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Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

Here we will be discussing about the complete review and buying guides about the best wireless charger 2020 which are equipped with all the latest updated technologies of the future. Companies are currently working on this chargers with focus to decrease their charging time and charge the wireless and fast charging devices at utmost speed. Almost all the branded companies in this market are working on their charging technologies to provide the customers with super fast chargers.


Technological advancements are always in line with the needs of the people using such technology. As a reporter, you do not have to wear a long brown coat filled with wires to cover a story. Instead, you can make use of a recording pen. Yes, its a pen that can record. Similarly, guard post and watch towers are gradually getting replaced by hidden spy cam. You cannot compare the modern day cinema to the one of two to five decades ago. These and many more are examples to how far we have been developing as regards the use of technology.


Currently this featured charger 2020 is creating a great market for itself among the customer by providing top down features than the others in the competition. This is the iOttie iON Wireless Fast Charging Stand with Qi-Certified Charger which comes with 7.5W for iPhone Xs Max R 8 Plus 10W for Samsung S9 Note 9. The shipment box also includes USB C Cable & AC Adapter.


Today, we are going to be talking about an aspect of technology that is fast gaining acceptance and appreciation. This technological equipment was born as what was on ground wasn’t totally satisfactory. I am talking about wireless chargers. The use of chargers with cords or wires for phone was and is still effective. Although it was effective, it had some shortcomings. Most of the issues came as a result of its cord or wires or the USB hub. Once the wire or the USB hub develops a problem, you will have difficulties charging your phone. This made people clamour for more. Wireless charging started gaining ground despite the reserve on how fast it can charge your device and if it has a side effect on the battery of your device in the long run. Without further ado, below are some of the best wireless chargers projected to make wave in 2020.


Best Wireless Chargers to buy in 2020


1. Seneo Wireless Charging Stand: Best seller 2020


This is considered one of the best wireless charging devices according to Amazon. It should not come as a surprise as it charges your device fifteen percent faster than most wireless chargers. This means that you do not have to fear that your device will not be charging because you’re using it while charging it.

  • Nice, cool and sleek design to give your phone accessory that refined look.
  • The LED light will help you distinguish between when your device is charging and when it is not charging.
  • Ten watts and five watts modes to charge your Samsung and iPhone devices respectively.
  • It has temperature, short circuit and voltage protection.
  • It can charge a phone whose case is as much as 5 mm thick at the same charging speed.
  • It charges your device no matter how it is placed on it.
  • It is only compatible with Samsung and Apple devices
  • Its actual output is a maximum of 7.5 watts
  • It also charges iPhone at a quite slow rate


2. Anker Power wave stand: Powerful Wireless Charger


This one from Anker wireless chargers 2020 is arguably one of the most powerful wireless charger. With a power range of 5 to 10 watts, you are rest assured that your device will charge at optimum speed. The casing of your phone will not pose a problem. So, you do not have to remove an additional case that makes your phone beautiful. It also comes with a fan that can be a little loud depending on the quietness of your present environment.

  • It’s capable of charging your phone with it’s case on
  • It is compatible with a wide range of devices. It is not limited to Samsung and Apple devices
  • It has an output of 5 watts which is quite slow even for an iPhone.


3. Yootech wireless charger: All Phones Compatible


This is one wireless charging device that gives so much service for so little financial cost. With a charging power of 10 watts, 7.5 watts and 5 watts on Samsung, iPhone and other devices, it will definitely give any other device on this list a run for its money. It also comes with an intelligent temperature management system that ensures neither the charger nor your phone overheats during charging.

  • It is affordable
  • It is sleep friendly and will not disturb you with glaring or loud beeps
  • Intelligent LED indicates if your phone is charging and will go off once your device is charging
  • Very fast charger and charges a wide range of chargers
  • It is a puck not a charging stand


4. XDesign 10W wireless charger: Best In Class


It really meets up to its name in terms of design. It also does not disappoint in terms of power generation. It can produce up to ten watts of power so you are assured it will charge any device as fast as possible. It is also QI certified so it will charge any device that enables wireless charging.

  • It is compatible with both QI and non QI powered devices.
  • Intelligent LED lights are visible yet will not disturb you
  • It does not need special placement as your device will begin to charge once you place it on the charging pad
  • It can only charge non QI powered devices with their cases off
  • It cannot charge a device with a casing that is 5mm thick


5. Nanami QI Certified charger: All Devices Compatible


This is another wireless charger that does not disappoint in terms of fast charging. This best wireless charger 2020 is good for Samsung and other QI powered android phones. It is well designed to avoid overheating as a result of usage.

  • Intelligent LED lights to indicate if your device is charging and if it is full
  • A good design to help charge your phone whether you place it in landscape mode or portrait mode
  • It charges your device at optimal range with a case that is 5 mm thick
  • It charges at a slow rate


6. Ravpower fast wireless charger: QC 3.0 adapter included


Particularly known for its sleek design thanks to its metal design. It also has a maximum output of 10 watts to help cut down on the charging time. Despite the flat design, the rubber top is designed to keep a grip on phones with even the most phones without leaving a scratch on the phone. The metal case will also prevent it from sliding across the surface. Despite its seemingly high price, Ravpower wireless charger is quite a catch.

  • Very sleek and beautiful design.
  • It does not overheat
  • Its prevents overcharging, over voltage and over current
  • It can detect and charge iPhone within charging range
  • It can charge almost any device no matter its size
  • Fixed LED charger. You cannot detect if your iPhone is full. Unlike when you are charging a Samsung phone.
  • It is not the fastest of chargers. It is actually mid ranged in terms of output.
  • Its sleek design also makes it fragile. You may want to place it somewhere safe.
  • Unable to charge phones with casings more than 3 mm thick


7. Samsung QI wireless charger: Branded


When the name Samsung pops up, one of the last things people will have in mind is the production of a wireless charger. Samsung has however joined in the race and are currently giving other producers a run for their money. Originally designed for Samsung phones, its 9w chargers that are of Qi industry standard will work with almost any device. Despite its plastic design, its larger than most chargers so you should not have a problem charging tablets and pads. It also comes with a fan inside to ensure that it maintains room temperature while in use.

  • Its wireless charger are people friendly and can charge your device in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Multiple colored LED lights indicate whether or not your device is charging
  • It charges your device with a standard output of 9 watts
  • LED lights are very subtle and will not cause nuisance by glaring at you
  • Its inbuilt fan keeps it from overheating.
  • It hardly charges a device with a casing more than 2mm thick
  • The inbuilt cooling fan can be sometimes loud depending on the quietness of your environment.


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Initially, all the chargers included in this best wireless chargers 2020 list are updated with all the latest technologies. These days however, people are beginning to embrace them. Most of the wireless charging devices listed above were chosen based on criteria such as their ability to charge phones fast, their design, their price, etc. You can have everything in one charger for now. Hopefully in my next update, there will be chargers that will be providing ultimate super fast charging.

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