Syria Civil War

Why the Civil War Started in Syria: Explained Guide and Impact

The seeds of the civil war have already been grown in the previous years due to growing menace of unemployment to widespread corruption in the political societal, including the other various freedom related democratic choices under the continue ruling of the single reigning President Bashar Al Assad.

The beginning of the Civil War started from the time in the month of March 2011 when the Arab spring community started raising voices against the ruling President Bashar al Assad. The democratic fights and rebellion even became more stronger when the rebels where captured and fired inside the jail of the authority silently.


The people soon after started taking up arms and bombs to throw away the authority government officials from their prevailing areas. They also tried to defend themselves in the running protests after taking up the arms, guns and other major firing items. Month after month the rebels started taking up civilians under their forces to fire up the government forces or tackle them.

The Islamic State soon after captured or garnered control over large parts of the country. After the help asked up by the President Bashar al Assad all the major powers started to crush the rebellion within the country like Russia and Iran. Russia have been continuously dropping bombs and sending military officials to completely eliminate the rebels and free up the civilians from their tight catch hold. Saudi Arab have been suspected to transfer all the military weapons to the rebels.


Syrian Civil War Conflicts explained in 10 major points

The impact of the entire war is great where almost half a million 500000 people are found to be dead since January of 2018 excluding them who are found to be lost or unknown. More than 6 million refugees are heard to fled Syria and take shelter in the neighboring countries. More than 75% are leading below poverty. About 30% of them are in need of continuous water supply and food. The Western powers are doing their best to invest 3 to 4 billion dollars and provide continuous assistance to all the refugees and suffering people inside the country. A detailed guide on the Syrian conflicts have been mentioned here.

The below Infographic is said to give detailed guide about all the major consequences that have been happened why, what and when inside Syria. All the major 10 points explained here will present an excellent guide to all the people to understand it easily.


Why the Civil War Started in Syria [Infographic]: It’s Impact and Consequences


Why the civil war started in Syria


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