillow cases, huge jeans and heavy clothing

Tub is provided with Stainless Steel covering which cannot get rust even after years

Unlimited Soaking as much as you want and water will not move out automatically after 10 minutes

Full Water Filler feature which can fill the water upto the top of drum which was stopped by the government to conserve water and any

Cycle is much quick with over 30 minutes of heavy laundry wash

Customer support is 24/7 available with expert engineers

No computer technology available in the washer which is liked by many people

Lasts long for almost 10+ years of use with proper maintenance

Budget friendly for common people and gives a much better performance for money


For again letting the rinse of laundry you have to add softener by hand

Makes a little vibrations after a year of use

best price

7. Bosch WTB86200UC 24″ Series Electric Dryer Ascenta and Bosch WAT28400UC 24″ 300 Front Load Laundry Pair White With Series Washer – Best Washing Machine 2019

Bosch pair washing machine
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Active Water feature of Bosch machines is so friendly that it adjusts the water automatically to make the washing accurate and due to it’s Eco space tag which saves water and energy automatically while working. It also applies hot water at last to eliminate the bacteria and residue left after wash which expands the life and makes it working for even 10+ years.

Features and Performance

Ranked #6 on amazon best seller washer and #1180 in appliances in a very short interval of time

Many features I have already explained above in one more modified than this one and costly bosch machine. The Allergy Plus ECARF ( European Center For Allergy Research Foundation) program tag assures that it is a perfectly Eco product which provides higher hygiene than others by spraying hot water and cleaning it thoroughly.

The product is so well designed Anti Vibrated in order to immensely lower the noise and sound so that the customer didn’t feels irritated with the unnecessary vibrations of the spin rotations.

Reload function is something which is present in almost all the machines which I reviewed earlier. This is something which washes the laundry within less than 30 minutes and without effecting the quality of the clothes. It compresses the time to about 70%.

As usual Time Delay should be present which let’s you set the time manually when the washer should automatically start and stop. Other features includes Volt Check, Water Plus, Vario drum technology, and +10 years free warranty on motor.


2.2 cubic feet capacity with less laundry storage space than the others

LED display available which let’s you watch the interior drum while washing

Paddles and motor can work under power of 1400 rpm

Drum is coated with stainless steel covering which stops the drum from getting rusted even after years

Motor is made Eco silence to make less noise and vibrations

6 types of Drying options available

Washer is made compact in nature

Both are pure white in appearance and smaller than the above machines

Working and washing is fast and reliable


Works smoothly than the others without making much noise and vibrating

Stylish design and experience which looks great and costly

Cycle duration time is only 45 minutes an hour

Buttons and handling is easy and good

Electric Condensation Dryer is better and stable

Budget friendly and can easily fit in the savings price of common man with 2 different washers


Smaller and cannot wash much clothes at a time

Customer support can take time to reach and fix the problem

best price

8. EdgeStar Vent less Washer and 2.0 Cu. Ft. Dryer All in One Combination – (Silver in color) – Best Washing Machine 2019

Edgestar washing machine
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EdgeStar recommended as the best washer dryer within a common budget and too comes with both washer and dryer tech both. When you look at the design and the special features that it offers you will notice that it is mainly made to surpass all the competitors in respect of quality and specifications.

Features and Performance

#1 on the Amazon best seller in All in one combination washer and dryer and #390 in appliances.

This is mainly designed for the purpose to serve those people who are both not having space and utmost budget to buy high quality brand products. It is a trusted product with 5 star reviews and answers. Some of the best qualifications of this product have been listed below.

Edge star is provided with high heat to terminate any bacteria coming up, 3 soil settings, 5 motion spinning tech, 13 washing styles to remove the dirt to it’s max level. You can too adjust rotation of paddle and motor speed between 600 revolution per second to 1200 revolution per second.


Total wash cycles are 13 in number which provide 100% cleaning rate

Interior Water Heater CWD1550S are available which warm the water during wash and residue removal

Latest Drying Technology used Ventless

Washing Capacity is 15 pounds

Drying Capacity is 7.7 pounds

Dimension of the washer is 22.2 x 23.6 x 33.4 inches

Silver finishing and color is used


Extra Wide Spin Speed Range from 600 rpm to 1200 to handle and manage huge volume of laundry at a time

Portability is more to move it anywhere and fix anywhere in small Apartments, Hair salons, and RVs

Just a 115 plug and connection to faucet is required to install including sink to water source and drain

One kit instead of two to make it highly durable

Footprint is made smaller and the combo of one kit can be usable everywhere

Highly Budget friendly to easily fix within a common man’s monthly income


As the washer is vent less, the drying speed is little low compared to others above

Service center and Customer support can take time to reach

best price

9. Speed Queen Topload Washer AWNE92SP113TW01 – Best Washing Machine 2019

Speed queen washing machine
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Speed Queen is an American built company which mainly focuses on building high efficiency washing machines and is head quartered in Wisconsin, Ripon which is having more than 3000+ dealers across the world and 2000+ dedicated employees to work in the sphere. The Speed Queen ensures that it uses each and every spare part of high quality and focuses and single things to provide hands down quality to it’s customers.

Speed Queen has over 200+ engineers who are mainly focusing on the advancement and user friendly design and working of the machine and several experiments are going on like testing, prototype and field test and after a certified certificate only they launch the product in the world market. According to their researchers a speed queen washing machine can last for 25 years.

Features and Performance

Ranked #19 in the washers section of Amazon Best Seller #2,292 in the Appliances section

On their branded website they discuss about the five product development processes used like

Finite Element Analysis by which they look after minor details before they manufacture the prototype. Modeling and digital engineers look after the design of each and every small particles to achieve and provide quality at higher levels.

Component testing by which the prototypes are tested with the difficult temperature conditions and harshest survival periods to check the duration timing and how long can the product can last.

Life and Load Testing by which each washing machine is processed to it’s breaking point so that new faults and breaks can be noticed and made even better and the best. “American product is the best product” is what they want to prove.

Field testing by which prototype is tested in home and factories to ensure that it is co operating with the users and providing immense usefulness.

At last is the World Class Manufacturing and Quality Control by which several parts and tags are embedded in the machine like American pride and State Art technology which will be able to surpass any other competition companies.


Color of the washer is pure white

Provided with full tub wash which fills the entire tub with water

68 Stokes per minute with 210 Agitation manages and cleans your dirty clothes with full efficiency

Time display of remaining time it will take to complete total wash allows the individual to do other work

Starting Timer is available by which one can fix the time when the washing should start

Steel Cabinet enabled to provide efficient 3 layered protection and durability

No batteries are included


Quiet and silent washing without any voice and vibration

Design is friendly and cool looking

Large Capacity to hold and wash much laundry at a time

Third Rinse option present on the board makes the washer adequate for the laundry like socks, tie and child clothes

Delay Start available to set the timer for washing the clothes at any particular time

Water Softner present and can be set from time to time

Stench problem removed on front loader

Machine is not so complicated and easy to handle “100% User Friendly”


According to a customer review, the included hoses should be made of stainless steel instead of plastic at this branded price

Customer support and help can take time

best price

10. Electrolux EIMGD60LT Gas Dryer & Electrolux EIFLS60LT Washer Electrolux Laundry Bundle – Titanium – Best Washing Machine 2019

electrolux washing machine
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The Typhoon Paddles of Electrolux available within the mechanical system is of top quality and modifies to clothes to it’s brand new condition which removes all kinds of fabric, color and dirt and without tangled clothes.

Features and Performance

Ranked #5 in Stacked Washer and Drying units on the Amazon bestseller and #3200 in the Appliances section.

The Express Dryer facility available makes the washed clothes dry in a less amount of time so customer does not need to go anywhere without wearing properly dressed coats and pants.

9 Wash Technology feature which surpassed the 6 Motion Technology of other machines like normal wash, soak, delicate, pre fall, 3D waterfall, saree course, super tech, spin types. Other features include memory backup logic circuit, 8 water level settings, automatic error detection through smart diagnosis tool, digital display of front loader and 5 step turbo wash feature to accelerate product output.

The Electrolux washing machine have been designed so smooth with curved edges to save from hurting children, awesome looking to show off in front of relatives.

The Error Detection Feature prompts when ever the washer or dryer is loaded with enough and heavy stuff.


Available in Titanium Metallic color

Weight of 522 pounds which is not more

Comes with High Efficiency (HE) Tag

Cycle steam is present to dry the clothes immediately

Provided with Energy Star Consumption tag which saves 60% water and 160% more electricity (Eco Friendly)

Product accurate dimension is 31.4 x 27 x 53 inches

Steam Front Load Washer is provided with 4.3 cubic feet capacity

Steam Gas Dryer is of 8.1 cubic feet capacity

Extra fabric protection is enabled in dryer to maintain the quality of clothes


Fastest washer of span time 15 minutes and fastest dryer of span time 14 minutes is available

Can Perfectly work for a span of 10 years

Customer support is available quickly within next day of call

Curbside Delivery residential is available and delivered free of cost

Capacity is large and can wash/dry many heavy clothes at a particular amount of time


Pedestal is not included

Softener/ bleach/ soap should be added by hand

best price

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Best washing machines of 2019 have been listed and if you want anything that I have mistaken or forgotten to add in the above post then you can freely comment below and let me know. You can also aware me of the mistakes that I have done. Feel free to connect and comment.

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