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In most of the Western Countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and many European Countries the use of dishwashers have widely been increased from a lot. Here I am going to write a Best Top 10 review on the Best Dishwasher 2019. In the houses where the family is generously more and serving … Read more Top 10 Best Dishwasher 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

Top 10 Best Golf Irons 2020 – Reviewed (Updated)

best golf irons

Golf is emerging day by day as a popular sport and many rich people are playing it throughout their time span. There are many Things required at the time of playing golf like the golf bags, golf balls, golf drivers, and irons. Scoreboard and mini battery cars may be provided by the golf clubs itself at a certain amount of rent so you do not need to buy it. Here I am going to provide the “Best Golf Irons 2019” which include single piece explanation to a total golf iron sets description which is mostly used by the people all throughout the world and is also ranked as the best sellers on many E-commerce websites like Amazon and E Bay including many others.

Callaway, Taylormade, Paragon, Cobra Incorporation are some of the well-known marketing brands in Best golf irons 2019 and occupy most of the worldwide market in selling golf related accessories.

People mostly know it as a game where a person is given a golf ball and he has to throw it in several green holes in a very less amount of strikes. If anyone does it or breaks the record of the Former Champion of the club then he would be given a trophy and a certain amount of cash prize to be undertaken. There are mostly two types of games played on a daily basis other than championships which are Stroke play and Matchplay.

best golf irons

Stroke play is meant for the individuals among which play the game in most less number of strikes and the Matchplay where it is seen that in how many less strikes the whole team plays or wins the game. The Game of golf is really hard and there is a large ground made available for the game to be played peacefully including the peaks, rivers, pond and sand towers and many more danger zones where if your golf ball got stuck it becomes really hard to take it out. The first ever golf yard had almost 18 holes was made over a sheep farm in Illinois of United States of America in 1892. Golf Iron is the main thing which is mostly required in setting the ball exactly in the hole other than anything.

Check the list of Best Golf Irons 2019

Golf IronsShaft MaterialFlexWeight
Callaway Steelhead XRGraphite/SteelLadies/Regular/Senior/Stiff4 ounces
Callaway Men's XR OSGraphite/SteelRegular/Senior/Stiff14.4 ounces
TaylorMade M2 Men's Golf WedgeGraphiteSenior14.4 ounces
TaylorMade M2 Men's Golf Iron Set
Graphite/SteelRegular/Senior/Stiff 6.8 lbs
TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner HL Iron Set
Graphite/SteelRegular/Senior/Stiff8.6 lbs
Paragon Kids Junior #7Graphite/SteelRegular12 ounces
Forgan F-150 Golf Club Iron SetGraphite/SteelLadies/Regular/Senior2.01 lbs
Adams Golf- Blue Combo IronsGraphiteStiff8 lbs
Cobra KING F6 Iron SetGraphite/SteelRegular/Stiff8.7 lbs
Paragon Rising Star Kids Junior #7SteelRegular12.6 ounces

All the items reviewed here are written with excellent experienced writers and taking into account the star ratings of different E-commerce websites. Every item topic is well explained including the pros and cons of buying the product so that no issue remains hidden even if you buy the product. We believe in providing 100% more info on the same best golf irons than any other related topic websites in the market.

1. Callaway XR Individual Iron Steel head – Best Golf Irons 2019

Known as the American Golf Company that sells everything all throughout the world related to golf. The Founder of the company was Ely Callaway Junior in 1982. The main headquarter of the company is located in California. In the year 2016, they generated a total revenue of about 1.2 billion dollars. At present, the CEO of the company is Chip Brewer.


Features and Performance


Callaway steel head best golf irons 2019
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Callaway Iron ranked #1 in the Golf Irons section and number #8200 in the Sports and an Outdoor section on the Amazon Best Seller List. This iron mentioned here is the best among all and have got a rating of about 4.5 stars out of 5 stars by the previous customers. The total weight of the product is made 1 pound which is considered the best for playing and holding. There are over 34 customer reviews to check out the working of the product along with 6 answered questions from the buyer itself to clear your every doubt what are you about to buy on the Amazon Product Page.

The following golf iron has also got a Gold Medal Award in the Best Golf Digest 2017.


A combination of the Stock Steel Shaft have been used which include the True Temper XP 95 Step-less and the Stock Graphite Shaft

The master positioning of the CG has been done with easy launch and power carry for the long irons

There is lower and higher spin shots for the short irons and much stronger controls for the mid irons

Bore Thru Hosel Design Technology saves more weight by lowering the material in the head section for more forgiveness and powerful launch

Shock Eliminator Technology with steel infused controls the unnecessary vibrations of the golf iron and also the center of gravity in the upper portion for greater and bigger launch

Another Powerful Technology called 360 Face Cup Technology is added to increase the speed on both the center hits and spin hits with great force and speed


Some clubs may be lightweight in nature but can be increased later

The set may sometime get ordered incomplete but the customer can add to the cart all at one


best price


2. Callaway XR OS Individual Iron for Men’s – Best Golf Irons 2019

This company have emerged as the best golf products seller all over the world and have become the best brands to sell golf products. Founded in 1982 it is trying to expand its arms by manufacturing different products for sports too.


Features and Performance


Callaway XR best golf irons 2019
View on Amazon

Mostly similar to the first one and Callaway XR OS Individual Iron is ranked number #2 among the best Golf Irons 2019 and number #15000 in the Sports and an Outdoor section of the Amazon Best Seller list. This has also got the same response from the customers as the first one and got a total of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The actual weight of the product in shipping is 13.6 ounces which works great in bare hands. There are over 20 reviews by the customers and over 4 answered question by the Seller about the product specifications on the Amazon Product Page. The overall design is professional and meant for great players on the field.


A lot of lofts and progressive lengths are added to hit the ball to a longer distance without much effort and swift touch

Extra Forgiving Technology by making the soles wider and rough to hit hard shots even at difficult positions and provides confidence

Lower Center of Gravity to hit the ball easily and with a more accurate location in the hole and even with big hits

360 Technology embedded which made the USA be the #1 in Golf Iron and with more fast nature

The model of the graphite shaft is Mitsubishi Fubuki AT Shaft

Right and the best tool ever to play golf and never disappoints the customer

Can hit up to a maximum of 20 yards which is great

Customer service is great and extraordinary being a brand of United States


Not developed for the junior children and only available for experienced players

May lose it’s stylish shine after several years of use

best price


3. TaylorMade Golf Wedge 2019 M2 for Men’s

TaylorMade was popularly known as one of the best brands in selling golf bags, irons, ball, and accessories all over the world. Founded in 1979 the company have emerged as a great organization and the headquarter is located in California, United States. The Founder of this great company was Gary Adams. This company has a billion dollar income from the year 2006 when it first crossed that mark.


Features and Performance


Taylor made golf wedge
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Ranked number #3 in the Golf Irons section and more than number #20000 in the Sports and an Outdoor section of the Amazon Best Seller List. The product has got about 5 stars out of 5. The total weight of the product in terms of shipping is about 13.6 ounces which is almost better. There are over 15 successful reviews by the customer who gave 5 stars each and 5 questions answered by the seller to clear every small doubt about the product. The average product dimension is about (13,6 and 6) inches which works great.


Latest Face Slot Technology which adds extreme cuts to the shots besides the heel or toe

Speed Pocket Technology is used to move the ball extremely straight without any false

Proper Turf Interaction Technique increases the work and power to lift the ball to great heights

Top Line is made ultra-thin with 180-degree fluted hosel to lower the center of gravity

Compact shape technology is used here which includes reduced offset, thin top line, smaller head design, and shorter blade length

All the clubs are made of multi-materials like steel mixed with tungsten which is meant to be a high-density material

The angle of loft on the AW is about 49 degree

The loft degree for the pitching wedge is about 43.5 degree

Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge, and Pitching Wedge comes included

Mainly designed for experienced players


No Cons to say so but all the clubs are meant for both short shots and higher launch

Comes with custom shaft and grip options to change according to your needs

best price


4. TaylorMade Golf Iron Set 2019 M2 for Men’s – Best Golf Irons 2019

Popular as the big brand just as the Callaway in selling golf products all over the world. Gary Adams founded the company and the headquarter is situated in California of USA. Later KPS Capital Partners bought the whole company for a 425 million dollar income.

Features and Performance


Taylor made best golf irons 2019
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Taylor Golf Irons ranked number #3 in the Golf Iron Sets and more than number #28000 in the sports and outdoor section on the Amazon Best Seller list. The product has an average customer rating of about 4 stars out of 5 stars. The total weight of the whole golf complete set is about 6.5 pounds which is great. The product dimension is about (48,6 and 6) inches. There are over 25 customer genuine Reviews and 10 answered question by the seller to the visitors on the Amazon Product Page.


Latest Multi-Material Technology is used to design this golf iron which includes Tungsten of high quality. The material extremely lowers the center of gravity and makes the ball moves faster with force

With the leading edges, the M 1 iron is provided with Proper Turf Interaction Technology to increase the amount of work and power

The latest Compact Shape Technology makes it worth the price. Smaller head design structure than the others, short blade length than the others,

Thin Top line than the others, and reduced offset which makes it extremely cool and stylish

The Latest Face Slot Technology is also embedded to improve the toe shot and also added by Speed Pocket Technology

The top of all the sets are made ultra thin to support higher launch and increase in distance

The 180-degree fluted hosel makes the CG lower to help lift the ball up in the air for long shots

The set consists of total 8 irons of which 4 are short and other 4 are long.


Top quality products and do not found any bad stuff online to write here

All in one configuration assembled to play with confidence

The toe of the clubs of all should be checked after the order reaches home

best price


5. TaylorMade AeroBurner HL Iron Set for Men’s 

As discussed this brand in the upper section that it has become a great organization which sells golf products and accessories for the cheap price. Founded in 1979 by Gary Adams the whole company is now bought by KPS Capital partners with total settlement in 2017 for a price of whopping 425 million dollars.


Features and Performance


Taylor made best golf irons 2019
View on Amazon

Taylor Made Iron Set ranked #5 in the Golf Iron Sets and about number #40000 in the Sports and an Outdoor section on the Amazon Best Seller List. The average weight of the total golf set is about 8.5 pounds and a product dimension of about (48,5 and 5) inches. There is a total rating of about 5 stars out of 5 among the all the reviews given by the customers. On the Amazon Product Page, there are about 9 reviews by the customer and about 6 questions answered by the seller to clear all the misconception about the products. You can also ask anything to clear your face about the product.


The lofts are made optimized and ground ready to power long shots and gaps

For designing the head the latest MOI Technology is used which makes the head bigger for maintaining the Center of Gravity

Faces are made extremely thin and are fast with a lower center of gravity increase shot distance and projectile

The loft of the sand Wedge measures 55 Degree and for watching more visit the best price link

These clubs are expert in meeting high trajectory points with one perfect shot

The center of gravity is kept low to meet high launch and provide a great feeling

Higher lofts for consistent longer shots than usual throughout the ground

The COR Design Technology increases the ball speed over the ground

The golf irons are made with longer blade length, more offset and thicker top to improve ball hitting


Customer service can take time if any problem gets experienced with the clubs

Short irons may be easy to maintain but for long irons power of the person operating them is necessary and he should be tall too

The set contains any special golf iron for special height people like 6’5 feet tall or more like (A+1)

best price


6. Paragon Junior #7 Iron Ages 5-7 Yellow Rising Star Kids

Paragon Company was founded in the year 1986 for personal purposes but later on, it expanded all over the world and emerged to become a multi-million dollar company. The company made its name by the use of best graphite shafts in its golf accessories and later on become famous all over the world. Winning silver and gold medal from the Golf Digest awards every year.


Features and Performance


Paragon junior best golf irons 2019
View on Amazon

Paragon Junior Ranked number #4 in the Best golf irons in 2019 and number #32000 in the best Spartan s and an Outdoor section of the Amazon Best Sellers list. The total defined weight of the product is about 12 ounces. The total rating is about 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The product has got a total of 5 reviews from the customers and got 5 stars in all the five. If any doubt exists in your mind about the product you can ask the seller for free and get the answer within an hour.


The Embedded Graphite Shafts come with a Lifetime Warranty by the Company

Winner of the Gold Award in the Golf Digest Hot Award Series held in America

Well Design and Look for both the Left Handed and Right Handed person at the same time

Designed mainly for the children playing between the age group 5 years to 7 years

The measurement from the Knuckle to Ground is about 18 inches to 22 inches of length which works great

The sole of the iron is made extreme wide with oversized stainless steel at the top to handle center of gravity the most

For ages between 3-5, 5-7, 7-10, 10-13 they fit lightly and are the best


Proper details including the size and the age should be mentioned before buying it otherwise it may get delivered short. Try to put some age greater than the actual age

The price is very low according to its great features

best price


7. Forgan SW Custom Fit F-150 Golf Club Iron Set 4

Forgan golf is the oldest and the first branded company to be found in this sector of golf. Headquarter located in Scotland it emerged as the best-known brand in his country and then expanding throughout the world.


Features and Performance


Forgan best golf irons 2019
View on Amazon

Forgan Golf Club Set ranked number #100 in the Best Golf Club Sets and #30000 in the sports and outdoor section on the Amazon best sellers list. The actual weight of the product is about 2 pounds and can ship to any corner of the United States including the United Kingdom and Canada. The product has a 5-star rating out of 5 stars. There are over 5 customer reviews which can be checked to certify the verification. Any doubt about the product features can be cleared by the Seller in the Answer Question Section on the Amazon Product Page.


They use premium steel equip shafts ordered from Apollo Incorporation

Forgan graphite shaft provide more swing and ball moving with faster distance across the ground and destination

The Forgan Golf Iron is very much light in weight and Technology with only 58 grams of weight

The top line of the Golf Iron is medium sized than any other company and provide pleasure while playing an extra confidence to hit large and

big shots without much hustle

With Perimeter Weight Technology even the Off-center contact with the ball makes the ball go straight to the desired position

The Outer Sole of the Golf Iron makes it good to hit long shots even in bad weather and conditions

The Stainless Steel Head Irons will last for years as offered by the company itself

A Quality product made in the United States with great customer service

The set contains a total of 8 Clubs for different grounds and shots


Light with extreme grips but can change it according to your needs

Color is great for few years and after that, it may lose its shining nature

The product is great and it is really difficult for me to point any defective nature

best price


8. Adams 3,4, 5-PW Graphite Blue Combo Best Golf Irons 2019

Founded in 1991 by Barney Adams is the young company to be open in the 90’s. Their main area of expertise lies in the golf clubs and they are well known for their design and extreme looks with a lower center of gravity clubs. The owner of the company nowadays id Adidas.


Features and Performance


Adams golf irons
View on Amazon

Adams Combo Best Golf Irons is ranked number #21 in the Best golf Iron Sets section and more than number #90000 in the Sports and Outdoor section in the Amazon Best Seller List. The actual weight of the product is about 8 pounds with a whole total dimension of about (4,3 and 41) inches. This Item cannot be shipped internationally but can be shipped all throughout the United States of America. The average star rating by the customers is 4.5 which is great for an absolute quality product. There are over 36 customer reviews in total and about 36 answered the question by the seller itself so that you can check out or clear out you’re each minor details.


The shaft of this stuff is made with a slim technology which provides long and fast kick including easy launch while taking shots. The shaft is as slim as .370 inch

The golf iron is well designed with the low and back center of gravity to play heavy shots and lower shots too for making the ball more spin and with top speed nature

A new technology called Velocity Shot Technology is embedded into the golf iron for placing the ball to a large distance of length and work with flexibility and confidence

The set has graphite in the hybrid section embedded and steel in rest of the section to make the center of gravity effective

The set includes 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid, and rest 5-9, pare irons

the whole shipping of the product is considered to be done the next day at exact timing so Amazon is extremely fast and secure website in the whole world when it comes to online shopping

These are well known as the Quality Clubs in terms of Callaway and Taylor made

Usually meant for adults and above 50 age group and this helps a lot in improving the game

The clubs are really lightweight and make the ball shot accurate to the hole


The flex can be little stiff to help people for the slice but it’s good

The ball flight is a little higher for an efficient shot but changing the grips can fix the issue

best price


9. Cobra F6 Iron Set KING – Best Golf Irons 2019

Cobra golf is the best manufacturer of golf products throughout the world. Founded by Thomas L Crow in the year 1973. They manufacture everything related to golf and headquarter is located in Carlsbad of California in the United States. Recommended to be in the Best Golf Irons 2019.


Features and Performance


Cobra best golf irons 2019
View on Amazon

Cobra Golf Set ranked number #25 in the Best Golf Set section and more than number #100000 in the Sports and an outdoor section on the Amazon Best Seller list. There is a total of 3.5-star customer rating on this product than the others out of 5 stars. The actual weight of the product is 8.7 pounds in terms of shipping. The total dimension of the product is about (5,5 and 48) inches. There are over 8 customer reviews and 5 answered questions on the Amazon Product page.


Latest TOP Technology: An Aluminium cap with great engineering replaces and free up 5 kg of stainless steel on Double cavity stainless irons which can extremely lower the center of gravity to improve ball flights and conditions while launching the ball

The plating done is of extreme quality Premium Chrome which consists of New nickel combined with gunmetal PVD coating to fasten the durability and increase the confidence of the players in the field that they are playing with the best

There is a great sole available in channels at the lower edge of the golf iron and besides the upper back cavity perimeter to create more flexibility and durability to reach and send the ball at a great distance and speed of the ball

Latest Spin Technology for different methods like to provide more spin to the ball at the time of shots around some difficult positions wedge grooves are provided, for optimized spins on 7 PW U Grooves are provided, and certain irons come with V grooves to reduce the spin on the shot

This golf set comes with the Tech Flow Construction Technology which helps in providing accurate shots and win all holes at the ground in fewer shots

The clubs are of standard size


The golf set does not come with head covers so it may require to buy from elsewhere

The total set does not come with a bag so stop thinking different by seeing the picture

Comes with extra cobra grips but can be changed according to your preferred brand

best price


10. Paragon Best Golf Iron 2019 Ages 3-5 Red / Right-Hand Rising Star Kids Junior #7

Founded in 1986 it is the prime manufacturer of golf products for a certain age group and children below t the age 17. Popularly known by the graphite shafts which they use in their items to lower CG and Higher launch while playing.


Features and Performance


Paragon golf irons
View on Amazon

Paragon Iron ranked number #7 in the Best Golf Iron section and number #47000 in the Sports and an Outdoor section on the Amazon Best Seller list. The actual weight of the product in terms of shipping is about 13.8 ounces which become lower when taken out of the shipped box. The product has got an average rating of about 4.5 stars out of 5 which is great. There are over 3 Customer reviews which you can check to clear the user experience of the product on the Amazon Product Page. Trusted to be in the Best Golf Irons 2019.


There’s a lifetime warranty on this golf iron covering and the graphite shafts and you can notice it clearly by clicking on the image which I have provided

This golf driver iron is the winner of the gold awarded Golf Digest Series and have won it many times in a row

The playing item is so well designed that it suits both the left armed and the right armed person easily and removes the normal complaint of the delivery being ordered to the wrong hand person

The total height recommended person vary from 15 inches to 18 inches in length who can play with this golf set. The knuckle to the ground measurement is about 18 inches for this stuff

The Stainless Steel cover at the top is more in weight to provide a great center of gravity force to hit the ball

They have designed stuff for children age between 3 – 5, 5 – 8, 8 – 10, 10 – 13 with perfect shape and size

The price is extremely low and anyone can buy this from the store


This Golf Stuff was mainly prepared and designed for the children but later on, it appeared for all

The length and the age should be mentioned clearly otherwise the item may appear short

The color may get weak after few years of use

best price

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Let me make sure that the information I have provided here about the Best Golf Irons 2019 is true by writing your comments in the below section. Each and Every mistake is a big problem for our website and our visitors. We make sure that our visitors do not get any false news or features mentioned. Many people do not know the value of a perfect golf iron that how much the curve and shape of drivers matters in terms of pulling out large shots over the pond or small strikes to put the ball into the hole smoothly with 100% accurate method.

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