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18 Future Technology Predictions to Change the World

Technology have been advanced a lot but there are more to come in the future. As without further innovation the growth of human being will be stopped and without new Future technology predictions and inventions the unemployment rate will increase and are more likely to create fights, rebellion against the government and the human kind. There are several benefits which the new technology innovations can bring along with employment, engagement, outreach, vastness of the mind, more artificial intelligence techniques and others. The best fact of technology is that it can almost adjust everywhere like in biology, space research, construction techniques, factories, industries, education, clothing, home improvement and others. The scope of new technology in the market is so vast that it can bring vast opportunities and peace in the present prevailing market of the world society.

I have almost created a list of more than 100 future technology predictions which are there to come in and will start appearing in the markets year by year starting from 2020, 2050 to 2100 and further. In this post only 18 predictions are to be described but later on I think that it will be updated with addition of new technology ideas monthly. The most famous futurist Ray Kurzweil said that the future technology is mainly going to be consists of Nano technology, Robotics, Genetics and the artificial intelligence. He said that the AI and the Robotics are going to be the most prominent tech in the upcoming future. Apart from scientist he is also a well known author who’s books have been the best seller like the “The age of spiritual machines” and the “How to create a Mind”. The books have been so advanced and helpful that Google hired him for leading the Artificial Intelligence Team in California of United States. These future technology ideas provide an accurate timeline too and their work have already started.

Here in this guide some important and most prominent to occur Future Technology Predictions are going to mentioned. Apart from the benefits there are several facts which are also going to affect the current infrastructure of studying, employment and each and every way of doing things. This fast growing technology is going to rule the world in future. Those will are willing to change with it will improve a lot and could make a luxury living for themselves but for those who will not are going to face tough times in the future.


[Infographic] Complete List of the Future Technology Predictions


Future Technology Predictions

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Apart from the above infographic this extra ordinary list of emerging technologies from Wiki can also help you more in getting an entire knowledge of the innovations on which different nations are working on to make their infrastructure more nature friendly and advance than the others.

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