Hi everyone, hope I will be able to clear here most of your doubts about the current situation of poor class children in India, street children in India who are being mostly prone to child labor in hotels, bars, construction and other purposes. Along with the child labor issue these children are often getting prone to child trafficking in India by some of the gangs operating in the under society of India slums and corner.

The fact behind the current condition of this children is that this children are mostly born on the streets or villages by parents who themselves do not have anything to eat specially by the lower class laborers and workers of the society who live side by side any building construction, where they work and sleep. Along with many other homeless beggars who roam around the streets of India collecting garbage for recycling and other small works.

Due to the current situation of their parents who leave them after their birth on the streets or any “Ashram” or force them to work along with them. There are mostly 4 major types of child misuse have been mentioned here which are mostly common in parts of India.

1. Illegal Domestic Services Enforcement:

Most of the children are getting trafficked in India on the demands that they will be given excellent wages and good mode of living while working as a maid in different apartments, flats and houses in Indian cities but once being transported there they are mostly getting being abused, beaten, maltreated and not paid often times. This type of trafficking is mostly in demand by the some of the notorious rich families of cities.

2. In Demand Child Labor:

Children are working as laborers in the rural areas brought from the urban areas due to uprising demand in the society. Mostly these child labors will be noticed in the construction areas and hotels of popular cities of India. The fact is these children have very less demand from the owners, less accommodation cost, truthful work, no worry of leaving behind the work for new type of work and others.

Whereas the adult labors pose specific demands to the owners and a decent pay each month. These children are often abused and beaten when they deny any of their owners order of working.

3. Illegal begging and Organ trafficking

This is the most brutal section of the human child labor section and many of the children are getting victimized here.

4. Children Exploitation of Sex, gambling and trade

Many girls are getting stolen from their street homes or village homes at night to be forced in this illegal trading section. The major trading areas being Mumbai of India which alone generates about $400 million dollars for the illegal traders or gangs.

Where do we Donate:

We donate every month 10% of our income to the poor children helping community “Rising Indians” which is a non-profit organisation based on helping and providing education, clothes and create awareness among the people for taking deep care about the issue of child abuse and labor in the society.

A small school towards the education of this poor innocent children. We work towards the bright future of street children carefree and so aware people to do so.